list things for every week of the year, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your week, util the end of the year.

⇢ january;

    • 1 week: new years, crazy and funny night, he's not my president, way v!, chungha's gotta go, feeling pretty w my new hair (finally), bts voyage 3.
    • 2 week: bts festa! crying over sicheng, watching old boy (wow), yoongi w grey hair! ending up the week with sadness bc of mourning, strage feelings about death.
    • 3 week: taking care with what i eat, don't sleeping well almost the whole week, anxiety really hard, way v debut but feeling upsad bc of sicheng's situation as always, bts save me!!! feeling stressed, julia, sleeping and spending time w geo.
    • 4 week: starting up feeling REALLY upsad, lunar eclipse, svt's comeback, vernon!!! cramps the whole week, almost going to the hospital bc i'm stupid, confused abt what i'm feeling, don't sleeping well again.

⇢ february;

    • 5 week: renewing my tatto finally, anxiety crises, feeling sad and don't sleeping well, working the things out, my body asking for help, taehyung's scenery, learning gotta go choreograph, playing fire fire with julia and feeling absoluty in love.
    • 6 week: bad feelings bc of many things, getting done w some friendships, ice cream w my parents, watching lion king, taking my time to reflection abt myself.
jan 2 2019 ∞
feb 9 2019 +