f* ごま油・ごまあぶら sesame oil

  •  髪型・かみがた hairstyle
  • herb plate (sabzi khordan) - usually radish, basil, parsley. (cilantro, dill, fenugreek, leek chives, mint, persian shallow, scallion, tarragon)
  • fresh basil, the king of herbs!
  • ueha
  • when we become desensitized to death or killing, violence increases. the value of human life diminishes while the horror of violent death decreases.

don;t watch so much violence. you may be able to discern tv from reality but a kid cannot. when we become more detached from each other and common unifying beliefs, violence increases. by being disconnected from others, we care less for their welfare. at the heart of tolerance is repect. hand written letter from einstein to his sister : 1922, wrote about his fears about the rise of nationalism and violence in his country germany 10 yrs before the nazi party was in power. he wrote the letter while hiding after the assassination of his friend and fellow jew. he was lecturing abroad when hitler became chancellor, so he renounced his german citizenship and emigrated to america until the end of his days form of political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses popular enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques for an anti-liberal, anti-socialist, violently exclusionary, expansionist nationalist agenda." once in power, fascists did not always keep their promises. fascisms only definition of morality is to make the nation more stronger and powerful. seven feelings as mobilizing passions for fascist regimes :

  • suporting the group feels more important that maintaining indiv or universal rights

mass murder incidents such as those affecting public places have been high profile news stories since the 60s. the news trend dates back to the texas tower shootings when a student suffering from depression shot and killed 14 kabatayan, halos, pakiramdam, sunod sunod, sasakyan, kasaliguyan, muli, hanggang ngayon, pokpok, maniwala, kulubi, ginamit niya, pangaylana, umalis ka lang, kanyang ina, sa loob ng, kabataan, baliktad, dalawang beses, sinubukan niya, paligid, bitso, dekada setenta,

after a shower,slather whipped body butter on skin, enjoy luxurious moisture. crashing waves through an open window in the dining room, walking route hugging the coastline soft white sand, my own coral reef lagoon wuzhen, china's 1300 year old water town right on the doorstep of the maze of quite canals nestled within a working tea plantation, a canopy walk flower garlands, balinese massage, a glorious swathe of beach soundtracked by lapping waves, horse racing on ice, edamame croquettes sweet chestnuts, viennese folk music, dumplings filled with fresh cheese and mint, pumpkin cream soup and drops of cold pumpkin seed oil sitting in the pool as gazelles skip past date palm trees, tamarind and olive trees, mangroves, paddlebparding the refractions of moonlight in spray : a lunar rainbow (moonbow( in a sunset of blazing honey darkness quickly smothers the poetry. multicolored daytime the victoria falls : frighteningly powerful force of nature i got knocked aside by a nun taking a selfie i cross myself, white-knuckled plunging water, the atomic mushrooms of spray, a vein of softer rock devoured by water, just gentle early sunshine silver scaled adrenaline, a savagely chilled mocktail giraffes that like their own ears using 45cm long tongues, velvet monkeys with lurid blue testicles ochre kalahari grasslands, baobab trees and spiky aloe vera dwarfed by a huge tureen of cyan sky a horizon where silvery grey crust and tropical sky meld into a creamy haze the first stars and planets appear - heavenly flakes that rapidly develop into an astral blizzard they shoot arrows tipped with beetle dung poison, the san bushmen, smoking hare droppings rolled in brandy bush leaves. they show me edible plants and hold scorpions inside their mouths. apparently they are immune to venom sun bleached vision the specks of paradise in a bahama breeze locals drive around sandy streets in golf carts, butchers and grocery stores are painted in every shade from violet to yellow high squeak to softness levels i padded about the wooden floor of my beach cabana, leaving powdery white footprints dark shadows cast by a fleet of stingrays on the clear seabed bellow people on the beach playing corn hole - throwing small sack filled with sand into small holles sotheby's for sale signs hide among frangipani a bowl of conch chowder, slurping your soap beside diane von furstenberg brain activation

  • that person's group is the victim, justifiying any behavior against enemies
  • belief that individualism and liberalism enable dangerous decadence
  • strong sense of community or brotherhood, unity or purity, exclusionary violence if necessary
  • individual self esteem is tied up in the grandeur of the group
  • extreme support of "natural" leader, male, national savior
  • violence and will, darwinian struggle

imprisonment of opponents, forbading strikes, authorized unlimited police power in the name of national unity, military aggression

autarky = national self sufficiency collaboration with capitalists and conservative elite. always collaborate in the move to protect priv prop conservatives - to maintain existing social order

phueng - bee saengdao - starlight som - orange (fruit) chandra, michai, suchinda, dipya, panuwat, narongchai vachiraban, apisamai srirangsan, chanathip, prat malivalaya - climbing jasmine mayuree - beautiful mee noi - little bear narong, nin, preed, prija, sakda sirikit - woman with queenly qualities tansanee, duangsri, suriya, piroj, saranon, intharat, apirat haeemkhao, ar-romsawa, thanis thawatchai, daoyod,

aabharana - valuables, jewel aadrika - cluster of mountains janapriya - loved by the whole world mahita

kasem - pure happiness

naharazh mahdi (arabic) guided to the right path nuria a soviet still life weeping over damla saruhan winter morning in west bengal hai pham bayraktaroglu tsihvola samegrelo - black sea flora and faula, distinct spicy foods, a place for bird watching, an enormouse oak tree that used to be worshipped as an idol for fertility, waterfalls and an emerald river a museum of precious materials, sacred christian artifacts, manuscripts from the 13th and 14th cent, miniatures, the house of a noble family a small warm hand held tightly in mine, the sunrise was amazing it looked like the house was on fire for biting winds and for saying yes, we sat and giggled about quarks, i had warm banana bread waiting for them when they got home robert mapplethorpe : his naked flowers, he would pick up guys, do drugs, have sex and photograph, this "ruined cupid", there was a time where you could walk around london or new york and see these gaunt faces, marked with sarcomas, and everyone you hung out with was dying. Russian is only just starting to admit the scale of its problem with an estimate of 1.5 million people with HIV. Neither homosexuality nor addiction can be spoken about in Putin’s Russia.Republicans banned needle exchanges. The Catholic church banned condoms. self portrait of robert mapplethorpe : taken in 1988 the year he died from aids complications i had a day of friendship medicine - coffee, cake, jumble south africa has the biggest hiv epidemic in the world with 7.1 mil people. hiv prevalence among sex workers are 57.7 percent with factors such as poverty and lack of alternative career opportunities. injecting drug use is common among sex workers understanding of hiv risk is often low among female sex workers in 2015, only 19 percent of female sex workers living with hiv in johannesburg were accessing treatment; one reason is because sex workers face high levels of stigma and discrimination HIV prevalence among young women in South Africa is nearly four times greater than that of men their age. ( reasons : low status of women and gender based violence, poverty) intergenerational relationships (older men and younger women) n 2010, research emerged from sub-Saharan Africa suggesting that voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) can reduce the risk of female-to-male HIV transmission by up to 60 the status of black children has not changed one little width since martin luther king jr a world of static oppression everything starts with domination domination is not static our childhood scripts when we work for freedom we do not rest

