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  • I’m gay as heck
  • I would make an exception for some band members though
  • I identify more as non binary/ masculine, but I’m biologically female. Which I hate.
  • dammit now the internet knows my gender
  • my parents are homophobic so I’m probably not going to come out to them any time soon.
  • I love rock music, especially punk and emo
  • it’s also now dawning to me that I’m probably too punk rock for this but fuck that
  • did I mention I swear a lot?
  • my favorite band is Green Day
  • I need music to function properly
  • I question my sanity a lot
  • I desperately need sleep but I want to listen to music.
  • I’m weird as fuck
  • My friends and I tell a bunch of gay and inappropriate/dirty jokes for entertainment. There’s also some band and musical references thrown into conversations between me and my best friend.
  • I’m really sorry about the swearing
  • I like to draw. I used to only draw animals but now I mostly draw humans. I’m shit at realism though.
  • I play the cello fairly decently for school, and I'm teaching myself the guitar. It's a lot harder than I originally thought. I want to learn the drums and bass.
  • I have a constant ringing in my ears. sometimes it gets louder than usual, and a lot times when it gets stronger, its only in one ear
  • I have no self control.
  • my brain is a motherfucking gutter complete with as much swearing as billie’s iheart radio meltdown
  • i get angry at certain people too damn easily, but just being around certain people makes me calm
  • im really clumsy
  • I either go to sleep at 2am or go to sleep at 11pm anc wake up at 2am
  • when I feel self conscious about my height, which I probably shouldn’t because I’m about half a foot taller than my best friend, I think about fall out boy standing next to Dan and Phil
  • i pretty much never feel nervous? it doesnt matter what it's about, i just never nervous. im blessed in this way
  • fuck i suck at life
  • im actually dead inside okay
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