• Using the new bullet journal Lorena gave me.
  • Making new lists.
  • Talked to Elizabeth about goals for 2018, and bullet journal ideas.
  • Breaking Bad ten year anniversary marathon on AMC.
  • Finished watching season four of Black Mirror with Tiffany.
  • One year anniversary on Habitica.
  • Helped Chloe with a broken link on her post on Instagram.
  • Ellen Page announced her marriage to Emma Porter.
  • Updated my Mac to macOS High Sierra.
  • Emma got my holiday card, and called me sweet.
  • Finished season one of Someone Knows Something.
  • Started season two of Someone Knows Something.
  • Listening to the rain outside my window.
  • Finished season two of Someone Knows Something.
  • Saw pictures of Heidi, and Gretchen on Timehop.
  • Seeing unexpected pictures of Lex, and Selena on Timehop.
  • Posting for the first time this year on Instagram.
  • Got a book on its release date!
  • Added the dates for E3, and SDCC to my calendar.
  • Jessica got her holiday card. She, and (her dog) Dagger said thank you.
  • Derek, and Julie got their holiday cards, and Julie called me sweet.
  • The Office marathons on Comedy Central.
  • Thick fog outside when I went to get the mail.
  • Finding new stickers to use on Telegram.
  • Found a new podcast - Sword and Scale - to listen to.
  • Maintenance people finally came to fix things around the apartment.


  • The Puppy Bowl had a sloth referee!
  • Christina gifted me Stardew Valley so we could play together.
  • Weather warming up so I can leave my window open during the day.
  • Couple accidentally proposed to each other at the same time.
  • Big stuffed bear, and red roses for Valentine's Day.


  • Started reading 14,000 Things to be Happy About, and made my own list.
  • Was invited to join a book club with Christina, and her friends.
  • Brakes on my car got fixed.
  • Found a new layout I love to use in my bullet journal.
  • First time ever I'm excited for DST, just like my mom used to be.
  • Heard proper thunder, saw lightening for first time since moving here.
  • Treated myself to ice cream for the first time in months. Twice!
  • Christina adopted four baby chickens!
  • Got back in touch with a friend.
  • Ate Hershey's kisses, and Kit Kats for the first time in years.
  • Being able to leave the windows open because it's gorgeous outside.
  • Took lots of with my phone, DSLR, and SLR.


  • Keep seeing lots of pictures of Lex, and Selena on Timehop.
  • I've officially lost 50+ pounds!
  • Spyro is getting remastered for PlayStation 4.
  • Battery for thermostat FINALLY got fixed.
  • Got death card twice on the tarot app on my phone.
  • Feeling optimistic, and hopeful.
  • My jeans finally fit, again.
  • Cuddled with Stubbs.
  • Unlimited data on my phone.
  • Got caught up on Atlanta Monster.
  • Got a library card!


  • Gifted Book of the Month club subscription.
jan 1 2018 ∞
jun 4 2018 +