  • I learned that in the olden-days of Iran, it was customary to finish an elaborate feast with a few mouthfuls of bread and cheese and sabzi khodran. This custom was called dahaneh talayee or “golden mouth.” (Isn’t that a cool imagery?) Which I interpret as a gesture meant to cleanse and refresh the palette.
  • svaneti was so remote that it was never tamed by a ruler, alpine meadows and walking trails, icons and other religious valuables was brought there to be stored and a significant number are housed in private homes, the tiny churches boast 1000 year old frescoes, the mountain region even has their own unwritten language,
  • an ornate little hotel perched at the river, sulphuric waters of tbilisi's bathhouses, ( the city's name refers to its many hot springs), nurturing bean soup served in clay pots, whiffs of woodsmoke as you hike, the early sun like blades of amber in the distance, stone peasant houses, countless toasts in one dinner, chicken in crushed walnut sauce, the long alpine winter and the short flowering summer, we are on the midnight plane to georgia. brutalist soviet buildings and at one hotel where bjork stayed, the staff put plants on her balcony so she wouldnt see all the steel and scaffolding, gold baths and the hotel restaurant has a "sausage assortment" alongside beer. a large woman comes in and scrubs us with a loofah,
  • green velvet mountains, azure lakes, fresh figs and honey,
  • Colorism is one expression of internalized racism. After hearing racist stereotypes and attitudes, a time comes when

these are adopted as truth—internalized—and believed by those on the receiving end of the lie Colorism is a persistent problem for people of color in the USA. Colorism, or skin color stratification, is a process that privileges light-skinned people of color over dark in areas such as income, education, housing, and the marriage market. Colorism is directly related to the larger system of racism in the USA and around the world. social groups had strict admissio based on color, black churches : some were designated specifically for lighter skinned people paper bag test, comb test by churches and social orgs some churches hung a comb at their doors, some churches painted their doors light brown black prepatory schools and hbus such as howard were known to discriminate those with dark skin halo effect of physical attractiveness : attractive people are seen as smarter and friendlier Hughes and Hertel (1990) found that the education gap between Whites and Blacks was nearly identical to the education gap between light-skinned Blacks and dark-skinned Blacks. Internalizing colorism attitudes can contribute to higher sexual risk and substance use behavior, by African American girls Nigeria has the world’s highest percentage of women (77%) using skin-lightening products. In Togo the estimates hover around 59%. As one African American proverb suggests: ‘Beauty is as beauty does.’ ...a single monolithic standard of beauty is untenable; it makes no sense. beauty is dynamic and contextual. Participants also recognized that providing testimony about the prevalence of domestic violence is crucial for generating more funding, research opportunities, and funneling appropriate resources for the women and children. As a result, women are socialized to believe and accept that violence in a relationship is acceptable, that male power expressed abusively is part of the cultural milieu, and therefore batterers are not held accountable for their behavior in their own communities. Also, women continue to believe that they are worthless, and that revealing the situation to anyone can be a cause of great shame to their families and communities. “I think its our cultures that allow it to happen In fact, advocates think that in some immigrant and refugee communities, such as the Vietnamese, stress of immigration — uncertain status and often changing roles, especially role reversals — can force men to become violent as they feel their power and position being eroded. philippines - exalts women to sacrifice for the family and achieve martyrdom by submitting to abuse. “...

whole thing about Jesus being crucified for his people…I don’t feel like it’s the men that internalize that symbol. It’s always the women. “When violence of any sort is attributed to communities, the whole issue is double-edged. On the one hand, Asian American communities are seen as traditional with exemplary family values, a low divorce rate, and intact families that sustain and support its members. mainstream us sees asians as traditional, who do not believe that violence against women as bad Although some women may resort to violence to end a horrific situation, equating men’s and women’s violence within this overwhelmingly patriarchal system is extremely problematic. While most agreed that women are the victims and men the perpetrators, one member argued that children, not women, are the primary victims since they have no voice and are unable to change the situation. Also, it is often hard for the child to distinguish who the instigator is and who is being victimized. hotlines - claim to be multilingual but the person who speaks a specific language may not be available. challenged to monolingualism “White people do not want to talk to anybody with an accent.” barriers confronting as-am women who are battered : fear/shame, lack of english fluency, not knowing cultural parameters of us leaving a violent relationship may not be a choice without community and family support model minority - issues that asian women dont have issues with domestic violence

made on the premise, amazing bread. my kids' favorite part of eating there is the chocolate and nut spreads that you can serve yourselves and apply to your bread. i have never been to a toast speciality store fishcake sandwich, moroccan flatbread, bow tie pasta with cremini mushrooms and balsamic, opal basil, fresh lemon pasta, the radish charmer, apple prune coffee cake, sauteed bok choy with peanuts summer wax beans with rosemary and mint tofu baked with matcha, dutch cucumbers with sesame and mint, grilled portobellos with fig balsamic crispy chick peas and cured olives, grilled shishito peppers with sea salt grapefruit smoothie, yellow tomato basil snack pizza are you lacking some veggies? beauty herb tea, organic coffee, lychee juice, darjeeling

potatoes and rosemary's soy milk gratin rubbed rock salt in refreshing lemon chicken made by immersing in herbs and wine of sun farmer's garden. along with the aroma of herbs, please with yuzu peppers plum cheese plenty plum pizza with wasabi mayonnaise dressing one dish boasted of plenty of four herb butter yam zucchini tempura, mushrooms into crisp fritters plenty of leek salt sauce, basil scented millet rice risotto. i have grease! today;s grilled fish butter sauce miso is tasty! best squeezing. beautiful beer with refreshing fragrance. corona, mexican light taste. heineken, dutch fruity a lot of suns, sweet summer navel the sourness of domestic blueberries lemon palm, young leaves of the forest, yogurt sake rich taste. exhilaration and acidity of tomato are charming with rock salt. cassis sweetness tightened with soda. gooseberry and kiwi fruit scent clear acid and strong mineral feeling. softscent shiawase no pancake (happy pancake), served with rich honey butter

