• my visual content is mostly sfw but i will openly participate in discussion of nsfw topics.
  • my main fandom is books.
  • we might just get along if you are fond of fictional villains, and The Far Side comics make you laugh.
  • i'm on the older side for a fanperson but i've been aware of online fandoms since i was 11. if you are much younger than i am, do note that i would like to be respectful of boundaries. please do not follow me if you'd be uncomfortable with the opinions of a curmudgeonly overthinker with nothing on you but more experience breathing air and yelling at clouds.
  • for the most part, i'm non-judgemental of Problematicâ„¢ fictional content/ships as long as you acknowledge that they are fictional and would not support or romanticise harmful behaviour irl. I will not list specifics here. ask if you need to know.
  • if you have a problem with anything i've said or done, let's talk.
  • i don't require anything tagged but i would appreciate warnings for graphic content of suicide/self-harm or animal abuse.
  • i may softblock you on twitter if
    • you're a marketing/inactive account
    • we have no mutual followers
    • we have never interacted
    • you're under 16

nothing personal, you're welcome to do the same. it's fine if you unfollow without softblocking. i'll find out.

  • i will mute you if necessary for my own well-being, even if we've never interacted. :)
  • i will block and report you if you post hateful content including but not limited to that which is LGBTQIA-phobic, sexist, racist, or ableist.
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