• as davesprite, i was pretty depressed. i never really got out much, not enough to date jade anyways. i spent most of the ship ride in radio silence.
  • as soon as i was made into davepeta, I brightened up immensely! I started to realize that I actually thought jade was really cool. never really did take much of a liking to john though, maybe because:
  • we fucked up the final fight pretty badly. we killed lord english, but before the main crew could claim the final reward, they died. some minions of english took them by surprise, and once Jane died defending jake, being heroic, there was no hope. jade was never given the order to stop the dogs (which was a huge mistake on our part), so she just stayed asleep. dave died defending her, back-to-back with john. the minions didn't think she was powerful enough to do anything, so they just left her there. once i was finished with lord English, i escaped the black hole and flew back to see if i could enter the new universe.
  • once i got there, i found jade, who was crying over the bodies of her dead friends. i wanted her to ch33r up, so i took her to some of the dreambubbles that hadn't been destroyed and showed her all the dead versions of her friends that were still there!
  • i remember holding her hand and enjoying a sunny day on "her island", sitting under a tree and talking about what we could do.
  • we eventually managed to find the mangled corpses of the dogs, who had been dead for a while, take the rings, and make a universe.
  • we escaped to the new version of the LOFAF, because earth was taken by english's minions.
  • while doing so, we found jake, who had been trying to find ways to die. he didn't think anyone else had survived and he didn't want to be ripped apart by the black hole for infinity, because he wouldn't die, it wasn't heroic or just.
  • nothing had worked and we invited him to come with us to the new universe.
  • he agreed, relieved that there were other people alive.
  • the last thing I remember was stepping into the portal to the new lofaf.
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