pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day, do it each day on your listography for a year, copy and paste this at the top of the list so people know what this list is all about.

{my start: 170219}

f e b r u a r y:

02/19: studying, lazy sunday, another long bath, anxiety

02/20: bad monday, stress, nap, heat, cold shower

02/21: fights, english test, heat, shopping, studying

02/22: anxiety, heat, tired, apathy, homework

02/23: school, heat, homework, never shout never, mares

02/24: lazy friday, school works, rain, nap, loving myself

02/25: allergy, house cleaning, nap, lotr, party songs

02/26: stress, makeup, party songs, carnaval, alcohol

02/27: hangover, long bath, lazy monday, sensitive, whatsername

02/28: missing her, lazy tuesday, lotr two towers, mcr old songs, beautiful sunset

m a r c h:

03/01: homework, wiped out!, loving myself, lazy wednesday, needing her

03/02: pms, lazy day, stress, nap, black butterflies etc

03/03: pms, a lot of stress, house cleaning, the neighbourhood, homework

03/04: lotr return of the k., pessimist, sensitive as fuck, bad thoughts, thinking about her

03/05: anxiety, stress, family drama, insecurity, all i wanted

03/06: colic, chemistry test, stress, nap, lynn

03/07: stress (again), anxiety, fear, apathy, nap, pessmist

03/08: heat, headache, apathy, deconcentrated, loneliness

03/09: tiredness, pressure, heat, nap, studying

03/10: anxiety, craving, physics test, heat, nap

03/11: heat, room cleaning, pvris & kpop, her, anxiety

03/12: anxiety, the edge of seventeen, somedoby else, "treat yo self" day, insecurity

03/13: nena's birthday, heat, cockroach panic, headache, nap

03/14: beautiful sunrise, math test, loving myself, nap, winx club

03/15: lynn's birthday, dyed my hair, homework, matrix, beautiful sunset with rainbow

03/16: late for school, beautiful morning, philosophy class, good hair day, a lot of coke

03/17: sadness, family drama, rain, needing somebody so bad, beautiful night

03/18: lily's birthday, feeling low, house cleaning, lazy day, missing my mom

03/19: lazy day, bored as fuck, so in love, ladybug by nsn, wanting to kiss her

03/20: sensitive, tired, worried about ana júlia, nap, angry

03/21: sensitive, beautiful sunrise, cold day, history, eyelids

03/22: strange morning, anxiety, history test, nap and the dream with her, feeling low

03/23: sensitive as fuck, scars to your beautiful, afraid, thinking too much, my girlfriend

03/24: tired, sociology lecture, ana júlia's house, sad but optimistic, anxiety

03/25: tired, heat, shopping, burger king, beauty and the beast (2017)

03/26: positivity, "treat yo self day", somebody else at lollapalooza, the weeknd at lollapalooza, last hope by paramore

03/27: a fuckin' beautiful sunrise, unproductive, disorganized, really tired, studying

03/28: pms, math class, heat, house cleaning, styding (dying)

03/29: pms, biology test, deconcentrated, nap, anxiety

03/30: beautiful sunrise, portuguese test, got home early, studying, anxiety crisis

03/31: pms, school works, cold (amazing) day, vitória's house, bored as fuck

a p r i l:

04/01: amazing day, walking in downtown, ingrid's house, piercing's, loving myself

04/02: bad dreams, studiyng, 13 reasons why, monsta x, colic

04/03: chemistry test, math test, craving, 13 reasons why again, good day

04/04: english test, craving, a fucking beautiful sunrise, studying, 13 rw (yes, again)

04/05: biology and history test's, another beautiful sunrise, studying, nap, thinking about ** *** ***

04/06: raining and shit day, bad hair day, headache, school shit, exausted

04/07: beautiful morning, last test, harry's song, raining day, feeling lonely

04/08: house cleaning, new piercing, ingrid's house, long conversations, best saturday

04/09: school works, speak now (2010) by taylor swift, loving myself, "treat yo self day", feeling nostalgic

04/10: headache, lazy monday, heat, nap, feeling confused, paranoia

04/11: test, anxiety, got home early, worried about my parents, needing peace

04/12: cold day, stress, feeling low, anxiety, drama queen

04/13: cold day, tired, bored as fuck, loving myself, bored

04/14: lazy day, feeling mad, movies, needing to drink, mariana

04/15: house cleaning, tired, feeling beautiful, ice cream, back to the future part II

04/16: loving myself so much, pictures, family reunion, sad & horny

04/17: exausted, lazy day, hapiness, single by the nbhd, bored

04/18: lua's birthday, beautiful morning, headache, stranger feeling, sensitive

04/19: anxiety, cold day, shopping, meeting ma babies, hard times (2017) by paramore

04/20: exausted, same old shit, headache, hopeless, lust for life (2017) by lana del rey ft the weeknd

04/21: holiday, raining day, happiness, the raven king (2016), feeling exhausted

04/22: cold day, feeling exhausted, apathy, nap, girlboss (2017) by netflix

04/23: cold day, headache, thinking too much, insecurity, headache

04/24: lazy day, skam, thinking too much again, enchanted (ts) performance in the bath, lovely litle lonely (2017) by the maine

