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•Who am I?

  • I'm Kirsten! My real name is not Bones lol. I'm fine with being addressed as Kirsten!
  • I'm a visual art major.
  • I write on the side, not currently in school for it.
  • I'm also working in photojournalism but idk how long that's gonna go.

•Want some facts? Have some facts!

  • I live in Austin, Texas, and often complain about how hot or cold it is.
  • I'm part native, my moms side of the family is part of the Menominee tribe.
  • I live on an "Urban Farm." We've got dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and even fish.
  • My brithday is March 21st!!!
  • Im in Japanese 4 and I can't form a sentace better than リンゴが大好きです。
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