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No different from anyone else-- even though I wish I were sometimes.

Emma follows:
  • spend the night in a hospital
  • break a bone
  • take part in the production of a movie
  • see professional ballet in NYC
  • go to an independent film festival
  • win a real debate
  • survive an accident
  • crash a party
  • help a complete stranger
  • go to court
  • spend the summer in a beach house
  • have a paintball fight
  • go sailing
  • have my own dark room
  • slap a guy a guy who deserves it
  • go on strike for something I strongly believe in
  • witness a historic event
  • ice skate a frozen lake
  • go on a road trip alone
  • go surfing
  • open a gallery
  • hack someones computer
  • own an original painting
  • go to major league baseball game
  • get stuck in an elevator
  • eat dinner on a boat
  • become good friends with a school teacher
  • use a whole roll of film in a day
  • dye my hair an exotic color
  • be featured in a magazine
  • be somewhere where no one knows me for an extended time
  • See "A Take Away Show"
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apr 11 2011 +