  • the statue has a highly feminine air despite the masculine clothing.
  • velvet throwbed in mint, velvet walks a fine line, dark dance clubs, it conjures images of the grand yet poorly insulated castles of 17th cent england. velvet gets better through time, holding secrets in every fiber. claret
  • demimondaine, oafish, paunchier, jaisalmer, parquet, malefic, gadabout, liaison, rajput

seriatim, expropriate, betoken minor princes or noblemen were permitted to wear blue or brown. emperor's robe were decorated with the twelve symbols of imperial authority : sun, moon,seven star constellation, mountain, fu pattern, axe head, dragon, flowery creature, seaweed, sacrifical cup, flames,the grain civil ranking were represented by birds on a robe, while real and mythical animals indicated military status there's a strong link between salt intake and hypertension. water quality improvements have the potential to reduce the proportion of underweight children, but are unlikely to impact stunting or wasting. in pakistan, an alarming increase in population and rapid indrustrialization is causing a deterioration in drinking water quality day by day. about 20 percent of the whole pop of pakistan has access to safe drinking water. the remaining is forced to use unsafe water due to scarcity. the primary source of pollution is fecal and the secondary source of pollution is the disposal of toxic chems from industrial runoff such as pesticides and fertilizers waterborne diseases constitue 80 percent of diseases and responsible for 33 percent of deaths. pesticides and fertilizers are applied to increase crops outcome, to fill needs of the increasing pop. waterborne diseases from ground water supply causes 2.5 mil deaths from endemic diarrheal disease each year reason for : lack of awareness, treatment tech, equipment, trained personnel, quality monitoring diarrhea is reported as the leading illness leading to death in infants and children, and every fifth citizen suffers from waterborne disease moonflowers - (datura), one of the most romantic plants you can grow in a garden, the large trumpet shaped flowers unfurl in the evening and stay open til sunrise. some varities give off a lemon fragrance when its flowers are open. they are drought tolerant. deadly if ingested, another name for them are devil's weed because within an hour of ingestion, agitation, confusio and hallucinations, death can occur. it is white, like most moth-pollinated flowers, and white attracts moths. stock flowers (matthiola incana), "night scented stock" - symbolism : long life of success, contentment of life, beauty that doesnt fade with time, spiritual purity they are heavily scented and native to southern europe. place the fabric of your choice on your altar. next, choose two candles and place them on the two farthest corners. place fresh flowers at the center of the space. magical flower choices are black calla lilies, ivies, or any dark purple flowering vine. place an incense burner in front of the flowers, you may place something you treasure on the altar, such as an iridescent abalone seashell you found one night on the beach. add anything that you feel adds good energy and represents your singular vibration. purify the space by smudging, anoint your third eye with an essential oil such as sacred resin amber. now, anoint the candles with the same essence, light the candles and meditate in a prayerful way.

the professional mourner. rudaali (a custom in some parts of rajasthan- where aristocratic women were long kept secluded and veiled), hiring professional women mourners on the death of a male relative (rudaali means a female weeper). they were hired to publicly express grief because family members, constrained by their high social status, were not permitted to display grief. the rudaali beat her breast dressed in black with unbouned hair, danced spasmodically, rolled on the ground, loudly praising the deceased the ability to hire rudaali was a mark of social status for ancient indians, pleasure and profit were right up there with virtue (dharma), kama (pleasure), artha (profit) the voluptuous courtesan, the witty cat burglar the urbane world of fleshy delights the penniless musician, whose adoring wife pawns her wedding jewelry to maintain the household philomena guarde belares cadanza eris bartalome ileres del sur laramiyeh baitan solsana vindy caisalsagan giudis carlia leon cachagala uteh karim seris kwao adicena biucaro marlinas hani balti nono farias essmani alain loubout juanita "hanita" laberis davida pirai chu gueri solis mariyam cheng benita

  • a throwbed is a portable bed meant to be thrown anywhere, poolside etc. perfect for snuggling up with a book outdoors, folded into a cloudlike cushion, only 400 dollars.
  • darling gingham in yellow, blush and green, copal azul..mayan incense. cycling on the coast of yucatan, through copal laced air, the suave cloud of burning copal at the foot of an ancient mayan walled city. the limpid depth of the cenotes, the fresh water pools that dot the yucatan peninsula,

the tierred landscapes with straw-hatted figures, beige silk chiffon with red and gold sequins, dodge the cruelest sun in india, the indian house gown, a single continuous cloth wrapping the body.

