i'm into a ton of series and things, but these are my favorites/special interests/hyperfixations right now. most fade in an out and rapidly cycle. and just because something goes off this list doesn't mean it won't come back or that I don't like it anymore.

main unmoving interest (has been my interest my whole life. may take the back burner to current interests, but never goes away.):

  • pokemon (especially the games)

secondary main special interests (has been my interest for many years, can take the back burner and fade, but is always there):

  • missing persons cases/unsolved murders (also solved murders, but not as much)
  • space
  • psychology

current huge interest (been here for a long time now, but not long enough to be consider a main special interest yet):

  • mystic messenger

current interests (my main special interests rn. pretty much obsessed atm.):

  • serial killers (especially ted bundy) (i do NOT support them and think they're horrible people. i just really like learning about them)
  • ohshc

list of my fandoms

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feb 10 2019 +