Bait me!!

Fandoms I'm familiar with: Oofuri, Free!, Haikyuu!!, Daiya, Angelic Layer (somewhat) KnB (also somewhat)

Fav Things: AUs of any sort (esp urban fantasy, pacrim, space opera, harry potter, and p much all the regular ones i fuckin LOVE AUs), Gen and platonic relationships (full romo is good too!!), found family, cuddling, hands (handholding, smol touches, etc etc), fluff (not to say I don't love some good angst, I usually get at least one of those each SASO and I LOVE THEM!!! i am mostly v easy to please), enemies to friends (to lovers)

not super keen on: soulmate aus, nsfw, power imbalance (like signifiant age difference or student/teacher), love triangles

Fav Ships & Characters (I'm a hella multishipper, these are just ones i feel Extra Strongly about): ABEMIHA. makoharu. rinharu. kagehina. kenhina. aone. tananoya. saeko. ennoshita (2nd yr trio!!). bokuaka. yui. and lots of rarepairs, too. harufurusawa.

may 4 2017 ∞
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