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˗ˏˋhogwarts housesˎˊ˗

    • slytherin: cold and grey skyes, smell of new books, hands full of ink, friction, being silent, getting as a present a relic that belonged to your family, a silver ring in your index finger, cracking your knuckles, ruins of a great building, writing in your books, framing your diploma, wondering, the universe, pain in your chest from crying, feeling too much, biting your pen, feeling unable to show your love for your loved ones, looking as if you were thinking of something great.

˗ˏˋreader typeˎˊ˗

    • serious: reads in coffe shops and at the library, drinks lots of lattes, takes the best pictures, lives for the aesthetic, blankets and cozy outfits and candles are a priority no matter the place and time of year or day, probably a literature student or in a social sciences field, tabs, comes up with the weirdest and most detailed theories.

˗ˏˋgothic literature editionˎˊ˗

    • the picture of dorian gray: old bookshelves, bold fashion choice, loud laughs, philosophical conversations, kisses on the hand, can be a dick sometimes, loves new languages but never commits..


    • forests: witchcraft, cottage in the woods, moonlight, rainy days, dreamy eyes, healing people you love, curiosity, old folklore, messy hair, writing.

˗ˏˋpretty french wordsˎˊ˗

    • aurore (dawn): stays up late, doesn’t say their deepest thoughts, quiet but their presence is warm, disappears to recharge, likes love letters & mornings.
    • espoir (hope): seems calm, takes long showers, strong-minded, loud laugh, likes pet names & cliché things, will be there for you, loves new beginnings.

˗ˏˋbook typesˎˊ˗

    • poetry: soft eyes. wistful smiles. only a few close friends. skinnydipping in the ocean. late nights. thinks too deeply.tries too hard or not at all. moves like they have all the time in the world.
    • theory: conspiracy theories. long conversations. midnight drives. late nights. circles under their eyes. bites their nails. gets worked up easily. long rants in the middle of the night.

˗ˏˋbeautiful things in the skyˎˊ˗

    • meteor shower: postcard from old cities, dreams about new experiences and cities, often wonders about the meaning of love and life, always changing like a chameleon, loves everyone, very wise and gives good advice but feels lost in their own life sometimes, believes that home is not a place but a concept.
    • supermoon: keeper of secrets, overhears strangers’ conversations a lot, loves soft animals, neon lights, old train tickets at the bottom of a bag, lying awake and wondering if someone misses them too, smoky night skies, fiery emotions, doesn’t tell anyone anything, aloof but softies when no one is around.
    • moon bows: picking flowers for yourself, dreams about a cozy domestic life in the countryside, loves baby cows, will send anonymous messages to make you smile and writes a lot on birthday letters, highly sentimental and keeps trinkets and sea shells, easily comforted by soft blankets and cookies.

˗ˏˋ greek mythology's womenˎˊ˗

    • artemis: the wild, howling at the moon along with the wolves, running barefoot, the smell of wood, silence, loving nature and animals, isolating yourself, keeping an old toy you used to play with when you were younger, a swing, beetles, helpful, following the moon fases, being deeply in love with the forest.
    • hera: going to free museums, marble, loyalty, believing being in love is your weakness, minimalism, empty tea pots, white roses, good advises, travelling all around the world, roller skates in your bag, appreciating art, a message in a bottle waiting to be read, maturity and responsibility.
    • hestia: unmatched socks, vintage video games, timid, making the best presents, purple and red, coffee with lots of milk, trying to understand people, philosophical questions, writing love letters that will never be sent, wax, hearing the fire crackling and getting your sight lost in the flames.


    • train on the rails: daydreamer — always find themselves lost in thought and ideas, always carry more than actually necessary in a purse or bag and there’s at least one book, feel like they are the main character of a movie, determined to reach their dreams, love to talk about things they enjoy and do it excitedly.
    • crackling fire: always have deep conversations with their most trust-worthy friends, don’t like to be alone, have big expectations for their future and make plans to go after it, board games, can look at the stars for hours without getting bored, believe in soulmates.
    • forest at night time: love to read mystery and suspense books, have such a big and kind heart, would do anything for their loved ones, they were always thinking of the best stories for storytelling sleepovers when little, love animals — from dogs to turtles to elephants…


    • victorian: lacy dresses, romanticizes the past, blushing cheeks, reading on a rainy day, believes in ghosts, melancholic, longing sighs, unexplained pains, ribbons in their hair, writes as a hobby.
    • log cabin: hot cocoa, solitude, the smell of pine, unknown sounds from the forest, pillows and blankets everywhere, stoic on the outside warm on the inside, starless nights, not easily hurt, rough hands.