04/25: lazy morning, geography class, laughs, lot of study, nap, taxi by the maine

04/26: raning day, pms, so fuckin tired, stress, hell no

04/27: pms, tired, stress, bmth, bored

04/28: all we know of heaven, all we need of hell (pvris 2017), life of the party (all time low 2017), so much pain (lol), bored as fuck, cold day

04/29: a lot of things to do, my nephew's birtday, feeling beautiful, so fuckin' beautiful, needing to kiss

04/30: heaven by pvris, feeling so happy, pvris day, awkohawnoh, lynn gunn

m a y:

05/01: heaven music video by pvris, school stuff, "treat yo self", thinking about my future, feeling pretty

05/02: a really good dream last night, good day at school, feeling annoying, studying, apathy

05/03: tired, lazy morning, headache, stress, end of my relationship

05/04: vitória's birthday, tired, young girls by bruno mars (2012), the dream with so much blood, mares

05/05: raining day, loving myself, dinner with friends, overthinking, fake happy

05/06: feeling beautiful, alcohol, sad about her, dancing a lot, emptiness

05/07: so stupid, remembering things about her, sad, anxiety, the killers

05/08: lazy morning, panic, stress, tired, studying

05/09: geography test, bad hair day, tired, too much fun at school, studying

05/10: math test, really tired, another bad hair day, nap, crazy dreams

05/11: cold day, tired, studying, nap, bored

05/12: a really good day in school, tired, nap, harry styles first álbum, after laughter by paramore (2017)

05/13: lazy morning, feeling sick, studying, naps, bored

05/14: allergy, exausted, studying, sense8 (2015), "treat yo self"

05/15: allergy, sleppy, so sick, sensitive, nap

05/16: lazy morning, new physics teacher, so fuckin' tired, a little bit sensitive, my eyebrows

05/17: biology test, history class, house cleaning, loving myself, never shout never

05/18: political chaos in brasil, raining day, dentist, bored, tired

05/19: rain, wet, cold, nap, enjoying myself

05/20: meeting my friends, speeches, psychology, subway, feeling happy

05/21: raining day, sleppy, a lot of things to finish, nap, crying in the club

05/22: two months for my birthday, pms, chemestry test, so fuckin' tired, marina & the diamonds

05/23: a day without class, woke up early, house cleaning, finishing school stuff, "treat yo self day"

05/24: productive day, history class, grammar, anxiety, needing to talk

05/25: the nice lady on the bus, receiving compliments, physics class, house cleaning, school works

05/26: clarifying issues, feeling free, colic, nap, strangers by halsey ft. lauren jauregui

05/27: crazy dreams and sleep paralysis, house cleaning, pinterest, my damn period, bored

05/28: my brother's birthday, family reunion, bored, nap, school works

05/29: lazy day, carmilla (2014), vitória, bored as fuck, allergy

05/30: beautiful sunrise, sleppy, english class, studying, safe and sound by taylor swift feat. the civil wars

05/31: sleppy, history test, stressed, nap, finished carmilla ♡

j u n e:

06/01: finally june, cold and good day, house cleaning, sad about sense8, productive day

06/02: cold morning, stress, sadness, french, new songs

06/03: lazy day, pinterest, skam, new songs, bored

06/04: sleepy, school stuff, pvris spotify playlist, "treat yo self", anxiety

06/05: a really beautiful sunrise, rain, chemestry test, SO stressed, sad as fuck, *bônus: anxiety

06/06: rain, english test, tired, shopping, school works

06/07: rain, sleppy, math test, drama, school works

06/08: laugh so hard with my mom, sleepy, physic test, dentist, my playlists

06/09: taylor swift on spotify, accident on school, raining and cold day, school works, house cleaning

06/10: cold day, feeling pretty, 'festa junina', that girl, happiness

06/11: cold day, sleppy, watchmen (2009), anxiety, stranger old feeling

06/12: cold day, geography class, feeling sick, nap, feeling sad

06/13: cold and raining day, english test, school works, what's wrong by pvris, tired

06/14: stressful morning, biology test, sleepy, no money, nap

06/15: stress, school works, house cleaning, treating myself, needing to dye my hair again

06/16: lazy morning, house cleaning, bored, nap, school works

06/17: sleepy, school works, skam, dyed my hair, one day at time (2017)

06/18: school works, lazy day, anxiety, nap, bored

06/19: chemestry test, geography test, anxiety, feeling sick, nap

06/20: drama, english test, clarifying issues, cold day, school works

06/21: exams, stressed, bad hair day, shcool works, tired

06/22: one month for my birthday, more exams, tired, dentist, school works

06/23: literature test, geography class, stressed, allergy, sleeping all afternoon

06/24: sleepy, lazy day, tv shows, pinterest, skam final episode :(

06/25: house cleaning, tv shows, treating myself, nostalgic, school works

06/26: math test, desmotived, tired, needing peace, power rangers (2017)

06/27: stressed, i don't want leave my home, pinterest, dear white people (2017), long bath, school stuff

06/28: "enem", anxious, sleepy, nervous, the dream with lynn gunn

06/29: fights, stressed, exams, the third dream with lynn, anxious

06/30: last day of june and school, last exams, new choker, nap, feeling happy

feb 19 2017 ∞
aug 18 2017 +