A distaste for milk, plus the health benefits of less dairy, plus boyfriend's allergies to nuts and coconut have sent me on a journey to find the best-tasting nut/coconut/dairy free milk!

  • rice milk
    • distinct taste, but not bad
  • hemp milk
  • flax milk
    • strange taste
  • Bolthouse Farms (pea protein)
  • Ripple (pea protein)
    • gross texture
  • Veggemo (pea protein)
  • oat milk
    • same issue as Ripple
  • soymilk
    • good, but have heard mixed things about consuming soy every day

another option: organic dairy milk (less antibiotics, more healthy fatty acids than conventional milk. still might not like drinking it, but good for cereal, recipes, etc. and compromise w/ bf)

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