˗ˏˋthe hour you wake upˎˊ˗

    • 6 am: armonic piano chords, your breath caught up in the cold air, the horizon turning brighter, taking the bus to go to school, the sound of biting an apple, silence and calm, serenity, feeling as if you are wasting time, laying in your bed with a hand over your stomach, organized, a need to be in control of your own life.
    • 8 am: no breakfast, running down the stairs, forgetful, worrying too much, a dawn being the first thing you see when you wake up, scarf around your neck, untied laces, paralized, studying the universe, humming and talking to yourself, enjoying learning, a book in the pocket of your coat.

˗ˏˋpeople i’ve fallen forˎˊ˗

    • some sunshine: violin music and bad handwriting, a contagious smile, reads classic literature, always striving to be better, dirty jokes, will probably discover the secret to world peace one day, never thinks they’re good enough.
    • the leader: mountains and misty forests, curly hair and wild eyes, a desire to learn new things, loud voice and louder laugh, travelling, dreams to be a writer, constantly looking out for other people, kind, just wants to be happy.
    • a piece of the moon: philosophical talks at 3AM, alcohol, dancing to slow music, oversized sweaters, glasses, texting, wishes they had more time for reading, always sleepy, good grades, gets attached to easily.

˗ˏˋthe four seasonsˎˊ˗

    • autumn girls: a soft heart that is continuously being healed and broken. a poet that associates every little thing with a person or a memory. bullet journals filled with dreams and pressed flowers and plane tickets. road trips together under the starlit sky, but also lazy afternoons on the sofa. photographs can’t capture their entire beauty. they make you want to do everything and be everything. a quiet beauty that grows more radiant the more you know them. they make you excited to be alive.
    • winter girls: the longest hugs where they refuse to let go. soft music in the background, sleeping on your shoulder in the car. eyes full of stories, long conversations about the meaning of life in the darkness. sentimental objects and words from the right person can comfort them. they can act emotionless, but they melt in your arms. temptation to stay in bed during the daylight and stay awake until dawn. they make you appreciate midnights and find love in silent moments.

˗ˏˋfantasy creaturesˎˊ˗

    • faeries: loves floral scents, often loses track of time by being in the clouds too much, sings along to the radio, gets sad when they think about their past.
    • mermaids: emotional but a bit detached, calmed by solitude, acts naïve but knows everything, secretive about true feelings, good at reading people.
    • angels: loves strawberries & literature, can’t stop admiring beautiful people, avoids conflict, blushes a lot when they get embarrassed, smiles easily, caring.

˗ˏˋgreek mythology's menˎˊ˗

    • hades: hand kisses, side looks, wearing too many pairs of socks, cold, understanding love, silence and serenity, looking sad and feeling low, crying while being angry, hands on the chest, falling in love heavily, creating a wall for people to not hurt you, looking through a window while light rain hits the glass, half light.
    • poseidon: wrath, feeling the ground trembling at your feet, the waves hitting the cliffs, strong temperament, stormy, competitiveness, playing chess on your own, reclusive, feeling you don’t spend enough time with the people you love, hoping time passes by fast, not wanting to grow up, being as mysterious as the ocean.

˗ˏˋwriter aestheticsˎˊ˗

    • f. scott fitzgerald: mahogany wood, crisp winter skies with cold bright stars, the solitude of an early autumn morning wrapped in fog, empty bottles on stacks and stacks of books haphazardly placed in a messy room, pale bruised arms reaching out into the darkness, cigarette smoke just barely hiding the scent of alcohol, a wall of books all poetry and old and weathered, a bad thunderstorm occurring at the end of a beautiful day, the way tragedy strikes in your heart but ends up stopping your breathing for a moment, your favorite sweater, parties spilling into four a.m. with the stars above spinning and dancing, the contrast of blood against snow, a purple split lip oozing blood, black eyes fading to blue to pale skin, the butterflies of falling in love for the first time, the statues falling apart over time in cemeteries, the romanticization of self-destruction.
    • edgar allan poe: the ocean’s horizon inseparable from fog, hollow bones, a preserved heart held in hands, twinkling stars above an old graveyard, the way everything turns to dust, silent black birds with eyes full of wisdom, self-inflicted flames, perfection depicted as a rotting corpse, death as bricks in the heart, lips barely brushing against each other, glassy glazed eyes, biting into a lemon, heart-shaped bruises, rotting flowers on a grave, dried blood and spilled liquor, the hush of dusk when it begins raining, the intimacy of a secret.