  • opaque watercolor, accompanied by a group of mourners, some wailing and pulling at their hair, which is worn loose as a sign of mourning. strong linear quality and thin washes of color represent chinese brush painting. the angel drops coins, slight sway to the vegetation to create the sense of a breeze.what kind of emotional tension do you feel? revelations from the brush. an apsara is a female deity of the clouds and waters in hindu and buddhist mythology. english translations of the word - "celestial nymph/maiden". Apsaras are supernatural beings who appear as young women of great beauty and elegance that are proficient in the art of dancing. they dance to the music made by their husbands. they are said to be able to change their shapes at will. in javanese tradition, apsaras are known to seduce ascetics. at borobodur, apsaras are represented in flying positions, usually holding lotus blossoms, spreading flower petals. devatas - sublime beings flying in heaven. khmer classical dance includes apsara dances, practiced in the courts of angkorian monarchs. in bali, the legong dances represent apsaras as well.
  • div = devil.
  • there is only one way to visit angkor - stay at least a week there and visit at least two to three temples a day, you need time efficient to let penetrate the secrets of their very particular architecture and dense ornamentation. to at least taste their charms. the moss renders slippery. the setting of the sun in angkor wat, the flight of the bats in the fading light. the nearby beach, where the bathing is delightful. by the light of the full moon, visit the courtyard. there are an estimated 2000+ apsara carvings at the angkor wat. heavenly dancing girl, were originally created as a sort of fortuitous byproduct of the churning of the sea of milk (the Hindu creation myth). they are carved usually in pairs, hand in hand, a sign of propserity. devatas holding hands, touching their hairs, smiling showing their teeth or holding a bird.
  • "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way. Things I have no words for."Georgia O'Keefe. Having a broad command of visual literacy, I will confidently say, is a form of global literacy. with a pen it's just writing, with a brush it's dancing. Pressing gently on the thin rice paper with his left fingertips, he anchored his right elbow on the table, and began. The nib alighted with the precision of a ballerina on toe, and hovered before pirouetting abruptly. calligraphy brings peace of mind. calligraphy's lesson in humility, the lingering curves, Each lapse of concentration was indelibly and instantly displayed as the ink soaked into the paper’s fibers. Calligraphy is a record of the mind, and competence is predicated on a firmness of will
  • tea infused butter . matcha requires a special climate and special growing conditions . matcha is shaded for 3 to 4 weeks before harvesting and this gives matcha umami.
  • why choose organic - you are supporting local, small business that are likely a lot more ethical than big companies. you are protecting the health of farmers by rejecting pesticides etc. less energy is applied on the produce, with the use of naturally occurring fertilizers, many organic foods are shipped locally so there is less energy wasted in the transport of organic foods. research indicates that organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals.
  •  髪を上げる・かみをあげる to put the hair up
  •  新鮮な・新鮮な fresh
  • gravity is weaker than magnetism or electric and nuclear forces (kitchen magnet). light of different colors may travel at different speeds.
  • The world has warmed more than one degree Celsius since the Industrial Revolution. The Paris climate agreement — the nonbinding, unenforceable and already unheeded treaty signed on Earth Day in 2016 — hoped to restrict warming to two degrees. The odds of succeeding, according to a recent study based on current emissions trends, are one in 20.it is argued that three degree warming is the possible minimum. Four degrees: Europe in permanent drought; vast areas of China, India and Bangladesh claimed by desert; Polynesia swallowed by the sea; the Colorado River thinned to a trickle; the American Southwest largely uninhabitable. The prospect of a five-degree warming has prompted some of the world’s leading climate scientists to warn of the end of human civilization.Today, only 42 percent of Republicans know that “most scientists believe global warming is occurring,” and that percentage is falling.A broad international consensus had settled on a solution: a global treaty to curb carbon emissions.Dust Bowl conditions would “threaten large areas of North America, Asia and Africa”; access to drinking water and agricultural production would fall, triggering mass migration on an unprecedented scale.
  • poincare suggested that time and distance are observer-dependant/ . einstein - space and time are relative, they depend on the motion of the observer

silindro - cylinder. silid - side, edge. anumang - any.

  • magkano ang isang ticket papuntang - how much is a ticket to
  • magkano ang pamasahe sa - how much is the fare to
  • saan papunta ang tren na ito - where is this train going to
  • itigil mo na /yan - stop that now
  • itigil/ihinto - stop
  • sasakay ako ng taxi - i will ride a taxi
  • kailan aalis ang tren papuntang - when is the train going to... leave
  • anong oras na - whats the time now
  • kailan dadating yung bus na ito sa- when will this bus arrive in
  • anong oras dadating siya - when will they arrive
  • paano papuntang .. - how to get to
  • istasyon ng tren - train station
  • tanawin - views, landscape
  • kalye - street
  • kumaliwa - turn left
  • kumanan - turn right
  • kaliwa - left
  • kanan - right
  • dumiretso - right ahead
  • hilaga - north

If a car is speeding along at 50 miles per hour, inertia wants to keep it going 50 mph in one direction. But if the car were to crash into a telephone pole, it would be obvious that your inertia and the car's were absolutely independent. The force of the pole would bring the car to an abrupt stop, but your speed would remain the same. If you hit the windshield with your head, the stopping power is concentrated on one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. It also stops you very quickly, since the glass is a hard surface. This can easily kill or severely injure a person. any time a car comes to a sudden stop, a passenger comes to a sudden stop as well. A seatbelt's job is to spread the stopping force across sturdier parts of your body in order to minimize damage.When the belt is worn correctly, it will apply most of the stopping force to the rib cage and the pelvis, which are relatively sturdy parts of the body.

  •  rainforest noodles, sweet coffee to be relieved. and flavor of butter and fancy sweet fragrance. i'm about to approach the roots. there is no feeling like the cloud's will. colorful and risky jump and dance , drinks made from sesame seeds, cover red chili, a crisp potato is added. appearance of the local orchestra and the corn noodle. do not break your stomach. with the same passion as the centuries ago. there are priveleges from those who like tomatoes.
  • during the carnival in ayacucho - sprinkling water and talcum powder on others. 200+ group dance members practice their songs and dance steps, they parade around the town. dancers have their faces dusted in
  • mexico city's anti-gentrification patron saint, santa mari la juaricua, . there are prayers residents use to
    from eviction, from rising rents… from greedy landlords and corrupt developers’. she was created by two artists to draw attention to the inequality within the city. With the Mexican capital topping so many travel magazines' "hot lists," the Airbnb effect (among other forces) has led rents to more than double in some parts of town in just a few years . mexico has a big problem of income inequality, real estate speculators and even local politicians are ensuring that the gentrification continues. Registered historic buildings are illegally torn down all the time, says Baca, and there are rarely any consequences.“I saw how the demographics of the street had started to shift. All of a sudden Louis Vuitton purses started appearing on my block,” she says. “I thought, ‘Great, now they’re gonna kick me out.’”It appears that every couple of months, some pseudo-Hipster publication will suddenly discover my hometown, and write a piece (usually in English) about how it’s “the hottest place” for the bohemian trendy expat set. mexico city has problems of overcrowding and lack of transport facilities. Mexico City is currently living through a housing bubble, where the cost of renting or buying a place to live has risen dramatically. The vast majority of Mexico City residents are poor and marginalised. Many lack access to basic necessities such as clean water, and live in makeshift homes which they often built themselves. it is not an uncommon sight to see homeless children begging for money amidst the hipsters sipping their expensive cold brews.
  • (mexico) Women are jailed for miscarriages, yet male spouses who've murdered walk free. While women are locked up for abortions and miscarriages, the violent murderers of women are not. There are currently more than 700 women in prison in Mexico for abortions and miscarriages. And between 2013 and 2015, 6,488 women were murdered because of their gender – usually by partners. Impunity in these cases is at 80 per cent in much of the country.Then, there are all the unnecessary cesareans, performed without the consent of the women. These are extremely common, because trainee doctors in public hospitals have to perform a certain number of cesareans in order to graduate, while in private hospitals there are even more unnecessary cesareans due to the monetary benefits involved.Women are being prevented from deciding over their life,' Carreon added. 'Doctors always ask, “Have you asked your husband if he wants this (abortion)” while at the same time not fulfilling the right to information, not providing the patient with the pros and cons so she can decide.'And it just gets worse for women who are poor or indigenous. According to Carreon, staff will often give such women less information, or yell at them if they don't speak Spanish. Sometimes they refuse to treat indigenous women, and women who have access to certain medical services because they have a paid job are treated better than those who have social security through their husband
  • you will find yourself sitting at the table with a spoon and bowl of pastry cream
  • gilles deleuze : the enemies : the political ascetics, the sad militants, the terrorists of theory, those who would preserve the pure order of politics and political discourse. Last but not least, the major enemy, the strategic adversary is

