Pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day, do it each day on your listography for a year, copy and paste this at the top of the list so people know what this list is all about. My Start Date: 04/06/2017. Part i Part ii


  • 01: happy new year! • positive attitude • cleaned room • exercise • tried to read • Void • finished the colorwork on that merry pillow and am using the yarn to make some spicy diamonds (link later) so when I feel the Void I can fill it by making diamonds • my “should I stream or should I not?” apathy just caught feels and I’m feeling not...
  • 02: restarted my mom's virus shawl as a mesh stitch scarf and hopefully i'll be happier • therapy • michael's • early dinner • things to think about... • i need to learn how to stop caring • it’s so much easier to love at a distance! • tomorrow begins the ‘let’s see if I can go seven days without weed’ plan :x • oh me oh my
  • 03: obsessions are unhealthy, and if he's not thinking of me, why should i think of him? • back to bed to restart the day • meh • run • another nap • finished another diamond • went to sleep very early
  • 04: Void comes early today • snow, again? • guess i'll go to the doctor • got my medicines • bagels • stomach pain • threw up that bagel, and i am outraged • nap • talks with mom • ramen • feeling actually pretty positive • also it's day 2 of no marijuana
  • 05: no weed mean you remember your dreams, holy shit • dropped dad off at the metro/hot bagel • rite-aid • the Void, again • why does it always come at the same time wtf • read • nap • ancient aliens and phở gà • sleep early
  • 06: day 3½ of no weed • i think i'm over him, but there's a melancholic sadness each time i think of him and the time i spent, so once that clears i think i'll be okay • i ended up picking up :[
  • 07: listography was down for me :( • severe cramps
  • 08: beautiful sunrise • okay so maybe the prozac is causing the Void, and it's come on stronger and i now feel like a Zombie • i'll see my doctor thursday • wegman's • granny square • talked to him :):):)
  • 09: awoke with severe back pain, wtf • twitch and game grumps all day • nap • played yarn chicken and won, woo, i don't have to buy more • couldn't go to therapy • game grumps and granny squares
  • 10: back still hurts • nap • made a heart granny square for little hearts for grace with mom • more game grumps and granny squares
  • 11: ha, my appointment with the doctor was actually yesterday, not today • feeling like shit • i'm just going to go back to sleep ugh • cleaned a little • video chatted with T. :) • the Void is strong today • figured out the math for my temperature blanket • went to sleep at 7ish • got an Idea
  • 12: was awake for like 30 minutes at 7, went back to sleep until 10 • voidvoidvoid • klonopin arrived and holy shit, today wasn't that bad • talked to my doctor about the prozac, she said see a psychiatrist :[ • smw • bath and book • thought about the Idea → Plan • started a cross stitch (!)
  • 13: woke up early to cross stitch • decided not to go to the inpatient psychiatric thing, will go monday • temperature blanket 2018 yarn arrived! • nap • more cross stitch • decided to be social, and made it all the way to dc before he cancelled -_-
  • 14: 2 naps before noon • talk about the Plan which may actually be a Real Thing and not just a Pipe Dream • winding yarn • started temperature blanket 2018! • D. came over
  • 15: feelin great! • sudden back pain! Ugh • cross stitch jaundice mario and worked on the temperature blanket • nap • hooboy don’t want to be away • enchilidads • romeo and juliet • I feel sick • goodnight
  • 16: therapy and talked about the Plan which looks like it's a Real Plan • run • ab workout • tried to work on temperature blanket 2017, but 2018 won out • migraine??? • bed early
  • 17: snow • worked on temperature blankets but meh • no weed = dreams come back with a vengeance • ab workout • nap • picked up, whatever
  • 18: i got my passport photo taken and i look terrified, but that's better than the lazy eye one and i didn't want to bother the guy anymore • did my square for the mooglycal2018 • ab workout • then got high and accomplished absolutely nothing besides watching bananya and playing terraria
  • 19: twitch and crochet • best buy: amy winehouse record • grocery store • stress period • knitting! (i haven't knit in like a year, i've been crocheting) • cross stitch
  • 20: up to date with 2018 temperature blanket • feeling meh • best buy for daddy's television which means i get my mom's so yay slightly bigger tv • talked about journals with my mom • nap • woke up and thought it was tomorrow and was v disappointed • chinese food
  • 21: woke up then went back to sleep • put up dad's new tv • got medicine • get peach or die trying event on twitch • nap • actually made dinner • the martian (2015)
  • 22: irritable • run and ab workout • knit and cross stitch • alerted T. and S. about the Plan, more details to come • nap • takoyaki
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