• dried pineapple
  • crowded tubes
  • crowded pools
  • crowds
  • writing in books
  • loud neighbours
  • cold tea/coffee
  • the fact chocolate is bad for me
  • the right wing
  • being out in the rain
  • pen smudges
  • bra shopping
  • oversleeping
  • GTA police chases
  • long nails
  • fictional animals in peril
  • new underwear + surprise period
  • water in your goggles
  • Romantic poetry
  • my own procrastination
    • guess what I'm doing right now
  • waitressing
may 17 2017 ∞
oct 20 2017 +
user picture Zuzanna: bra shopping is so hard! also long nails ewww :( hate those and crowds too may 19 2017
user picture lilou: it is! I always think I know which size to get but it's never quite right! and then there's the uncomfortable stage where you have to get used to your new bra, and it's never quite as comfortable as the one you've been wearing for more years than you should have.
user picture Zuzanna: recently I bought XXL and it was too small even when I have way smaller boobs lol I can't even XD may 22 2017
user picture lilou: haha, I think it's safe to say bra-makers really don't understand boobs! may 24 2017
user picture maré: crowded pools are disgusting ew may 19 2017
user picture lilou: they are - I'm really not a fan of having my limbs accidentally grabbed by other people. or worse, when I accidentally grab other people's limbs.