fascism (whereas Anti-Oedipus' opposition to the others is more of a tactical engagement). And not only historical fascism, the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini—which was able to mobilize and use the desire of the masses so effectively—but also the fascism in us all, in our heads and in our everyday behavior, the fascism that causes us to love power, to desire the very thing that dominates and exploits us. pursue the slightest traces of fascism in the body.Free political action from all unitary and totalizing paranoia.Withdraw allegiance from the old categories of the Negative (law, limit, castration, lack, lacuna), which Western thought has so long held sacred as a form of power and an access to reality. Prefer what is positive and multiple, difference over uniformity, flows over unities, mobile arrangements over systems. Believe that what is productive is not sedentary but nomadic.Do not use thought to ground a political practice in Truth, Use political practice as an intensifier of thought,the invidivual is the product of power. we must die as egos and be born again in the swarm. • Develop action, thought, and desires by proliferation, juxtaposition, and disjunction, and not by subdivision and pyramidal hierarchiza-tion. fascism and herd instinct - hitler nd mussolini. the english and americans : "Fascism is a phenomenon that took place elsewhere, something that could only happen to others, but not to us; it's their problem." Is it though? . combination of three modes of knowledge—the intuitive, the practical, and the reflective, Christianity taught us to see the Eye of the Lord looking down upon us. Such forms of knowledge project an image of reality, at the expense of reality itself. to take into himself, as in a dream, every element of nature, like flowers that breathe with the waxing and waning of the moon.everything is a machine. He does not live nature as nature, but as a process of production. There is no such thing as either man or nature now, only a process that produces the one within the other and couples the machines together.

holly hocks, A Gajra is a flower garland which women in South Asia wear during festive occasions, weddings or as part of everyday traditional attire.The sweet and mild fragrance of jasmine flowers and the ethereal look that they impart to one’s hair is unmatchable.

  • she was a talkative toddlers, rechristening the plants, giving them princess names such as Jasmine, Esmeralda..my kids would often give me flowers. Not flowers that they plucked off the plants — they didn’t pluck flowers. paintings made with hot chocolate,
  • tablea - Dried local cocoa beans, most often from the province of Batangas, are roasted for a few hours before being ground to a rich, chocolate-y paste. The tablea itself is made by adding sugar (most often muscovado) to the paste and shaping it into balls or tablets, hence the name. in dumaguete on noche buena, they eat budbud, a long-grain rice cake with milk and sugar, then steamed in banana leaf. it is served with tablea and diced mango. get a forkful of the budbud and some mango, then dip in the chocolate. in pampanga, they eat duman,a green rice cake. the sticky rice is beaten from its husk then toasted in a clay oven, it is served best with hot carabao milk.
  • a lovely little triangle of rice. the japanese don't really eat on the go and they give you this weird look if you eat while walking.
  • 古い・ふるい old
  • one petaled ume with red blossoms, the marshmallows have minds on their own
  • there follows a hullabaloo, danger knits itself into a blanket, dense. fire exhausts itself and returns to being helpful and not unkind, to make food and warmth for the mongolian family. i will only eat cherries if they are made of jelly. sweet stars or you, under my tongue/ apple picking in a white dress made of clouds, lace, and earrings fashioned out of black holes. water beads form a necklace for the queen, she places barettes of blue flames around her hair made of wooden curls. lemon sugar that's so sour it makes you grow wrinkles in thirty minutes and your toes curl just by thinking about the after taste. the chewy joy of fish cakes. instead of being rich from monopolies and devastating greed, let us harmonize in the joy of beekeeping and honey-making. residing at the swan valley, the guards take watch over a high gate made of soap bubbles. bread and french butter, the sweet saltiness makes you thrash your head against velvet walls. all you can eat buffet but fruit is served only. salmon and horseradish cream. luscious mouth melting, and roasted sweet potato. caper slaw, japanese squid salad, sesame oil, parsley vinaigrette, sauteed wild mushrooms, duck fat potatoes. spilled olive oil on my elizabethan ermine. love fried in a pan, an antiguan vichysoisse with apple and coconut , smoked carpaccios with lime. an art gallery to admire after lunch.
  • irascible
  • By adding a small amount of seaweed to the animals’ feed, researchers found, they could cut the cows’ methane production by nearly 60%.

Each year, livestock production pumps out greenhouse gases with the equivalent warming effect of more than 7 gigatons of carbon dioxide, roughly the same global impact as the transportation industry. Nearly 40% of that is produced during digestion: cattle, goats, and sheep belch and pass methane, a highly potent, albeit relatively short-lived, greenhouse gas. but growing seaweed on a large scale would be hard. About 95% of the gas escapes through the mouth and nostrils, while the rest exits in the other direction.UC Davis experiment, the first on live cattle, showed a 58% reduction on average when a related seaweed made up 1% of their diet.

Black Holes

  • great amount of matter packed into a very small area - The result is a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape.Most black holes form from the remnants of a large star that dies in a supernova explosion.scientists estimate that there are as many as ten million to a billion such black holes in the Milky Way alone.

