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all you need to do for this is write five things. these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year.

start date: 29/03 / finish date: ? | best days are marked with ★

ps: i'm starting this thing for like, the 4th time. so, just an advice - finish it!! if you don't have what to write in one day, just skip it and write when you can!! promise? :)

  • 29/03: calleb, first vegetarian day (little steps!), my handsome boyfriend, philosophical talks with him, chocolate pizza.
  • 30/03: wake up late (shit!!), work in my old job, first day without any type of meat, cry watching cute episodes of gumball ❤, headache :/.
  • 31/03: #np: red velvet - bad boy, série: the handmaid's tale, stress myself for no reason at all ):, the internet finally is working!!, sleep in mate's house.
  • 01/04: movie: split, diego's grandmother house, grêmio's game, small and pleasant talks, happy day.
  • 02/04: sleep a lot, rainy day, fourth day without any meat (so fucking proud of myself!!), miss my old job.
  • 03/04: day of (really!) cleaning the house, eat lunch late, NOLITE TE BASTARDES CARBORUNDORUM, ate tofu for the first time, momy gave me a new transparent shirt.
  • 04/04: -
  • 05/04: wake up eraly to clean the house, hectic morning, made 2 new tattoos!!, pain a lot of pain, stress myself with my father's wife.
  • 06/04: "o mundo não vai ficar mais leve, você é que vai ficar mais forte", visit mate in the market, bruninha is so clever!, teaser of indestrutível!!, SAVE HANNAH.
  • 07/04: another full day (have so many things to do), made a really good lunch, center of porto alegre, cleaned the mess that was my house;
  • 08/04: spent the day in the market, was a bit down, really good dinner (meatless!!) that my mother in law made, bruna came home, movie: now you see me (rly good!).
  • 09/04: i'm in a better mood, basically watched series all day, finished the handmaid's tale.
  • 10/04: bruna is pretty sick :/, stay in bed almost all day, headache, pirula.
  • 11/04: finally reactivated my tt account!, fights with boyfriend :/, but we're good again, sleep out.
  • 12/04: stay out of home almost all day, badge, very hot day.
  • 13/04: breakfast w/ my uncles, uncle nando painted some rooms, busy day.
  • 14/04: -
  • 15/04 work like a bitch to be rewarded so little (yep...).
  • 16/04: get up early (made the groceries and take the dogs for a walk), mood: taylor swift - red, considerations about my relationship, tests on sites.
  • 17/04: -
  • 18/04: finally got out of the "book hangover", mom took a day off, go to the cinema, ready player one, ate so much squash (nham nham). ★
  • 19/04: that pleasant feeling that comes from the wind and the trees in open spaces, sleep a lot, shocking quote from the book i'm reading (only the animals).
  • 20/04: diego and i played video games until 6 in the morning, game: batman - the telltale series, game: crash bandicoot remastered (so nostalgic!!).
  • 21/04: wake up early and then sleep again, made lunch for the kids, slipped in my vegetarian diet :/, pizza day!
  • 22/04: a bit late for work (shit!), old job day, stay in the market till it closed.
  • 23/04: a really fucking vivid dream/nightmare, watched pirates of the caribbean (the first 3 movies).
  • 24/04: ice skating videos, cinema with mom, movie: a quiet place, avengers' popcorn bucket.
  • 25/04: np: lupe fiasco - the show goes on (thank you shameless!!), crying because of a song, games from my childhood (super mario, mortal kombat)
  • 26/04: really full day, made the groceries, np: tired pony - get on the road, made, tried tvp (texturized vegetable protein) but i didn't like it very much :/.
  • 27/04: finished shameless s2 (for the 2nd time), sleep almost all day, afternoon tea with mom and bruna, lazy day.
  • 28/04: finished shameless s2 (for the 2nd time), sleep almost all day, afternoon tea with mom and bruna, lazy day.
  • 29/04: -
  • 30/04: -
  • 01/05: -
  • 02/05: -
  • 03/05: -
  • 05/05: cobrei as gurias pra mãe, centro, comprar livros!!, comecei a ler one piece, diego veio pra cá.
  • 02/05: mais alguns caps de one piece, história sinistra sobre piratas logo quando começo a ler op e volto a assistir pdc, terminei "só os animais salvam" <3, adeus ressaca literária;
  • 03/05: -
  • 04/05: -
  • 05/05: -
  • 06/05: comecei "lolita", trabalhar quase o dia todo, domingo corrido, chegar em casa podre, dormir o resto do dia.
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