• this is mostly for anyone who would want to be forewarned about some ways I'll act in different shifts!
  • as host (hunter) i'm usually fairly easygoing! i don't use my kin account much if i know i'm shifting host but sometimes i gotta maintain stuff! i'm upbeat with no caps but punctuation is usually good.
  • as dave im usually real chill. dont use caps or punctuation besides periods. as this is most often shifted youll probably see the most of me. my different timelines were a little different but usually im generally chill.
  • as davepeta i dont really use punctuation and if i do its usually exclamation poles bc i love those! ill use text lingo occasionally and no caps, also sometimes i B33 because i enjoy B33ing me! also i think everyone is CUT3 does that sound like terezi?? and i dont really have a complete train of thought. if i use !! or ?? its usually doubled bc thats how i roll!!
  • As Jade Lalonde I'll actually type in fluent, normal text most of the time, with few grammatical errors- it's what I picked up from my Rose side, I assume. I'm usually more analytical, but you might not see much of me because I'm not shifted often.
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