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week of 12/30 in scorpio

  • you are moving on quite nicely. in fact maybe you doubt the past was there at all. what is an endless day. what is an endless beginning.

week of 1/6 in scorpio

  • 2019 will have you dig in even more deeply than before to where you are, some hot numbers like the number 7, grape jelly in the middle of a simmering soup, the air like a see-thru yellow and the sea so blue, memories of what hasn’t happened, and delight.

week of 1/13 in scorpio

  • you are so sure you know the answer. haven’t you just been so sure for years. a certain tree has yet to flower. will you keep walking by it forever.

week of 1/20 in scorpio

  • now that everything is oh so calm you can really settle down to write out your plans. they will include a very simple invitation. invest in party favors for all the fun you could have. that is if you weren’t so busy not having fun.

week of 1/27 in scorpio

  • you will be so busy dancing you won’t notice who just came in the room. oh, maybe beware. the dogs you thought were yours might just walk out the door. yes, yes, walk, no not run.

week of 2/3 in scorpio

  • you will keep asking the same person to be the same person but different, far past this week. you’ve been asking all along for things to fall completely into place. what you can be certain of is that before something ends you will be happy. be the moon.

week of 2/10 in scorpio

  • in the back of your mind there is a blue circle that rings around something important. you are so sure it doesn’t mean anything and you watch and wait for the rain. instead you might be clear about what you want. the truth is, it means something.

week of 2/17 in scorpio

  • it will go on like this for a long time. in a tiny box a tiny box a tiny box. when you look for the thing you’ve asked for then you will find it. when you ask for the thing you will find it.

week of 2/24 in scorpio

  • everything very quickly can become about something else entirely. so do not wait until the sky is so purple that you go running inside. if you can be certain of anything it is that the night falls. you can be sure that the inside is outside.

week of 3/3 in scorpio

  • you will ask so many questions. that and the day you were born will figure highly as art form. is it bad to have calculated almost everything? not exactly.

week of 3/10 in scorpio

  • someone cares for you and you know it. you will sit silently in one room for several days. eventually you might need to thank someone for something. so you will leave the room to do so, but maybe it’s good to ask—can you?

week of 3/17 in scorpio

  • you stay so silent as you work on the very thing you said you wouldn’t. there is no one around to talk to anyway. what is immediate is to be cherished. even your memories are part of you now.

week of 3/24 in scorpio

  • what are you disgusted about the most? a thankless evening over and over again. don’t worry about anything. if you need to, send a note to the mountain.

week of 3/31 in scorpio

  • if you get lost at the party you can always call the one you know you want to. you can cut down the streamers and make a wreath for yourself. call it a necklace. oh call it anything.

week of 4/07 in scorpio

  • you have worked on something for what seems like a lifetime. it’s time to set it aside. what you can imagine is not what you can dream. in your dreams you will be happy.

week of 4/14 in scorpio

  • a jolt to the senses is what everyone needs. except when you need exactly the opposite. what option are you seriously considering. probably neither.

week of 4/21 in scorpio

  • caring is one thing. but on the other hand there is the peacock. peace is what you want. what if you restarted the whole thing.

week of 4/28 in scorpio

  • the night takes the number 3. the day is very periwinkle. are you proud of what has happened. did you have anything to do with it?

week of 5/5 in scorpio

  • you have been hoping that if you stay in the other room everything else will go back to normal. when will you go back in. you can be sure that so much is happening. be sure about how you want it to.
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