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if my twitter is locked, follow requests are fine !

devil follows:
  • my twitter is mainly fandom. occasionally personal
  • i try to keep my accounts a positive space. negative moments do happen and i might vent about them. i'd say this is rare + i will delete the tweets/posts soon after
  • i try to like personal tweets/posts. if they're negative, i am not "liking" the situation. i am just trying to acknowledge you. if you need someone to talk to, i am here (no pressure though)
  • i usually follow back if we have similar interests
  • feel free to softblock or hardblock if you don't want me following you
  • no blacklist. no byf. if i don't want you following me, i will simply softblock or ask you to unfollow (i don't softblock often... and i've never had to ask someone to unfollow so don't worry)
  • i do have kins/ids but i haven't listed them anywhere. i don't talk about kin/id stuff much publicly but they are still very important to me. i might add them later... friends can ask about them privately until then if you want !
  • if you're curious about anything, feel free to ask !
  • thanks for reading ^^
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