˗ˏˋminor greek gods + titansˎˊ˗

    • hypnos - tired all the time, warm milk, smells like lavender, soft skin, doesn’t get angry easily, a bit sad, pretends to be calm all the time but is actually internally screaming.

˗ˏˋnine musesˎˊ˗

    • calliope - old bookshelves, scented face cream, acts like they don’t give a shit but really cares a lot, needs a hug, marble staircases, script writing with calligraphy pens, wandering through rose gardens to think.
    • erato - hopeless romantic, fav flower is roses, light blush, sleeps with a duvet, wants to write a love letter, likes poetry, kinda sad sometimes, the feeling of sunlight shining on your face, lipstick stains.
    • melpomene - really sad sometimes, way stronger than they realize, loves thunderstorms, rarely uses emojis, mint and lemon water, writer, dark chocolate, intelligent but most don’t notice, still loves harry potter, empty beaches in the winter.
    • polyhymnia - loves reading classics, waking up to the rhythm of rainfall, expensive coffee, meditative, overthinks everything, head in the clouds, has a powerful look, probably writes poetry.
    • urania - knows constellations, speaks to the stars, role model is the moon, believes in soulmates, loves a lot, into astrology, would die for the people they love most, night sky reflected in their eyes, small smiles holding huge secrets.

˗ˏˋtypes of artistsˎˊ˗

    • writer - biting their lip in concentration, always carries a pen, powerful looks, takes showers at 4:00 am, adrenaline rushes, sits outside during thunderstorms, flickering street lamps, tired gazes, procrastinator, collects words.

˗ˏˋtimes of dayˎˊ˗

    • dusk - flickering candles, taking long showers, holding someone close, walking in the rain, peaceful thoughts, letters from a lover, silk nightclothes.
    • eve - watching the stars through a vintage telescope, lying in bed with headphones on, homemade cookies and milk, streetlights illuminating their face.

˗ˏˋterms of endearmentˎˊ˗

    • love - overthinker, long baths with rose petals, sad yet powerful smiles, old libraries, often found staring at the stars, hands smudged with graphite, no sleep™.


    • paris - soft smiles, blooming flowers, lots of sunlight, stories swirling in your mind, cursive letters, piercing eyes, whispers filled with secrets.
    • london - new ideas, old architecture, a soft voice, flickering candles, intelligent eyes, loud laughter, dancing alone in your room, big dreams, hot tea.
    • montréal - comfy socks, french bakeries, lover of books, bold thoughts, wide smiles, kinda broken, cute jackets, warm hot chocolate, cobblestone streets.

˗ˏˋgirls as magical placesˎˊ˗

    • library: she is the type of girl with endless stories making up her being; rivers of words and poetry flowing through her veins. she completely values the time to become lost within the worlds of others, and aches for this feeling to be understood.
    • cottage: she is an old-fashioned girl, one who’ll always get giddy at a love letter or a homemade gift. she ultimately seeks harmony and closeness to those she associates herself with. mainly tending to keep her secrets close, she is mostly independent, but still values the good company of those close to her — always willing to listen, sympathize, and offer a space of comfort within her heart, once she opens herself up to you.
    • bakery: she is the type of girl whom possesses a heart which is set on making others’ feel safe, warm, and wholesome. her soul is filled with stories to share, advice to give, and wisdoms to whisper. she thrives off of high energy and she is wise beyond her years, believing in the simple notion of being helpful to most everyone she meets.

˗ˏˋthrough the decadesˎˊ˗

    • 60’s - kisses on the hand, soft acoustics, keeping a journal under the pillow, walks in the rain, old films, a bouquet of roses at the doorstep, secret love letters, old newspaper articles, talking to the moon.
    • 00’s - believing in magic, smiling at strangers, dreams of being someone, hearing an old song you used to like on the radio, birthday cards from friends who don’t talk to you anymore.

