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All those people, all those lives, where are they now? With loves, and hates, and passions just like mine, They were born, And then they lived, And then they died. It seems so unfair. I want to cry.

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  • Neal Brennan Standup
  • Chris D'Elia Standup
  • "Get Out" Screening with live Orchestra
  • The Shining (special screening) - Halloween (drea/ryan/james)
  • Greg and Leah tattoo hang
  • BAY AREA (Justin, Leanne, Lara, Randy, Cory)
  • Kim visits
  • Houseguests: Sarah and Nick
  • Richard: date
  • Andrea: date
  • Paula + Ken's Wedding (matthew, eunice, beata, sae)
  • Stockholm SWEDEN
  • Broad Summer Happening final
  • Bill Burr Standup
  • Tchaiko's movie fest premiere
  • Russ’s old shop goodbye
  • FrogTown Evening Artwalk (along LA River)
  • Ryan date
  • Soul Summit Dance Party Fort Greene Park
  • Liane & Brian's 3 day summer camp wedding, New York: Abbie, Meredith, Yasha, Cairo, Josh
  • Catskills Cabin, New York
  • C-Squat Art Show & Afropunk Screening Q&A, Museum of Reclaimed Spaces: Ryan B, Daniel, Juliette, Matthew, Paula, Kelly
  • David Wojnarowicz, Whitney Exhibit
  • The Two Bit Circus (Hollis/Tamar-Kali/Drea)
  • RL dinner
  • Angela Boatwright dinner
  • Houseguest: Tamar-Kali
  • Hip Hop Wednesday dance night (me vs james - I won)
  • The Future is Female Composers performance w/Tamar Kali
  • Hammer Museum AfroPunk Screening & talk
  • Broad Museum Party: China Night
  • Berggruen Institute dinner reception for James and curators
  • Houseguests: Daniel/Juliet visit
  • James Barry date
  • Russ date night
  • Holy Trinity Dance Night (Andrea, Alex, Alma)
  • Hasan Minhaj Standup
  • Laura/Mark visit
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Reginald D Hunter & Janeane Garofalo, Hot Brown Honey
  • Sharmanka Kinetic Theater, Glasgow
  • Part Time Punks New Romantics Night
  • Universal Studios (H bday)
  • La Cita: Joy Division night
  • Houseguests: Sarah and Nick visit
  • Dark Wave night
  • Vidiots Film Trivia Team Night, Ace Hotel (A team)
  • Bowie Night
  • Fourth: Pictionary w/ Richard & Ryan
  • Broad Summer Happenings June/July/Aug/Sept: James Curation
  • Hot Rocks Podcast (James)
  • Families Belong Together MARCH (H/J)
  • Pre-Broad party at Ed's
  • Beyond The Streets: Street Art Show
  • Snatch Power Juneteenth Celebration
  • Belle: former student dinner party
  • Andrea: birthday party
  • Vegan Playground Fest
  • Weapon of Choice Podcast (James)
  • Hang Night (Russ)
  • Houseguest: Anthony visit: venice, ep lake, fairfax, americana, el rey, golden road, umami, el compadre, cava, offbeat, block party
  • Gays Against Guns Pride March (R/R)
  • Melody Lounge Soul Party
  • School Skate Fundraiser (H)
  • Massage Night (A)
  • Los Feliz Sustainable Market (Moe/H/J)
  • Venice Beach Skate Day (J/H) (6 miles rt)
  • Idyllwild Cabin (Ernie Maxwell 5mi trail)
  • Best Date Day: john cameron mitchell's "how to talk to girls" alien punk movie, ZINE FEST with all the beautiful outsiders, good food at paru’s indian, neighborhood dog walk, brian jonestown massacre concert at fonda theater, ending with dancing at smiths night, 2:30am taco truck tacos, and love
  • Commune Yoga Day (Jules/A)
  • Moonlight Skate Rollerway (H)
  • American Film Institute Afropunk Screening (DC)
  • Gentle Barn Sanctuary (J/H)
  • Saved By The Bell Pop up Diner (Russ/M/A)
  • LA Arboretum Walk
  • Club Foxes: Back To Nature, No Wave night (Greg)
  • Morgan Library NYC: Peter Hujar Exhibit
  • Black Lives Matter Party (Moe/Nicky)
