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hello! its me, baffentine!
here's where you'll find me everywhere else!
also a handy list of all my OCs!!

baffometi valentine follows:

these three aren't really fleshed out, I just liked their designs. I made them on dolldivine's gemsona maker lol


    • pnouns: she/her
    • hair color: turquoise and gold
    • eye color: gold
    • skin color: dark teal
    • height: Short
  • Extras
    • blunt, studious, brash
    • her gem is a teardrop shape on her forehead, and she has two "gem shards" below her bottom lip that look like piercings (bc I'm edgy lmao)


    • pnouns: she/her
    • hair color: black and grey
    • skin color: pure white w/ black stripes on her cheeks and upper arms
    • eye color: white and black
    • height: Tall
  • Extras
    • calm & collected, easy-going, reserved
    • her gem is round and placed in the middle of her throat

Green Onyx

    • pnouns: she/her
    • hair color: sea green
    • skin color: dark teal
    • eye color: light green and teal
    • height: Tallest
  • Extras
    • she's got a good humor, and is really odd
    • the mixture of Turquoise's gruff demeanor and Obsidian's sweet demeanor produce a very eccentric fusion
    • green onyx has four arms

I have to redesign Green Onyx bc when I made her I had no understanding of fusions SO SHE KINDA SUCKS RN sorry her details aren't set in stone

also they all have Luscious Lips and Beautiful Hair.

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