Abiku - a spirit child, one fated to a cycle of early death and rebirth to the same mother

• Virginia E. Escandor - Summer Nostalgia • Marjorie Evasco - Elemental

  • ‘They all call me ‘plush,’ but I consider myself ‘velvet.’ It’s more expensive
  • ground lapis lazuli blue pigment, dots of expensive purple dotting vellum, Gold was usually applied as leaf, that is beaten until it formed tissue thin and flexible sheets.green pigment was made by verdigris, oxidized copper. yet this was more blue green, more green pigment was obtained from malachite, very emerald like. malachite green was never used to paint in backgrounds and was usually used to paint important figures' clothing. red was made from the toxic cinnabar, a mercury based crystal. imperial purple/pheonician purple, a highly prized dye secreted by some species of murex sea snails. extracting this dye took thousands of snails and lots of llabor. the dye was praised because it did not fade and it become lighter in sunlight . phoenicia means land of the purple . purple dyed textiles showed status. triumphant roman generals wore purple togas with a gold stripe. "donned the purple" - became emperor. a child born to a reigning emperor was known as "born in the purple"/ Constantinople was the first significant silk-weaving center in Europe. Silk was one of the most important commodities in the Byzantine economy, used by the state both as a means of payment and of diplomacy.[1]Raw silk was bought from China and made up into fine fabrics that commanded high prices throughout the world.

But I am extinct russian dinosaur, Marriage now is what, car rental. The legendery potato witches of Astrakhan Sonnet L'Abbe - Night Visioni ,conduit(a channel for a liquid), et ainsi de suite, elegiac(mournful), anachronism(chronological mistake, like a modern idea in a historical setting), burrow (rabbit's home, snug place), raconteur(someone who tells entertaining story), deluge(flood, sudden heavy downpour, vast quantity), locution(phrase or expression, style of speech), apparatchik(unquestioningly loyal subordinate), phalanx(a tight group), inchoate(lacking structure or organization, just beginning to develop), apocryphal (not true), ovoid( with the form of an egg), fulminate (to speak scathingly, explode violently), obloquy(censure), cock and bull • Suavity • Bataan Faigao

  • Forced and coerced cesareans are situated within a larger trend: an overuse of cesareans in the U.S., a trend coauthor Theresa Morris wrote about in her book Cut It Out. The procedures accounted for 32% of U.S. births in 2015. The technique is associated with higher rates of maternal and fetal morbidity (injury) and mortality (death) than vaginal deliveries—that is, it doesn’t lead to better maternal or fetal outcomes. Instead, the rise of the C-section is tied to organizational and legal imperatives. Specifically, physicians cannot know for certain whether a cesarean will lead to better outcomes than a vaginal birth, but they have learned through medical-legal conferences and court proceedings that they are less likely to be sued for malpractice if the baby is born by cesarean.The rise of the C-section is tied to organizational and legal imperatives, not maternal and fetal outcomes. a threat physicians use to coerce women into having c sections is using cps threats . “So if you don’t acquiesce at this point, then we’re gonna call in child services that will then take the baby away.” When she refused a cesarean, Dray said, “[The physician] started using scare tactics. He said, ‘If you’re not going to sign the form for the C-section, …the state is going to take your children.’Other coercive tactics, such as “firing a patient,” refusing to admit a patient, labeling a woman “non-compliant,” and using the power of multiple doctors to bully a patient into submission were present in the cases we studied.Coercive tactics including court orders are more commonly applied to poor women, women of color, and immigrants.Forcing a woman to have a cesarean section is not legal. Even though the legal system is stacked against women, women should not abandon the fight. In fact, according to attorneys we interviewed, only when women sue will physicians begin to see a real medical-legal risk to performing forced and coerced cesareans. It is important to remember that performing a forced surgery is not legal. Women exerting agency within the legal system is an essential part of putting a stop to these practices.
  • We need connection, but we also need solitude and silence. Our happiness and success depend on it.levels of the stress hormone cortisol were much higher among participants who felt bored compared to other emotions. And “psychologist Robert Plutchik has linked boredom to a form of disgust, similar to what we might feel when we smell rotten food.” Much of our physiological response to boredom drives us to want to avoid it, and we actively look for distraction to do that.Boredom opens up space for pause and introspection.Recent studies have shown that boredom can drive increased creativity as your mind moves into a “seeking state.” This free-flowing state allows the brain to traverse through seemingly unconnected thoughts, which can generate unforeseen connections and insights. This heightened ability includes our capacity for creative problem-solving. Without introspection, there is no space to question, consider, and form our own opinions. Without introspection, there is only space for reactionary responses and rote regurgitation of spoon-fed information. An increasingly divisive and deceptive world thrives when introspection and critical thinking are limited.

• avouch, Nedar, inconstant, beteem, misgraffle Those stories sprouted from her navel, and she tore them out like a lotus stalk so that she could feed the world in the myriad ways it came to her There was the old sofa in the back, where her mother loved to sit with her daughter and show the family heirlooms. Photographs, letters, various old trinkets, such as objects kept in a large tin box. What a treat it had been to open the lid - she had to push it really hard, then pry it with a butter knife, and plunge her hands into a smorgasbord of shapes, textures, and colors. Regina arranged and rearranged the buttons on the table- by size, color, in ornaments, in artistic disarray. This golden one is from your grandfather's uniform. She ate and drank so much that she fell asleep as soon as her body made contact with the bed. Going to sleep next to a warm familiar body, opening her eyes in the morning to see a dear familiar face. Internal alchemy, a medicinal bathhouse. Nudan (female alchemy) is a tradition of inner alchemy from China in the 17th cent. The man is Yang, Yang meaning clear. While the woman is Yin, Yin is impure. The male nature is gang (hand), and the female nature is (rou) soft. The man is fundamentally in movement, the woman is quiet. The man has a knot inside the windpipe (Adam's apple). Man is White Tiger and woman is Red Dragon. The power of male essence is sufficient and the power of female essence is insufficient. A man can ascend to heaven on his own, a woman needs to wait salvation. White Tiger represent semen, Red Dragon represents female blood. A woman "beheads the Red Dragon" when she stops menstruating. The 19th cent Bubonic Plague Epidemic : in 1894, the bubonic plague broke out in the southern city of Guangzhou and the British colony of Hong Kong. Within a decade, steamships carried plagued rats to Bombay, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco. In southern china, there was a reservoir of wild rodent plague, and copper mining exacerbated this contact with the plague. In the racist eyes of many Europeans and Americans, this plague made China seem as hygienically backward. Western doctors in Hong Kong saw it as a "filth disease" caused by uncivilized living conditions. Avuncular, putsch. Envisage,tchotchke. PVC is hazardous to manufacture and a nightmare to dispose of, because when incinerated, it releases dioxins and furans, two of the most carcinogenic compounds. Bisphenol A, a hard clear plastic used in baby bottles, eyeglass lenses, water bottles. The bonds holding the polymers together can be weakened fairly easily with hot water and detergents. Small amounts of BPA can slip free with each wash. BPA acts as a weak estrogen

