• i am shy, patient, caring, faithful, indecisive, an introvert, a daydreamer, a loner, a cat person, easily scared, always tired, funny???, right handed, hypersensitive, pretty good at saving money when i need it, full of anxiety, scared about the future


  • i like thunderstorms, drawing, helping my friends, making lists, staying up late, cuddling my cat, discovering new things, online friendships, organizing stuff, kids, falling asleep to the sound of the rain, wasting my time on youtube, pistachio ice-cream, space


  • i dislike my handwriting, asking for help, talking on the phone, my real name, my insecurities, intolerance, my messy hair, loud noises/people, fanwars


    • i think too much
    • i have trust issues
    • i never know what to say
    • i procrastinate way too much
    • i never leave the house without my earphones
    • i don't talk much irl
    • i used to bite my nails
    • i always try my best to be nice
    • i stopped going to school at 15 (that doesn't make me an idiot; a reminder for myself)
    • i can draw well, but not perfectly
    • i speak two languages
    • i have been in a swimming club
    • i always think there are hidden cameras when i'm home alone
    • i have expensive tastes but i'm poor
    • i cry easily
    • yoongi said i was a tasteless ratatouille
    • i have a bad temper
    • national @ generator
    • i want to sleep 24/7


jan 12 2018 ∞
aug 11 2018 +