Don't follow if:

-you are against feminism, a terf/swerf, dislike immigrants, etc.

-you’re anti-fiction/otherkin

-you’re against self-diagnosis

-you think there are only 2 genders

-you're into ddlg/cgl

-you use slurs (like ret*rded, f*ggot, etc.) that u can't reclaim

-you think jokes about abuse/sexual assault/pedophilia/etc. are funny

-you're 30 or older

-you think shipping incest or pedophilia is ok

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sep 24 2017 +

I'm a gay trans boy! (he/him, but they is okay)

Virgo Sun, Libra Moon, Aquarius Rising

I'm anxious, tired, impulsive, and I get annoyed and bored easily

Lawful Neutral


I'm a very picky eater

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oct 16 2017 +


-Gakkou Gurashi/School-Live

-Jane the Virgin

-Mental illness

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oct 16 2017 +

tw obviously


Talking really extra formally

Basically any of word for v*gina




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dec 7 2017 +

Please read my kins and my byf!!!! Those are the most important ones! After you read those please dm me saying "rats are good and pure" to be accepted! You can read the rest if you like but they're not 100% necessary

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BPD (prof dx)

NPD (prof agrees)

ADHD (prof dx)

DID (self dx)

ARFID (prof dx)

Autism (prof dx)

Anxiety Disorder (prof dx)

I suffer from psychosis sometimes

Victim of CSA and CoCsa, as well as emotional abuse

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Steven Universe: Pearl, Steven, and Greg (@irlmerle)

Night In The Woods:

Bojack Horseman:

Osomatsu San: Oso (@irlmerle), Jyushi (@tommienyaz), Ichi (@irl.nathan.explosion), Kara (@irlpauline)

Rick and Morty: Rick (@irlnewton)

Undertale: Alphys (@irlmerle), Sans (@spooky_eddie)


Mystic Messenger:

Sakana: Yuudai (@irlnewton), Jiro (@irlpauline)

Over The Garden Wall: Wirt (irl.stupot)

Adventure Time: Marceline (@irlmerle)

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nov 19 2017 +



-The colour pink













-Most foods





-Itchy things

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If you're kin:

! = Okay to follow

? = Ask to follow

X = Don't follow


XXXX Higher than kin or ID, actually just me irl:

Ruby (Steven Universe)

Mae Borowski (Night in the Woods)

Bojack Horseman (Bojack Horseman)



Peridot (Steven Universe)- !

Tracer (Overwatch)- X

Todomatsu (Osomatsu San)- X



Beth Sanchez (Rick and Morty)- X

Mettaton (Undertale)- ?

Diane Nguyen (Bojack Horseman)- X

Nimona (Nimona)- X

707 (Mystic Messenger)- ?

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dec 7 2017 +

Mercury (Host) (they/he): Lawful neutral, trans boy, 14, default, age regresses occasionally. Gay and grey ace.

Ollie (Oliver but hates being called that) Stelver (they/he): True neutral, demiboy, 14, traits are unconfident, nostalgic, caring, confused, sad. Gay, asexual.

Leeland Paraday (they/them): Lawful neutral, agender, 16, traits are nervous, overly careful, stubborn, unconfident, bossy. Mom friend. Polyromantic (doesn't like boys), grey ace.

Rom Carpenter (he/him): Chaotic neutral, trans boy, 15, traits are passionate, short-tempered, emotional, impulsive, self-loathing. Age regresses occasionally. Gay, asexual.

Xavier Truman (they/he): Neutral evil, masculine, 19, traits are distrustful, rude, selfish, self-loathing, chaotic. Gay, on the aro spectrum, asexual.

Tilly Silverson (they/he): Chaotic good, ...

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