• elodie
  • xxviii
  • oct 26; scorpio
  • bisexual
  • bookworm
  • ravenclaw
  • loyal, moody, sensitive, reclusive, paranoid, nervous, impatient, impulsive, curious, passionate


jul 21 2015 ∞
jan 19 2018 +
user picture Tulio: Broooooooo,so few positive characteristics for your lovely self when you're so awesome. I'll some i've mlearned to admire in the years i've had the pleasure to know you : CARING, BRILLIANT, TEARS WORTHY FUNNY (it happened, a lot), COMPASSIONATE, INTERESTING, SO DAMN SMART, HARD WORKING,WITTED (not sure it's a word but i'm using it) AND A LOT MORE. Also hug. jul 22 2015
user picture el: Aww, you're so sweet bro ♥ I might add these to the list later then.