• hi i have a weird thing with names so just call me one of my kins or no name at all lol
  • im 14 and my birth was actually a joke (april 1st xd)
  • i dont wanna put pronouns here bcoz im a pussy but uh the ones that are male xd
  • im real cringey so expect that if you follow me
  • i wanna get into more fandom so pLS show me some
  • i dont like love so leave me alone
  • other ppls love is sorta cute tho so xd
  • im confused in life
  • i treat kins as like characters you heavily relate to? you know? so like i believe in the whole infinite universe theory but idk how much i believe that i could be a reincarnation of them?
  • idrc what you believe in just dont push it on me xd
jul 17 2017 ∞
jul 17 2017 +