don't follow if:

  • you're a twerf / you exclude trans women from your feminism
  • you think cultural appropriation isn't such a big deal
  • you invalidate non-binary identities
  • you believe in reverse racism, cisphobia or anything like that
  • you're pro-israel
  • you think het aro/aces are part of the lgbt community
  • you believe in monosexual/allosexual privilege
  • you ship/defend pedophilic/incestuous/abusive ships
  • you don't understand why some slurs can still be offensive to people who haven't reclaimed them

please remember that:

  • i am a human being, which means i can make mistakes. so if i eventually do fuck up, don't be afraid to call me out on it and tell me what i did wrong
  • even though i enjoy a lot of things, i'm also very critical of them, so just don't follow me if you think i shouldn't do that
  • my twitter can get very spoiler-y, so beware of following me
  • i'm very bad at responding to mentions/dms sometimes so please don't get mad at me for it
  • i tend to change interests very quickly / hyperfixate on things way too much and i recognize it is annoying but that's just how i am
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