˗ˏˋas my favorite wordsˎˊ˗

    • petrichor; lost in a book, very perceptive, fragile heart, cold hands, eyes one could easily get lost in, tea, morning person, oversized sweaters, tries to see the best, cries too much.
    • wanderlust; making friends with the moon, night owl, probably in love and terrified of it, just wants to let go of the past, sad smiles, empathy, afraid for others, self-depreciating jokes, bad at communicating feelings.

˗ˏˋclothes aestheticˎˊ˗

    • knit sweater; doesn’t smile often enough, writes poetry, cares too much or not at all, loves the cold seasons, freckle constellations, social anxiety, always has headphones on, wears blush, kinda sad but doesn’t show it, gets hurt easily, laughter that sounds like church bells, underappreciated.

˗ˏˋcreatures of flightˎˊ˗

    • pegasus: an old soul with a young heart, trying their best to follow their dreams, has a pastel-coloured aura, very quiet and nurturing.
    • bat: often seen as mysterious, comes alive at nightfall, strongly determined in their goals, particular with whom they give their energy to, is actually adorable but fails to always see it.
    • __ ladybug:__ a caregiver at heart, happy to share their wisdoms or stories (but only if someone asks!), very intuitive, has always believed in magic.
    • fairy: stronger than they look, holds personal ideals very close, mainly exists within their own little realm, prefers to communicate through gesture and expression.
    • owl: adores wisdoms and quotations, keenly observant of the littlest details, could listen to stories for hours, content to stay within the coziness of their home.
    • angel: holds empathetic tendencies, collects pretty trinkets, loves to help others at no cost, has perfected their own self-care routines, drawn towards sunrise.
    • raven: a poet soul by nature, messy at home but elegantly-kept in social settings, has a deep admiration for classic literature, a moon-gazer.

˗ˏˋflorence + the machine discographyˎˊ˗

    • Lungs: Living in a cottage in the woods bordering the fae realm. Rushing streams. Running with the deer. Drums in the distance. Nature witches.
    • How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful: Living in the eye of the storm. Tempestuous gods. Thunder and lightning. Finding the beauty in chaos.

˗ˏˋmusic keysˎˊ˗

    • d-flat major: sunlit apartment, always has a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate ready, curls up under a blanket by the window on a rainy day, small bathroom plants, carries a book around with them, has unread books but still looks for more books to buy.
    • d minor: tries to find hope but fails, has a small circle of friends they don’t talk to much, feeling betrayed by everyone, had a painful past they would rather forget but can’t, thankful for that one friend who reaches out to them.
    • e-flat major: always the leader in group projects, appreciates old church buildings, hymns and folk songs, draws attention but not in the way they’d like, wants to be remembered for who they are, a joy to work with.
    • a-flat major: loves baking for their friends, jars of cookies on the windowsill, wooden furniture, coffee shops in quiet towns, keeps jewelry in boxes, treats friends to lunch, knows when you say you’re okay and you’re really not.
    • g-sharp minor: an old soul, graceful movements, dislikes many aspects of modern society, secretive, hard to get to know, nobody really knows them, comes across as strong, hardworking, scares people away without meaning to.
    • a minor: gazing out the window, dreary sighs, wishes to have their old life back, looks at old photos and souvenirs, hope for the future, deals with internal conflict, wonders what their life could have been, unfulfilled dreams.
    • b minor: always expecting the worst of any situation, enjoys fine wine, art galleries and museums, ambitious but doesn’t realise their ambitions, acts like a little kid at times, hides under the blanket, sometimes has a bit of hope but it soon fades.


    • downpour - locking yourself out of your phone, dirt on your hands, tight hugs, echoing laughs, mysterious, disappears for hours at a time, old books, visual mind, night swimming.
    • snow - wishing on shooting stars, confetti, fields of flowers, sliding around in socks, cartooney bandaids, looks like a cinnamon roll but will kill you, dancing in your bedroom, fluffy hair, gentle touches.
    • cloudy - monologues, easy to talk to, philosophical questions at four a.m., head filled with ideas, knowing every word in the dictionary, earbuds in, raindrops tapping at the window, lost in thought.


