(s) = possibly synpath

  • chloe price from life is strange
  • kate marsh from life is strange - (s)
  • lapin from puella magi tart magica
  • ash's poipole from pokemon
  • orihime inoue from bleach
  • maya fey from ace attorney
  • ribbon from the kirby series
  • botw!zelda from legend of zelda: botw
  • mipha from legend of zelda: botw
  • linkle from hyrule warriors
  • hope logan from the bold and the beautiful
  • miku hatsune from vocaloid
  • aoki lapis from vocaloid
  • ia from vocaloid
  • someone from homestuck (jade harley, aradia megido, sollux captor, karkat vantas, nepeta leijon) (it may take me a long time to kinfirm or deny any of these because i don't really like homestuck so it may take me a while to read it)
  • kotoko utsugi from danganronpa udg
jan 21 2017 ∞
jul 16 2018 +