This is a 25 hour fast. The eve prior to the feast has the diners wear white clothes. Ukrainian Jews form challahs into images of ascension : birds symbolize that all sins fly away, or ladders. Menu : yoghurt and cucumber soup, syrian baked zucchini and cheese, fish salad, tabbouleh, savory cheese pudding, almond coffee cake, iraqi cardamom cookies, orange juice, tea, coffee and milk. Sukkot menu : shaped bread, ukranian hot beet borscht, middle eastern lemon sesame chicken, indian rice and vegetable casserole, syrian stuffed carrots, italian pear cake, etrog cookies, tea and coffee. Decorating the Sukkah : the walls are typically covered with the year's batch of Rosh Hashanah cars. Many people hang a medley of gourds and fruit, even plastic fruit. Brightly colored autumn leaves, Indian corn, paper chains, origami, Chinese lanterns, tinsel. The etrog (citron) known in the Bible as etz peri hadar (fruit of the godly tree). Simchat Torah (Happiness Over the Torah) : publicly reading from a Torah scroll, replete with singing, dancing, and feasting. Jews in Poland adopted a traditional Polish doughtnut filled with preserves, such as prune or raspberry, called ponchiks. Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins). Let it sleep in you, my child, let it stagnate. The time is not yet ripe to unearth- . You force your colors on me! You speak of widowhood! I, his mistress, mad with grief. I'll follow you everywhere, I love you.

  • the sword drippled blood, and the swordsman was elated. what is the biological advantage to human color interpretation? why are flags color rich? if two wires are hooked up to a battery, the electrons in wire gain potential energy, the possibility to move from one end to the other. the voltage of the battery is the measure of the difference in potential energy that makes the electrons move. the current is the measure of that flow, or the amount of charge that crosses a section of wire in a unit of time. in increase of voltage, a bigger flow of electrons. metals are good conductors because some electrons can move freely from one atom to another, but in materials like wood, the electrons are bound to their own atoms and cannot leave.

electric lights drape the darkened city like long strings of jewels, and the apartment buildings seem to levitate . electricity connects the disconnetced, maybe one of the reasons why blackouts are terrifying is that we're afraid to be alone, cut off from access to information and each other. that delicate part of our belief environment concered with the dispotion of our bodies after death. the energy of concentrates (medicines, perfumes, poisons) over the energy of the diluted. Codicil, clod

(opefoluwa sarah adebite) Chicken skin cracklings, moroccan chicken wings, balinese chicken satay, aubergine wrapped omelette, butter chicken masala, balinese grilled Saghar (wine cup) Sahar (dawn) Sahba (wine) Setara (star) Shabnam (dew) Shahla Shahrbano (lady of the town, lady known by the whole town for beauty) Shameem (breeze) Shirin (sweet) Shogofa (blossom) Sholah (flames) Soudabah Tarana (song) Yalda (name of the longest night of the year) Yasaman (jasmin) Zeba Atash (fire) Bamdad (early morning) Behrang (good color) Dehqan (farmer) Esfandyar Feda (sacrifice) Housyar (wise) Humayon (royal) Iraj Jawid (everlasting) Kaiqubad Kamshad (successful) Kosha (hard working) Naraiman Niyoosha Paiman (promise) Parsa (pure, devout) Paghahan Pagzman Payam (message) Pazhman (heart broken, sad) Qiomars Qubad

  • in an embrace which was warm and fiery. to me, you are a wave - barbara jane reyes - to love as aswang.
  • your face more gentler than the lily. the alchemical process of the poetics. we black haired aswang, we, a moonless song. the atrocities of colonization that have grabbed her legs and held them apart. sound as a form of agency. shame may be fatal. patron saint of the faithless.
  • for i am now charged with the gift of beauty, being as i am, a vessel of glass. the neck of blossoms, let fall your toil into my hands. my hands underwater as a fish of satin. brought up to me on a plate of sparkling cherries . i am every springtime thing before you, i sit and sew. my head weighed down with dreams. The little useless seam, the idle patch;

Why dream I here beneath my homely thatch, When there they lie in sodden mud and rain, Pitifully calling me, the quick ones and the slain? it is no roseate dream.

  • joanna demafelis - mutilated body found in freezer in a house in kuwait. dead for likely a year. ofw send home about $40 B, 10% to country's gross domestic product. They say a dangerous mix of poverty, spotty enforcement of labour laws, difficult conditions especially in Arab nations, and the logistical nightmare of watching over huge numbers of workers abroad means other tragedies are inevitable.Nearly 200 Filipino workers died in Kuwait over the last two years, mostly due to health reasons, but 22 cases were suicides or fatal criminal attacks, said Hans Cacdac, head of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in Manila. Cacdac said 45,000 to 50,000 “distress cases” are reported each year, many of them in Arab countries.The sixth of nine children of a poor farmer, Demafelis did not go to college. In the 1970s, a construction boom in the Middle East lured more workers out of the Philippines
  • an idle lingerer on the wayside. he gathers up his work and walks away. ere the tiresome road . until the sands run down into the glass. the poor mothling of this flame, .you into infinitude are hurled. as imperceptively as grief , summer has lapsed away.

Inlays of silver and gold particles (maki-e), metal sheets (hyomon), gold foil (chinkin), crushed eggshell, mother of pearl (raden)

What is the mystery which impels? What desires sway these strange figures? Om mani padme hum (six sounds of sacred Buddhist prayer saying, hail the jewel in the lotus, hail) Deep red panels with lines of pewter, an allegorial scene on the face, sinuous curves Chaise longue lacquered in variegated brown tones, an armchair upholstered in salmon ilk, with a wooden base carved to represent a spotted serpent, inventive light fixtures utilizing numerous exotic materials such as parchment, ivory, ostrich shell, woolen carpets that echo the dancing rhythms on the walls. The bedroom/boudoir both intimate and illusionary, a lowered ceiling height, curved walls masked with lacquer panels alternated with strips of fabric, delicate horizontal stripes. enarbolar

I remembered how she would go into the gardens and pick fresh vegetables to make our stuffed flatbreads. I remember the smell of the spices and the sunlight hitting her face as I watched her every move. Spinach flatbread, potato flatbread, lentil flatbread, pumpkin flatbread. Garlic mint yoghurt. I would dip my finger in the sauce before it was served to everyone. The deep fried chicken dumpling - with an evenly thin glutinous rice skin and a savory filling harmony of chicken mushroom and chives. Surrounded! Is the tiny flower fearful? Deep fried yam croquette with minced duck. So light and delicate the lacy batter. I detected a most delicious buttery or dairy like flavor in the deep fried filo dough. Deep fried scallops with sugar cane. Baked fluffy pie with chicken and mango. Oh, the buttery crust!

