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"sorry dude tough break"

isfj, 6w5
she/her; eng/viet ok

sen follows:

if you're gonna talk to me:

  • don't spam my notifs/mentions. it's super annoying & the one big pet peeve i have.
  • i'm an airhead & not so emotionally grounded so no jokes about abandonment. sometimes i won't understand the joke or what you're saying either (eg. sarcasm) so i'll take it seriously or be confused...sorry haha.

otherwise—hey! i'm sen. i draw a lot (which you can find here), sometimes i write? here, i ramble about a lot of things! don't be afraid to talk to me!! i hope i don't come off too intimidating!

the side list may show my top ships, but i'm generally a multishipper/rarepair fucker so the list is not comprehensive.

discourse-free, but i block and mute as i please.

dec 30 2017 ∞
may 26 2018 +