Alpha Trolls(Homestuck)-

  • Sollux Captor

-Anorexic -Only talks freely with close friends

  • Nepeta Leijon

-Questioning -Random purring -Ships everything -Nyas at strangers

  • Eridan Ampora

-Major PTSD -BiGendered -Skirt -Scarf/Bandanna thing

  • Gamzee Makara

-Bipolar -Sober -RedBlack with Equius -PaleBlack with Karkat

Beta Trolls(Homestuck)-

  • Kankri Vantas

-Very laid back -Loves to speak and ramble -Not as "trigger warning" as most Kankris -Rare, but known, cursing

  • Mituna Captor

-Shaky -Giggly child -Smol bab -Precious -Secretly not innocent

  • Kurloz Makara

-Whispers in your ear when you're not looking -Chuckle voodoos -€o: -Very manipulative

  • Cronus Ampora

-Alcoholic -Smokoholic(thats not a thing i know) - Flirty -Cuddly -Loving

  • Male! Porrim Maryam

-Loving Father -"WHERE IS MY LITTLE GIRL" -Hates Cronus

Password is a picture of Morty from Rick and Morty, Dm it to me


  • Roxy Lalonde(Homestuck)

-Stopped drinking thanks to Callie -Laid back Lesbian -Loves her Callie -Callie -Needs Callie to live -Southern New Yorker Accent

  • 2D (Gorillaz)

-Innocent -Murdoc's HateMate -Fairy Boy -Giggly mess -English

  • Psiioniic Captor(Homestuck)

-Father Bee -Coffee Lover -Tea Addict -Honey Tea is life -Doesnt speak often

  • Transmale!Lars(Steven Universe)

-Binder boyo -Misses his boyf -Good kid

  • Odin Arrow(Ava's Demon)

-Confused -Pipe Boy -Trust issues

  • Keith Kogane(Voltron)

-Three Timelines 1) Regular, Dated Shiro2) College AU, Voltron is a school project3) Galra Keith

  • Takashi Shirogane(Voltron)

-Big Space Dad -Everyones best friend -Has won the best dad award 5 times in a row

  • Jesse McCree(Overwatch)

-Metal Arm Gay -<3 with Hanzo -YEEHAW

  • Rick Sanchez(Rick and Morty)

-wut -Acts like a teen -not many memories -touch morty you die

  • Dave Strider(Homestuck)

-Misses his Jade -Cuddly boi -Mostly bottled up

  • Giant nameless Ferret

-Blue -Wears circle glasses -Poofy boi

  • Actual Ferret

-Smol -Hordes your shit -Favorite person is Kurloz

  • Who Is This?(Hiveswap)

-No name -Acts like a ferret -His horns are actually made of literal foam

  • Charun Krojib(Hiveswap)

-Oh Worm! -Soft Cronch of Worms -Loves nature

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