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pretty much all you need to do is write five things these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, everything that sums up your day.

start date: september 2nd, 2017 | favorite ones marked with ★


  • 02nd: rafael; raquel talking about how she's wants taemin to bang her; joy's birthday; baekhyun in a pineapple tshirt; listography.
  • 03rd: family; xiuhan; ice cream; singing kpop with raquel through whatsapp; that dream.
  • 04th: college; anxiety; exo's power mv teaser; i finally slept for a couple hours; bunny teeth.
  • 05th: dog meets cat; my classmate called me pretty; exo's repackaged; win; a mutual saying she's wants to be with sehun just like i am with baekhyun. ★
  • 06th: being worried; exo's the war fanmeeting; chanyeol's new tattoo; being emo with raquel; maria clara will come to see me!
  • 07th: exo's comeback stage; my cousin; dino saying she wants to kiss my nose; baekhyun; feeling tired.
  • 08th: helena; worried about baekhyun; feeling stressed; i love my friends so much; missing my bubu.
  • 09th: still worried about baekhyun; his "legalize it" tshirt; family, my cousin in special; jieun's blonde hair; feeling very confused.
  • 10th: febdot; baekhyun seems to be feeling better; exo singing heaven at a wedding; irresponsability; my cousin again.
  • 11st: nayla and analu laughing at my jokes; missing helena; listography; talking about my kinks with dot; back to black.
  • 12nd: dirty talk? winter; still missing bubu; baekhyun seems to be happier than ever! my classmate praised me again.
  • 13rd: i had a laughter crisis in the middle of sintaxe class, btw i hate sintaxe; i held hands with a certain someone; never felt that sleepy before; power first win.
  • 14th: english class; baekhyun hurted his knee ): i want to disappear; feeling empty; missing nu'est ot5.
  • 15th: i slept for a billion hours straight; win is my baby; dotty sort of compared me with the moon; 4am; regret.
  • 16th: dotty; listography; seokjin; overcome; exo's power fansign.
  • 17th: boredom; fanfics; feeling tired of living; i love my uncle; irresposability.
  • 18th: sociolinguistics class was great for the first time ever; nanny is so important to me; helena and i "broke up"; chanyeol; bts' dna mv SEOKJIN LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD LIVE HIM!
  • 19th: jongdae's birthday; chanyeol keeps making me loving more than i already do; my aunt; exo's soribada daesang; minhyun in a navy blue sweater.
  • 20th: i'm so sleepy jeez; i love pedagogy so much; feeling exhausted; jbj concept teaser; chanyeol and exo being praised by vogue.
  • 21st: still sleepy; i think i have an new crush? anxiety; fall out boy concert; missing her.
  • 22nd: exo kcon australia; listography; bon jovi's concert; laughs; my aunt.
  • 23rd: bingo! physically tired; family and friends; i've had so much fun thanks god; ice cream.
  • 24th: i love baekhyun and exo so much; i think i'll die; still waiting, but here; apending time with my family isn't that bad; i'm so lazy; stressed as hell.
  • 25th: anxiety; narumi's comeback; nu'est w mini album; helena; this ain't a scene, it's an arms race.
  • 26th: estella; disappointed; confused; stressed; and anxiety strikes again.
  • 27th: narumi is so pretty i hate her; raquel; feeling a lil bit lonely; serendipity; listography.
  • 28th: the shittiest day ever, nothing else.
  • 29th: pizza night! basically everything today was about chanyeol, i love him so much, hes funny and cute and smart and adorable, i feel like my heart is going to explode; i missed narumi the whole day; i love my friends and exo so much; tori.
  • 30th: I LOVE EXO SO MUCH I WOULD TAKE A THOUSAND BULLETS ON MY RIGHT EYE FOR THEM THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!! I'M GONNA DIE OF LOVE!! "but i'm a creep, i'm a weirdo"; feeling cozy and comfy; kingsman; rainy day. ★


  • 01st: minhyun as shibedoge; i love boku no hero; nu'est w and cbx @ kmf; raquel being jealous with taemin ; last young renegade.
  • 02nd: thaina; missing that someone; missing zuho more than anything; daniel and baekhyun swap numbers; andante.
  • 03rd: sister's birthday; psychologist class; friends; felling exhausted as hell; baekhyun, baekhyun, always baekhyun.
  • 04th: anxiety; phisically exhausted; crying for hours straight; my mom; headache.
  • 05th: my cousin is coming!! i'm so happy!; stress, stress and stress; headache again; worrying too much; listography.
  • 06th: jefferson; chanyeol and zico hanging out together; helena; missing narumi; my grandma. ★
  • 07th: helena and that dream; my family is crazy but they're so important to me; shopping; jren where you at teaser; analu.
  • 08th: cleaning; aron's where you at teaser; melissa and milena; andante;
  • 09th: i love bean so much, it's always so good speding time with her! bubble tea; laughing so much; jully; exo as always.
  • 11th: FUCK I LOVE KRIS DESERVE DID SO WELL I'M SO HAPPY I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART KRIS I LOVE YOU!!!! rayssa is finally here! my college friends are so stupid i like them sm; i eat mcdonalds after a long time; missing baekhyun. ★
  • 12th: feeling lazy af; bean's listography; i dreamed about helena again; anxiety; send me a number.
  • 13th: i missed my best friend so much, he's so amazing!!! talking a lot about my life with him; family time; i love kris so much ir hurts; missing my babyun ):
  • 14th: family time again; i love kids ): college stress the fuck out of me, im so tired; moody; is it possible loving baekhyun more than i already do?
  • 15th: happy day! family and friends; i laughed a lot; helena; all time low.
  • 16th: DESERVE MV OH MY FGOD KRIS WU!!!!!!!! t; listography; kuroshitsuji (sebastian in special); insomnia.
  • 17th: i don’t remember exactly what happened this day because i was too sleepy so, whatever.
  • 18th: finally i slept a lil bit; cleaning; baekhyun’s selca o m g i missed him so much he’s the love of my entire life my angel :(
  • 19th: #WhereYouAt1stWin; i never felt this prouder before i love nuest theyre so important to me they deserve so much my babys :( i'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed i think i will expolde of love sometime; also feeling kinda of empty? baekhyun are the love of my life
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