01. starting the year feeling hopeful, GOT7, yellow makes me happy, thank you for existing, you look beautiful today, anxiety, i miss my grandpa, getting used to to happiness, my body is my home and im gonna treat it better, i miss my friends, free, i hate fights, sometimes alone is better, amor, its hard to see you moving on, nostalgia, things are so good and im scared everything is gonna fall apart, i need to focus more, finally i have a new computer!!

02. i hate spanish, i cant believe i became a morning person, i love my friends so much, i had the best day EVER, my parents ruined it, ugh i eat too much, i’m alone on lab, i hate being sad, trying to keep positive, physics is kinda cool, i hate periods everything hurts, i take that back physics can suck my dck, my eye hurts so much idk why, blood is not cool, promised i wouldn’t fight anymore but i snapped, they’re kinda fun, today is going to be good, ariana’s new album is amazing, i’m terrible at uno, love my friends, i want chemistry to be gone, half good day half bad day, i’m so dumb, ugh i just wanna date someone can i please, i’m so tired all the time, good morning i hate school, i just want to stay in bed, going to marathon riverdale finally!! omg season three is the BEST.

03. yay carnival holiday, the umbrella academy is amazing omg? i hate being sick, but i love missing school, i miss got7, anxiety sucks, why i keep making myself sad, im so sorry, im so tired, worst week ever, i cant believe exams already began, i started my piano classes im SO happy!!! cried in all episodes of s3 of queer eye, we love the best show ever, im so tired wtf what are these dark circles, kill me i broke my phone screen, it pisses me off when i study 10+ hours and someone that cheated on an exam gets a higher grade, go to hell seriously, i need sleep but im just gonna drink coffee, piano classes became the highlight of my week, one more month and i can rest!

04. changed my room layout and it looks so cute! one of the worst anxiety crisis ever, i hate feeling empty, why am i so bad at spanish lmao, sometimes i feel overwhelmed with love for people and i feel like i cant express it enough, I HAVE A KEYBOARD??!!? im so bad at school omg im gonna fail, i want to be in love so bad, tired tired tired, im getting better at playing keyboard im so happy abt it, i bought my avengers tickets!! my grades are terrible kill me please, i havent been able to sleep properly in 2 months, holiday this week but im gonna have to study during all of it, i just want to rest, kinda like him kinda scared of liking him.

jan 17 2019 ∞
apr 18 2019 +