    • study: worn leather armchairs, pine logs, reading on rugs, stacks of manila files, old ottomans, hidden secrets, a vinyl spinning on a record player, scratched oak desks, whiskey in crystal-cut tumblers.
    • living room: reruns of familiar sitcoms, tossing throw pillows across the room, good-natured teasing, childhood and the present blending together as an old theme song plays, stretching out on a sofa.


    • poppy: empty fields, light creeping onto messy beds, arms opening into a hug, road trips with lifelong friends, warm tones of red in the sky as the sun sets, drinking pleasantly melted slushies, taking a fresh tray of muffins out of the oven.

˗ˏˋeuropean citiesˎˊ˗

    • copenhagen, denmark: carousels by the river, the glow of sunshine yellow buildings, stories told at dusk, lazy boat rides, water falling from a fountain, the crumble of flaky pastries, painted wooden horses.
    • stockholm, sweden: waterside fairs, breathing in cold morning air, the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, wooden picnic tables, warm winter days, sitting by a window in a cafe.

˗ˏˋwinter wordsˎˊ˗

    • hoarfrost [the thin layer of ice that forms during the night]: drawing in the condensation of a window, petting a white rabbit, snowglobes lined up on a mantelpiece, morning fog shrouding the world before it wakes, snow melting beneath fingertips, exhaling a cloud in frigid air, the precise delicacy of paper-thin sheets of frost.

˗ˏˋthe golden trio, the silver trio, the bronze trioˎˊ˗

    • harry potter: running to catch the train, golden hour, soft-spoken, words fading, noticing when something’s off, wind ruffled hair, silent tears when no one’s awake, kind even when someone doesn’t deserve it, fights death, lonely.
    • luna lovegood: thoughtful winter mornings, silent company, stargazing, hands touching, gentle soul, sharing secrets, often alone but doesn’t mind crowded spaces, mind waving with the treetops, promises of another day, faint whisper.
    • draco malfoy: afraid of reflections, superior but with low self-esteem, broken trust, stormy skies, unable to move forward, hidden emotions, forced sarcasm, easily gets obsessed, a complex heart, silk sheets, lost optimism, sharp tongue.

˗ˏˋthe marauders eraˎˊ˗

    • remus lupin: earthy colours, unaware of their own strengths, lives for their loved ones, fears the dark, tries to make it better for others, old parchments, gives great advice, forgives too easily, lost in thought, doesn’t take initiative in conversations, creaking floorboards, hands in pockets, gentle whispers.
    • severus snape: quiet words, longing for other worlds, late night calls, calm during storms, knows too much for their own good, feels more than they let on, rain tapping on their window, wandering alone, easily feels out of control, good at crosswords, wouldn’t admit that loneliness tears at them, sleepless nights.

˗ˏˋalcoholic drinksˎˊ˗

    • scotch - quoting your favourite authors, midnight confessions, admiring good architecture, reading classics in rainy days, silver necklaces, stargazing from your window.

˗ˏˋpast crushesˎˊ˗

    • the scholar - dark academia vibes, lives on coffee, messy hair, always carrying at least one book, a bit pretentious, can talk about anything, doesn’t own anything colorful, hates technology, works in a museum, doesn’t sleep, cursive handwriting.

˗ˏˋdays of the week by what philosophical school i identify with on themˎˊ˗

    • monday: existentialism. i feel the slightest sense of dread as i am confronted with an incomprehensible world. i question my being and the meaning of the universe around me. am i living authentically? have i given a purpose to an otherwise confused and structureless existence? i eat a bowl of frosted flakes and stare into the void.
    • sunday: stoicism. i am faced with the knowledge that tomorrow begins yet again the cycle of misery and dread which permeates each weekday. valiantly, i summon my will to continue on with as sunny of a disposition as i can. i convince myself that knowledge can perhaps be obtained through a virtuous life and an acceptance of suffering. i check my grades and weep only once.

˗ˏˋzodiac this or thatˎˊ˗

    • capricorn: films or books? coffee or tea? late nights or early mornings? benevolent leader or dictator? writing or reading? encyclopedias or collection of poetry? typewriter or quill and ink? classic black heels or faux fur heels? pearl necklace or diamond bracelet? marlene dietrich or ava gardner? sagittarius or aquarius?
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user picture malu: isso é lindo demais!!! amo seu listo todinha e acho sua estética mt goals ♥ jan 31 2019
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