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She's got ash on her dress and the devil in her eyes.

Taylor follows:
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  • My future with Chris
  • My past boyfriends and what they taught me
  • The teachers I've had
  • My bad habits
  • Things I'm proud of
  • Music I like
  • Why I love dogs
  • Things that scare me
  • Pros & Cons of having long hair
  • How to live with anxiety
  • Foods I don't like
  • About Chris
  • 50 facts about me
  • Things that interest me
  • Hobbies I want to start
  • My greatest pet peeves
  • Tattoos/ piercings I want and have
  • My lowest lows
  • What living in the dorms was like
  • Risque things I've done
  • Friends that bother me
  • You know you go to a community college when
  • Things to accomplish
  • Things to learn more about
  • Jobs I've had and what I've learned from them
  • My ideal wedding
  • What I can't stand about people
  • Places I've traveled
  • Reasons I think I'm the wrong person for Chris
  • Items I keep in my purse
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