• 03/18 | clothes • laundry • why have i been wearing such uncomfortable clothes? • i love the “i live it or hate it there is no in between” mentality • i want to keep going but im at the limits of my body • i dont think marie kondo is going to come at me with a knife if all 10 of my black leggings do indeed spark joy • does it spark joy is the base, not do you look good in it/is it fashionable
  • 03/20 | i have a new respect for my clothes
  • 03/25 | shoes, studio • shoes finished! • my legs hurt • wow i shook like i had low blood sugar almost the entire time • two trash bags, a dontion bag, three yarn sale bags from the studio and i am exhausted
  • 03/26 | mom’s closet • the disk with the Special Cord is a floppy disk drive lmao • postcard collection! • FOUND HOLGA LENS • yarn sale (sala) includes fabric • found under-the-bed box with cameras
  • 04/03 | i can’t wait till all my art books are in one place • take down blinds and curtains
  • 04/04 | go through yarn • WOWEE, so much • going to have a sale and make money • money = new yarn
  • 04/21 | happy easter, let's switch rooms (!!!) • that is, i switched my bedroom and art studio, so now i live in the little room that isn't boiling hot from 4 - 8pm daily i've been living in the past 20 years.
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