• write Przewodnik po świecie/wiki based on my book
  • organize notes (especially Sennick ones)
  • finish all Keri Smith books I own
  • sand castle
  • segregate photos
  • print old photos
  • go through fence again
  • climb down and up my balcony (safely)
  • make weaving loom bookmarks
  • print out mixed media art
  • run in a long open coat
  • make my own stuffed animals/rag dolls
  • make my own clothes
  • make paper clay masks
  • make my own calendar
  • watch a movie outdoor
  • wear a mascot costume
  • check hormones
  • find out my blood type
  • take a ROMA test
  • wear brooches on bags
  • live at night and sleep during the day for awhile
  • put a sun lounge in my room and sleep for a night on it
  • make memorial boxes/toys after my parent's and grandma's death
  • make my own card game (based on my book)
feb 19 2017 ∞
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user picture christina: i'm stealing this apr 23 2017
user picture Zuzanna: cool - it's just the easiest things on my bucketlist ;) apr 27 2017