pretty much all you need to do for this is write five things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day.

start date: october seventh 2017 | favorite days marked with ★

ㅤㅤㅤ october . . .

    • 07 | bridget jones's diary, klawoo trauma, klara complaining about me talking way too much about jihoon, naive by the kooks, seventeen's healing
    • 08 | that pic pre debut pic of gdyb, lilili yabbay, i love monsta x, the usual late night conversations with klara, klawoo maygyu and hosheticia
    • 09 | alexia, i think i'm probably addicted to cereal, going on rabbit, oh mingyu, taemin's album teaser (finally)
    • 10 | note to self... never say someone is hot to klara or leticia ever again, anime with alexia, i'm so pretty, geovanna, i miss glee
    • 11 | ah não... a bubbles não, doing my nails, trying to do something, my head hurts, reading
    • 12 | i love this new shampoo, i thought i lost my bracelet, jimin's birthday, going to vique's house, meu você tá muito apaixonada nesse brother né, quem é kang daniel e por que ele causou tanto conflito?
    • 13 | raphael's birthday, blonde jihoon, i really love wonho, i also love jihoon a lot, literally spent the whole day on rabbit with roberta
    • 14 | going to naka's house, animes, dancing, monsta x showed up (i missed them so much), wonho is the best thing in my life
    • 15 | monsta x comeback teaser, twice comeback teaser, ele tem mt azar de n te conhecer vlh nao sabe oq ta perdendo, rabbit with roberta, xu mingmay and mayjack wang (i hate klara)
    • 16 | taemin's album, jenbin, not to be dramatic but i love my friends, taemin pereira, watching barbie with geovanna
    • 17 | morte que ele só tem uma bola no saco, robertin and also daehwi, eyes nose lips, miss queixo and thaimonster, anão padrinho
    • 18 | cutting my hair, jimin bonito menino da may, klara: você pode falar qualquer coisa pra mim. eu: e o- klara: menos do jihoon, bts’ best of me, p101 with roberta
    • 19 | como é klara? vai doer muito?, i miss glee again, i love love love a hundred times love jihoon, watching seventeen's concert with klaticia, klara calling me puta, stereo love (me) dance again (klara) love sex and magic (leticia) plus não mas ele realmente tem cara de corno, maydragon
oct 7 2017 ∞
oct 20 2017 +