• have a tea-party with everything rose-flavoured: tea, jam, macarons, ice-cream. and dress up in gauzy fabrics for it.
  • paste notes in the books that i love in bookshops for other people to read when they've bought them
  • go to the woods without permission and get lost
  • climb to the roof of whatever building
  • go to school in a crazy outfit
  • travel the world to meet my friends
  • write letters to: Santa Claus (and address them to his address in Finland), Mr. Tumnus, Harry Potter, and Peter Pan
  • have an out-of-body experience and fly away
  • make my room the exact way I want it to be
  • have a Virgin Suicides photo shoot as Lux Lisbon in a Gunne Sax dress, sitting on a tree, lying limply on my bed and in the grass, with my hair lying flat on my face and over my shoulder, and as though dead in the car
  • re-live my first pyjama party with Leonor
  • watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in one day, but first watch The Hobbit
  • learn how to ride a bike
  • visit an ill person with a basket of fruit and cookies, and be visited the same way
  • go sailing
  • make a gigantic, fancy blanket fort
  • toast marshmallows over a fire at the beach
  • go to the Paranal observatory, or otherwise a sky with a very clear sky - or, better yet, watch a meteor shower
  • complete my Ravenclaw school uniform
  • make a snowman
  • live a snowy Christmas, an orange Halloween and a flowery Easter
  • see the Northern Lights
  • hide in Versailles' gardens for the night - they're so big that nobody will find me
  • sell and publish my drawings in a magazine or a book
  • make a flower wreath with actual flowers
  • meet the faeries, or a ghost
  • make a fantastic French braid on my hair (with flowers tucked in), and learn to do many styles with it
  • spend over $200 on books while being abroad
  • ride an animal other than a horse, llama, camel, donkey, or any similar equine
  • and ride a white horse in a princess dress and without a saddle
  • gallop without fear
  • backpack through northern and eastern Europe
  • speak a rare language - Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian, Welsh... (update: learning Welsh)
  • get lost in a labyrinth
  • be Magical and be Brave
nov 6 2011 ∞
may 6 2013 +
user picture Tommy: the rose-flavored party is my favorite item on this list. it makes me think of what flavor i'd theme an entire dinner party around (blueberry?) nov 13 2011
user picture carina maree: I think this is the most gorgeous list I have ever read nov 20 2011