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Is it my manner that keeps you from hearing, or the threat of a message that your life may change?

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+ letter of self reminder: no, i dont want you to check on me. stop the small talk. stop the pause in between time. if this was how it was lead towards to, I would had rather you just completely go on out of your way and leave it as that. Do not come back, don't check up on me. I realize I am a scornful, spiteful women. It may had been selfish, selfish to perhaps ask or thought we could share both our lives together. I didn't want to wait, I don't seek pleasure in playing sit and wait. I'm tired of the cycle dealt with more than one in the past. I don't want you checking in. I place your words to the side, and I hope my silence rings loud and clear for you. And I grow angry, despite my patience. I wish you all the very vest in achieving your goals, but I would have liked to seen you grow rather than shut me out. So I will take my leave,and improve myself, as you had too.

apr 22 2015 ∞
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