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  • Twitter is my universal preferred and main source of communication
  • I don't mind being muted/unfollowed/softblocked/blocked, your account is your account, et cetera and whatnot.
  • Just so you know, my default etiquette is to unfollow and not softblock, unless someone has stated that they prefer otherwise. It's just the etiquette I've gotten used to since 2010! (Softblocking used to be called "force unfollowing" for me.)
  • I block bots and all accounts that seem to follow to get followbacks, and a lot in general basically. If your account doesn't look like it's run by a real person and you try to follow me, I can guarantee that I will end up blocking you.
  • If I've deactivated, it is always temporary and most likely for mental health reasons.
  • If I've blocked you and this baffles you for some reason/you want to contact me otherwise, feel free to utilize my contact form.
  • My other accounts: Mafia, Writing
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