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let the vagina have a monologue

vagabond follows:
encre books (classics)
el k-pop
becca movies (2018 : watched)
Hekate to do (April)
Milena music (2018)
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  • "the world offers itself to your imagination"
  • "the sea no longer torments me; the self I wished to be is the self I am." (incorporate waves somehow)
  • anne boleyn's signature x
  • tudor rose
  • botanical drawings - lavender x; larkspur x
  • coffee cup
    • Twin peaks themed? x
  • "look at the world with love" (insp. by dale cooper quote)
  • octopus (black and white, on arm somewhere or maybe thigh)
  • an underboob/sternum tattoo
  • prince symbol
  • moth
apr 18 2017 ∞
feb 24 2018 +