Pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day, do it each day on your listography for a year, copy and paste this at the top of the list so people know what this list is all about. My Start Date: 03/14/19.

  • 14 | 11am • synesthesia? • walk with mom (coffee table book, photos of neighborhood) • nap • meh • ANGER & quesadillas • w33d • touch the buffalo at evening star • i dont think they wanted me to hang out with them, so i left • symptoms are flaring, oh how the symptoms are flaring (anger?)
  • 15 | 73 degrees • wrote outside • fixed continuity errors inside • captain marvel • binge eating & self-harm
  • 16 | search for mochas • *i* do not feel like doing goddamn anything • slept • marie kondo and i are going to tidy, spring tidying marathon 2019 (stm19) • research for the ginevra de’benci v mona lisa throwdown
  • 17 | AUSTRALIAN GP! • valtteri bottas • sleep • more and more evidence im a synesthete so cool, i guess? • got stuff done • can’t force myself to write • the passage
  • 18 | did we just make a plan for our life into 2020 and beyond? • i ate four waffles and am full of regret • did a spaceship or 100 airplanes go overhead? • why are there now fire trucks? • its only 1.11am, this is going to be one hell of a day • sleep • best buy: harddrive v os, we’ll know in 24-48 hours • wegmans • computer fixed! it was a “corrupted operating system” apparently • I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE UNTIL 2021 • konmari-ed all clothes • hypoglycemia without diabetes :[ • so all my files are gone, whatever • IT'S SO NICE TO HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN HALLELUJAH • unsettled and unhappy: trying to make too many things pretty
  • 19 | panic • no therapy, paint store, or beer store • slept till 1 • badbadbad • slept a lot • tried to restart and quit weed • resulted in taking a walk and im still high and churning out new ideas so whatever
  • 20 | put all the clothes back in my closet, and i think i can confidentally say i like my wardrobe • taking medicines daily results in good moods • ??? • coldplay, parachutes, (2000) is an amazing fucking album • i got on duolingo and así que aparentemente conozco muchas español?? • printed a Legitimate Outline for my story, and i feel like i should call it something other than a story, but i guess that's what it is, a short story... • there's no place to go • and then i booty called j. • and then i deleted all my blogs
  • 21 | jurassic park in spanish • ‘obsessions’ or ‘hyperfixations’ don’t need their own blog, do not need to swallow you (temper!), and come in waves • make a list of them • is this bitch going go the beach with j.? • nap • j. came over and we had a brief moment of Doubt, but it was a very good visit • too many gourmet poptarts
  • 22 | off track • food + shower + weed • weed delivery • the flame of love for yarncraft was rekindled in my heart and i want to crochet, but first nap • desperately need this konmari thing; wish it could happen immediately, but i know it takes time • um, i dont remember, i guess i slept? • pho but it wasnt very good • saw m & adventure time • synesthesia is legit yo
  • 23 | hello spring migraine my old friend • thrift store (cigarettes are currency) • michaels, where the fuck are the oil pastels? do i need to go to a legit art store? • staples - smells fucking amazing & i got a notebook for synesthesia things because m was all you cant just say words have tastes and im all “they do though?” • mcdonalds, how is mocha not a flavor? • weed ia bad, mmkay. • 2 naps with medicine in between • nirvana, “nirvana,” (2002)
  • 24 | breakfast at 6 am • back to sleep • up at 10ish, headache • made a synesthesia listography i'm not happy with so i'm not sharing, and started a synesthesia moleskine • nap • thanks, sumatriptan for helping that migraine to go away • if i could just stop fucking eating every-fucking-thing in the whole house, that'd be great • OH, and yesterday i crocheted for the first time since october :] • fuck twitter i quit
  • 25 | starting to wake up early again, but i take naps at first • wegmans • nap • first clean out of studio and wow i did a lot and wow i am exhausted • ok so i guess its this strain of weed that makes me eateateat, so should i quit completely, throw this shit out, save it, get new stuff, what??? i think i should stop for a while, thats whay i decided. (but, oh! my back and legs hurt so bad and i was so tired and i wanted to relax so badly after that marathon cleaning
  • 26 | 6.30 am • sleep/wake/coffee till 8ish • cleancleanclean • nap • character charts are the shit • where is j.? :\ • got high and wasnt depressed and then my mom family group texted wondering if she’ll be able to use her foot again and my i spiraled and dropped so low my parents were dead; it was bad • texted m., he was drunk, tired, sleeping, has to get up “early” tomorrow (6 hours after me) but whatever. im not his problem. and honestly, thats all i want, is to be someones problem, like i need that validation. • mountain “mississippi queen” to mcdonalds: mcnuggets and mcflurry and synesthesia is crazy ya’al • im home and baked and naked and in bed and arwen is here and shes making noises and i love her and im so so so scared of death that it takes away things i love that i live in fear each day and by fear i am controlled and there's nothing i can do but i cannot...i dont know, shrug off this mortal coil or some shit (coil?) i just wish i was immortal to see how everything would turn out and eventually end, etc. like, whats gonna happen when the sun swallows earth and the milky way merges with andromeda. thats what i mean. shit like that. my hands hurt. • i wanted to give myself to j., he told me he couldn't, and now i cant and im scared that (a) he changed his mind and now can and/or (b) fool me once, shame for everyone and fuck u
  • 27 | anxiety means no doctor's appointment • i think today is one of my oc's birthdays? • so many listographies • went on a walk and took photos, feels like hours ago • dicked around • therapy • yeah so my character archie rogers turned 20 today, neat • maybe i should actually write the thing that archie appears in (!)
  • 28 | 7.30a • are we going to ignore the fact my leg just up and stopped working and i fell? • i'm motivated but don't feel like doing a damn thing and it's cold outside • gmu! ⇢ where is mason hall? that building got a huge makeover!? circles around campus. art history department but i didnt take any book, only info, and didnt see any old professors. garbanzo, great food. chipotle!? panera?! starbucks?! • the thrift shop on the hill is a goodwill ⇢ exercise pants, neon jackson pollock-esque skirt, yarn, mug, record • feeeeelings • no bad feels about being on campus however. im excited about potentially going back • nap • dumplings • pancakes • suddenly o'shos: thursday theory, the ‘Question’ We shall always be asked, then bob & edith's
  • 29 | i told him that i wrote but i didnt tell him he’s my muse • headache • yes, you can go to home depot and pick up every single paint swatch card, especially if you ask nicely enough. they are free, after all • i think i wrote • wal*mart • nap • worked on the healer and did other stuff, but i can't remember now
  • 30 | hello good mood! • should i go to the kite festival or nah, leaning towards nah • nap • gonna make the painted roses blanket, but can i have some motivation please? also i really hope i actually work on this and don't let it linger • another nap because it's saturday and idgaf • procrastinating/executive dysfunction crocheting, while dicking around on listography
  • 31 | apparently 4am is too early to get up, so i waited until 6ish • mad i fell asleep early last night and left my leftovers out • crochet • holy shit tomorrow is april • zyprexa is giving me the craziest munchies, i've consumed so much recently • crochet MARATHON and it felt great • going to get weed and see M and then one of my weedman’s favorite artists just got shot & killed so i’ll wait till tomorrow • went to mcdonalds • i hate how fat i am, that ive gained the weight back, but the fact is that to lose the weight i literally starved myself. i wish society’s views on beauty were different. i hate feeling like extra weight is a negative.
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