here's what going through the head of whoever's fronting:



  • Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh my gosh you’re okay!!!!!!
  • I’m so glad!!!!!
  • I love you so much!!!!!!!!



  • yuki... do you remember..? today is the 28th of july... this is the day you became a god...
  • we need to talk, sugarbear...
  • we need to talk soon...




  • it’s four in the morning and you’re the only memory i can stand.
  • stay safe, erwin. i’ll break everything you care about if you die.



  • Mikeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • I miss youuuuuuuuuu



  • yuki, do you remember our happy ending? did that happen for you? did we ever get to watch the stars like you wanted in your timeline??
  • darling there’s an ova that i had never seen and i remember it! we finally got to be together... i came and got you, pookie..!!
  • i should tell you how my diary works in headspace, shouldn’t i, haha..
  • no more secrets, my love, i promise! but we do need to talk!!!




  • I can’t sleep so I’ve just been watching other people come in and make musicallys all day and night oops



  • someone tell kyoya that we were requested to cosplay him lmao




  • When will you get your phone back..? It’s been days... I’m so scared since we’re not hearing from you guys...


  • I miss you so much, Michael...



  • I need to stop trying so hard, if I stop overthinking it’ll be so much simpler...




  • Mikey I need to talk to you... My mental state just dropped really badly and I’m in a super low point and I need you..
  • Please be available tomorrow... I just need your support right now then I can keep myself going, I promise...
sep 30 2017 ∞
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