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  • return books to book store
  • figure out NSL shit hahahaha
  • find a job (how does one do this?!?!)
  • finish application for birthright
    • upload passport and pic by Feb 27
  • apply for library science degrees?
    • U of T, Dal, UWO
    • panic about whether or not i'll get into MSW
  • ask about HPV vax at shoppers
    • shout out to C for doing the leg work here. reconsider when/if i get health insurance again. not spending $600 on it.
    • similarly when/if i get health insurance again i'd should probs seek dental (ughhhh) and inquire about mental healthcare (ugh)
  • productive procrastination?
    • rewrite my names master lists
    • sort out my itunes
sep 7 2016 ∞
feb 22 2018 +