  • Brooklyn Museum: Bowie Is & Radical Women of Latin America
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • Houseguest: Tamar-Kali visit
  • NYC
  • May The 4th Be With You - dance party
  • Peacock surprise backyard visitor
  • Kids Handmade Market (H)
  • Culture Shock's Hip Hop History Education Day
  • “Weirdo Night” Queer Art & Performances w/ Dynasty Handbag
  • Moth Grand Slam Night
  • Breakfast Klub at Cities
  • Cha Cha Judas Priest Night
  • Apple Valley Day
  • OAHU
  • Kings Roost Kimchi Class
  • KidSpace Science Art (H/I)
  • Zeb's Tv Show Filming
  • Zebulon: Cocteau Twins Night
  • Angel City Roller Derby (H)
  • Oscar Party
  • The Rainbow Room
  • Bradford Young and family dinner party
  • LA Junior Derby Dolls Bout
  • Comedy Store Show (d'elia, martin lawrence, jeff ross, ali wong, david spade, rogan, whitney cummings)
  • Chinatown After Dark
  • Moonlight Rollerway Family Skate (J/H)
  • Batcade Batting Cages
  • Japantown Bowling (J/H)
  • Heaven or Los Angeles: My Bloody Valentine Night
  • African Dance Comp Los Angeles
  • Commercial: with Dee Rees & James
  • Rose Bowl Flea
  • LA River Bike Ride
  • Arts District Date (Ryan)
  • Club Underground Anniversary Party
  • Vibe Dance Competition (J/H)
  • Camelot Golfland & Go Carts (J/H)
  • Bowie Night
  • Italian Disco Night
  • LA River Roller Skate (J/H)
  • SPOTS: club underground, punky reggae, offbeat 80s, part time punks
  • HOUSE GUESTS: Richard + Ryan (game night), Daniel + Juliette + Bart, Ayize, Moe x1, Bradford x1 + Moe x2, Dee R, Bradford x2 + Stephanie + Tchaiko + Burton, Bradford x3, Tamar-Kali x2, Sarah D/Kelsey, Moe x3, Anthony, Sarah, Nick, Vienna x2
  • VISITS: LA: Kristina + Nick NYC: Daniel/Juliette, Cynthia/Rex, Maxine, Liane/Brian, Matt, Paula/Matthew/Eunice/Ken, John/Raf HAWAII: Adrienne + Dan BAY AREA: scott, justin/leanne, lara/randy, nina/cory, chris/eric


  • Foxes Post Punk Warehouse Party
  • Motown: The Musical
  • Chill Ice Holiday Adventure, Queen Mary
  • 29 Rooms
  • Unique LA Craft Fair
  • Chris Rock
  • Disneyland
  • Natural History Museum: Tattoo History Exhibit
  • Ira Glass
  • Soul Hum Meditation
  • Mudbound Party w/Tamar Kali
  • Stan Lee's Comic Con
  • Vibe Dance Competition: Juniors
  • Part Time Punks Goth Ball
  • Pasadena KidsSpace Museum
  • Yayoi Kusama Art Opening: The Broad
  • Brewery Art Walk Party
  • Korean Festival
  • Museum of Ice Cream Exhibit
  • Oracle Night + Basquiat Night (Broad Museum Summer Happenings / James curating Aug + Sept)
  • DEFEND DACA Dreamers March
  • Mercado York Blvd Street Fair
  • Part Time Punks: Smiths Night
  • Grand Jazz: Interpol Night
  • The Berghain Club
  • Club Underground, LA
  • The OC Fair
  • Part Time Punks: New Order Night
  • OutFest
  • Grand Jazz: Ian Curtis Night
  • Hollywood Improv: byron bowers, neal brennan, etc
  • JOSHUA TREE w. molly
  • Renegade Craft Fair
  • Zebulon: french film and french pop night
  • Rose Bowl Fireworks Festival
  • Pasadena Chalk Art Festival
  • Kumail Nanjiani, Ray Romano, Judd Apatow comedy night
  • Abalone Cove, Long Beach
  • Zine Fest LA
  • LA Brewery Artist Community open house party
  • SAN DIEGO visit (agnes, alfred, james)
  • Antiphony, Otherwise: friday joy night service (black church music and lecture)
  • Renaissance Faire
  • March for Science
  • Monthly Vigil for Slaughterhouse Pigs with LA Pig Save
  • Wondercon Comic Convention
  • 14th Factory Art Exhibit
  • Kerry James Marshall Retrospective: MOCA
  • Short Stop: good vibrations night
  • Broad Museum presents: Tony Conrad doc screening - with speakers henry rollins, tony oursler & performance by kim gordon.
