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Hasue follows:

こんにちは, greetings.

お元気ですか? (僕が元気です。いいえ、ほんとう死にたい。)

I am Japanese/Australian.(Currently living in Australia). I am fluent in both japanese and English language.. ( however, I suppose I still have a bit to go for both(;^^)/) So don't throw too many big words at me! (and yet I sense I will most likely have a larger vocabulary than you anyway). I would normally respond to you, however, delete the messages straight after. Don't ask why, I have my reasons. So make sure you remember my messages! I do not really have a proper name you can call me by. Many different individuals call me by differing nicknames. Such as seire,seir,que,Hasue,Burt,Sir,etcetera. I don't mind what you call me. You may call me "peice of dirt", if you desire such thing. I wouldn't recommend becomming close to me, as such people who do suffer misfortune due to my presence. I have a rotten personality on the inside. But if you don't mind a sadist, you may go right ahead. If you're a perfectionist, do not communicate within the DM's. As I am prone to having many typos in my writing.

I am biologically male, pronouns are not important. However, It would be nice to be referred as "he/him", thank you.

I don't have any social media besides Twitter, (I suppose I'm forbidden. Infact, I shouldn't have Twitter, really).(。>﹏<。)

I'm a cocky, kinky bastard. Too cocky I bring up male genitals too much٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ I'm too lewed for my own good. I also have horrible sense of humour. Just ask one of my friends ---> @kark_itty from Twitter. If you're asking advice for a suicidal friend, your number one solution will be "tell them to kill themselves", I'll probably say that. Don't excpect me to be sympathetic towards you. I rarely take interest in an individual. If I pay attention towards you, be greatful.

Mm, I wonder if I sound edgy. I do not hope so.. Mmm.. I wonder if I made you hate me now.

PS: Don't touch my baby. She's mine. And if you try and harm, or talk in general,her I will turn your friends agaisnt you~♡ ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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