T If one can afford an apple watch, one can also afford a few minutes to brush one's teeth

  • 机・つくえ desk
  •  家具・かぐ furniture
  •  窓・まど window
  •  床・ゆか floor
  •  屋根裏・やねうら attic
  • 天井・てんじょう ceiling
  • 壁・かべ wall
  •  庭・にわ garden
  •  玄関・げんかん entrance
  •  寝室・しんしつ bedroom
  • 台所・だいどころ kitchen
  • 炊飯器 ・すいはんき rice cooker
  •  電子レンジ・でんしれんじ microwave
  •  乾燥機・かんそうき dryer
  •  洗濯機・せんたくき washer
  •  冷凍庫・れいとうこ freezer
  •  冷蔵庫・れいぞうこ refrigerator
  • 戸棚・とだな cupboard
  •  箪笥・たんす chest of drawers
  •  椅子・いす chair
  • 本棚・ほんだな book shelf

*安静・あんせい  *静 (静かな)radical for rest

  • 今夜・こんや tonight

*協会・きょうかい church

  • 好物・こうぶつ favorite food
  • 開く・ひらく to open
  • 人口・じんこう

*通う・かよう  *運動・うんどう exercise

  • 安全・あんぜん safety
  • 着く・つく to
  • aller - to go, filer - to give, filez-moi - give me, dessiner - to draw,
  • derouler, le moule, le fond, lester, le lestage, le four, attendre, savoire, offrir, egerie, porter, issu, plusieur, effluve, vol, craque, il lui, indemodable, deposer, lors, portait, rendant
  • 歩行者・ほこうしゃ pedestrian
  • 入れる・いれる 
  • 馬・うま
  • 門・もん
  • 内側・うちがわ

* 校長・こうちょう

  • 兄弟・きょうだい

*着く・つく  *生物・せいぶつ *主人・しゅじn *大人・おとな *門・もん *女・おんな *田・た

  • 三つ・みっつ
  • 校長・こうちょう

*兄弟・きょうだいi *金・きん *分かる・わかる *朝日・あさひ *九月・くがつ

  • like a pearl, it recalls scents
  • brown sugar and magical chunks of chewy coconut
  • you grind your own white and black sesame seeds until it becomes finer and as you grind, the sesame aroma tip toes its way into the air and tickles your craving nose
  • ham and cheese katsu, not-so-salty flavors mingle in the middle of a deep fried arena, awaiting a dip into savory-sweet katsu sauce
  • miniature bottles of chili oil and peppers appearing like charming vials of essential and massage oils; the kinds you see residing beneath glass in chinese markets
  • compo'rtate - behave!
  • vete a dormir - go to bed
  • pa'rale - stop
  • que acabo de decir - what did i just say
  • mrinalini mukherjee : palm
  • Suitou, Ayasango, Saeanzu, Syunake, Haebana, Yuridaidai, Hisuikou, Toutouseki
  • there are parabens in food, absorbed more readily than cosmetics. many regulatory authorities round the world say parabens, within limits, are safe for cosmetics. even cumulative amouts of parabens do no harm. polyethenol glycol - makes fatty substances more hydrophilic, to be washed away readily but moisturizing. makes residue of dangerous 1,4 dioxane. but okay when under 10^-5 amount.
  • i swallow teaspoons of gravity, starlings suspended over our heads, faintly out of reach. atmosphere out of reach. soft fat of my thigh, slope of my heel, curve of my calf press against. Rolling our failed intentions between our fingertips. Genesis

In the beginning somehow sound, somehow death, somehow sex,

somehow the lost sparrow of perfect sound,

somehow a dissertation. Creation is regretful, it is disquiet

and somehow, in the beginning,

it never began. (erica anderson senter). a hand emerges from the bushes. offers a mint candy wrapped in crispy plastic.

  • a fast pace pita kiosk. pumpkin curls.
  • Albanian words - luledielli(sunflower), vjeshte(autumn), bregdet(seashore), badiava(peanut)


  • Filipino words - sutla (silk), salamin (glass), kahoy (wood), tagsibol (spring), taglamig (winter), hagayhay (soft sound of the breeze), bubuyog (bee), matamis (sweet), lilim (shade,shadow), ginto (gold), pilak (silver), tanso (copper, bronze), sinag (gleam, ray of light), kislap (glimmer, glitter), himig (melody, tune), umunlad (to thrive
  • curtain hypnosis, my golden friend,
  • georgia o keefee - neck, fernando botero - dancing in colombia,
  • you're a blue light in the grey mist. you;re the warm yellow glow emitted by an apartment window, lonely but yielding. glossy puddles, empty streets, stray hairs on the coffee table, the frayed strands of lace. a sticky maple scent of the overweight guitar. shots of peach juice, gold saucers full of dark sauces. browsing aimlessly in the grocery aisles, the train of my taffetta dress dragging behind. roadside peaches, swaying palm trees. cutout hearts of watermelon. a stainless steel paint spatula, pan fried eggs in the countryside sun.
  • avobenzone blocks out the longer wavelength uva rays
  • porque = dado que, ya que, a causa de, pues (beginning of the second part of sentence), como (in the beginning of the sentence)
  • la camara tiene poca pila - the camera has a low battery
  • hoy no podemos salir a causa de la lluvia - we cannot go out today due to the rain
  • bootblack, inscrutable, extant, ostensible, emeritus
  • (me) you magnificent beast, you open-hearted fool. fruit as fresh as a showered nape. the curve of the belly, the cobalt-blue dome of the cathedral, the heart-breakingly meticulous golden details. tears of aspartame, sweet uncolonial joy. running around the palm trees, there's the tallest one we call Big Uncle and the sloping one we call Sleepy. when coconut juice's rushes slip down your unaware chin. waste not a drop. i feel as worn out as a squeezed lemon. she angrily cushions her flat pillows in misconducted agony. anger is not some trained and obedient orchestra easy to control and
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