  • Ace Hotel Motown Night
  • Volunteer with LA Kitchen
  • Stronghold Climbing Gym
  • Southern California Institute of Architecture Afropunk Talks w/ Michael Stock
  • Los Angeles Art Book Fair
  • University Missouri (afro-punk screening)
  • Cal State LA afro-punk screening
  • Downtown LA Bringing Back Broadway Street party
  • My Favorite Murder (georgia's podcast live)
  • WOMENS March
  • WEEKLY: part time punks, punky reggae, club underground
  • GUESTS: janet - sarah/nick - liane/brian - maxine - jafari - moe - scott/julie, kim r - lovemakers band sleepover - bradford - tamar-kali - randy/lara/auggie - ryan/richard - joe - chris/eric
  • VISITS: SEATTLE: ryan/richard - marianne - sarah/nick, NYC: cynthia/rex - liane - matt/salma - maxine, paula/matthew - john/raf - arianna - daniel/juliette, sybil/sharon San Diego: agnes - moe, BAY AREA: randy/lara - justin/leanne - scott/julie, Zanzibar: nicki - amber/dali/bart - dave/swan


  • MAUI
  • Northwestern University afro-punk talk with kool mo dee
  • Long Beach Halloween Dog Parade
  • Atwater Halloween Street Party
  • Hollywood Forever Día Los Muertos
  • Short Stop Motown Mondays
  • Otis Redding Exhibit Grammy Museum
  • Punky Reggae (fridays)
  • Pasadena Pumpkin Festival
  • Rise of the Jack O Lantern Exhibit
  • Part Time Punks (sundays)
  • Ramones Grammy Museum Exhibit
  • 80s night at the LA Zoo
  • LA county fair
  • Eco Station Animal Rescue
  • Glendale Summer Pool Program
  • OC County Fair
  • Monkey Town Dinner/ Video Installation
  • Balboa Island Lake Boats
  • Larchmont Fair
  • Franklin Canyon
  • Disneyland
  • Cabrillo Beach Picnic
  • Museum of Broken Relationships
  • Cherry Poppin Hiphop (wednesdays)
  • Cat Art Show
  • LA Art Book Fair
  • Artisinal LA Fair
  • Smiths Convention
  • Rainbow Room
  • Matador Beach
  • Huntington Library and Gardens
  • Glendale Roller Rink
  • Fowler Museum UCLA
  • Jumbo's Clown Room
  • Dub Club (wednesdays)
  • Vegan Food Festival
  • Bay Area
  • Pickwick Vintage Festival
  • Monrovia Canyon
  • Palm Springs
  • Zine Fest LA
  • NKLA Griffith Park Fesitval
  • The Dresden
  • Rock and Roll Flea Market
  • South Coast Botanic Gardens
  • Gentle Barn
  • Japantown Bowling
  • Broad Museum
  • LA Marathon - cheerleader
  • LA Tattoo Convention
  • Candy Cane Lane Lights Walk


  • Echo Park Craft Fair
  • Decsanso Gardens
  • Whittier College (afro-punk screening)
  • Stewart House Xmas Party
  • Dia Los Muertos (Hollywood Forever Cemetery)
  • El Capitan Canyon Cabins
  • OREGON COAST Roadtrip
  • Turner Exhibit at the Getty
  • Topanga Cabin
  • Ferris Bueller Reading at LACMA
  • Fairyland
  • Griffith Park Super Moon night
  • Exploratorium
  • Madonna Inn
  • Knotts Scary Farm
  • Crazy Horse Burlesque, Paris
  • Johnny's Saloon
  • La Plaza Party
  • MOCA Museum
  • Abbott Kinney Festival
  • Temp Spaces Art Gallery (James tattooing)
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user picture Rebecca: Lisa - this is unrelated to the list, but I wanted to tell you that I somehow stumbled upon your account and found myself reading your tumblr/blog. I am in awe. Your writing style is earnest and raw, and I keep scrolling and scrolling and reading and reading. Thank you for sharing your perspective :) jan 10 2018
user picture lisa: Aww thank you. I mostly just write to get thoughts out of my head. I appreciate your nice words very much! jan 12 2018
user picture JD: I wanted to say something along the same lines and thank you for this site. I thought there was a we behind it, but it's really just you who had the impetus after the experience you wrote about on your latest blogpost. Listography is a genius website. jun 16 2018
user picture lisa: Thank you! oct 3 2018
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