(s) = probably synpath

(low/medium/high) = strength i feel the kinnection

  • lapin from puella magi tart magica (low)

  • ash's poipole from pokemon (high)

  • orihime inoue from bleach (low)

  • mipha from legend of zelda (low)

  • jade harley from homestuck (low)

  • aradia magido from homestuck (low)

  • sollux captor from homestuck (low)

  • karkat vantas from homestuck (medium)

  • nepeta leijon from homestuck (medium)

  • parfait from cinderella phenomenon (s)

  • kyouka jirou from my hero academia (high)

  • portia the arcana (high)

  • grumpy bear from care bears (low)

  • mew from pokemon (low)

  • l from death note (low)

  • beta!raikou from pokemon g&s beta (medium)

  • voodoo doll pokemon from pokemon g&s beta (medium)

peachette from super mario bros (low)

  • gumball cookie from cookie run (low)

  • nana from elfen lied (low)

  • miaya gekkogahara from danganronpa (low)

  • rhyme from the world ends with you (low)

  • squid ink cookie from cookie run (low)

  • little girl from deemo (medium)

  • female protag from smt: dx2 liberation (medium)

  • mallory from gachaverse (low)

  • cottonfluff from gachaverse (medium)

  • melnya from gachaverse (medium)

  • ??? from gachaverse (high)

  • cupid from gachaverse (low)

  • luni from gachaverse (medium)

  • octavia from gachaverse (high)

  • josh from gachaverse (high)

  • briar beauty from ever after high(medium)

  • mustard cookie from cookie run (low)

  • ralsei from deltarune (high)

  • sheldon from date (almost) anything simulator

  • tatsumaki (tornado) from one punch man

  • sumire kakei from boruto

  • yuu koito from bloom into you

  • narumi momose from love is hard for otaku

  • haru chitose from ongaku shoujo (the short not the anime)

  • multiple characters from persona that was in a danganronpa universe (i will add more as i remember who, my pendulum says there was a lot):
  • ann takamaki (low)

  • marie (low)

  • yukari takeba (high)

  • (memories for already kinfirmed characters: futaba, fuuka, shiho, and chidori) (high)

not pictured (because i don't want to use someone's art/don't remember what i looked like/etc):

  • the apprentice from the arcana (medium)
  • mc from my hotel romance (high)
  • non-canon pink pearl from steven universe (high)
  • non-canon lavender pearl from steven universe (medium)
  • mc from star crossed myth (medium)
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nov 15 2018 +