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  • Favorite characters?
    • enst. Overall, our token faceless heroine Anzu. Prepare for the possibility of me abandoning this account when the anime airs without her in 2019. Among the idols, the guy on the right, and Trickstar.
    • engr. Kobato Azusa, Astronomy Club, and the Troublemakers.
  • You're not very active. I'm currently a financially dependent college student so I have a lot of free time, but I have other hobbies... less stressful than translating.
  • Would you translate X or Y? ...Maybe? Try asking?
  • What's your criteria for translating a story? I'm mainly Trickstar & Anzu's translation machine. Other than that...
    • I translate when a story excites me & I want the English side to read it (& when I prefer to take it into my own hands than waiting someone else translate).
    • I like everyone (to varying degree, but no dislikes, really). But I avoid the three enst dark horses (knights, UNDEAD, RYUUSEITAI) because they seem to have their own dedicated translators who would do better job than me.
    • I prioritize Akira stories, since he's the main writer. I don't dislike Yuuki (enst) or KinoSei (engr), but it's off-putting how lightly HE & Akira treat other writers' stories, changing things up to convenience.
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