january — 7

  • a little night music, jonathan bree (2015)
    • time will tell, blur, once it was nice, there is sadness
  • what you didn't know when you hired me, bondage fairies (2006) ★
    • faze, he-man, disco fever, indie girl, gay weeding
  • heartbreak hour, verdigrls (2012)
    • think in blue, take it easy
  • distância, lupe de lupe (2013)
    • à distância da palma da mão, tainá muller, os dias morrem
  • strangeways, here we come, the smiths (1987)
    • a rush and a push and the land is ours ★, death of a disco dancer, last night i dreamt that somebody loved me, i won't share you
  • downtown baby, bloo (2017) ★
    • i am, hate me, sometimes, downtown baby
  • se julgar incapaz foi o maior erro que cometeu, bulimia (1999)
    • punkrock ★, nosso corpo não nos pertence, homenagem, união, negligência social, o que estão tentando provar?

february — 6

  • little dark age, mgmt (2018) ★
    • she works out too much, little dark age, when you die, me and michael, tslamp, days that got away, when you're small, hand it over
  • the suspended kid, sevdaliza (2015)
    • the other girl, sirens of the caspian, clear air
  • sex, king dude (2016) ★
    • holy christos ★, who taught you how to love, i wanna die at 69, our love will carry on, conflict & climax, swedish boys, prisoners, the girls, shine your light
  • soft hair, soft hair (2016) ★
    • lying has to stop, in love, relaxed lizard
  • fam fam, never young beach (2016)
    • pink jungle house, fam fam, 雨が降れば, 夢で逢えたら, 明るい未来, お別れの歌
  • ep, chelmico (2017)
    • honey bunny, highlight, ずるいね

march — 5

  • lovelife, lush (1996) ★
    • ladykillers ★, heavenly nobodies, papasan, ciao!, last night, runaway, the childcatcher
  • casanova, hemeets (2018)
    • the waltz of seocho-dong, casanova, what did you think at that time
  • reboot, wonder girls (2015) ★
    • i feel you, rewind, loved, john doe, one black night
  • a thousand leaves, sonic youth (1998)
    • sunday, wildflower soul, hoarfrost, karen koltrane, heather angel
  • glue trip, glue trip (2016)
    • lucid dream, birds singing lies, new place to start

april — 1

  • pink phloyd, pharaoh (2017) ★
    • pink phloyd, Дико например, Твоё место, Реквием по эго (interlude), louis vuitton kiss ★, Одним целым, Мелисса / Моя сука, Без меня, Одинокая звезда

may — 7

  • melanchole, salvia palth (2013) ★
    • i don't know anyone i am, melanchole ★, i was all over her ★, post traumatic all-night-long, madison ★, reprise, (dream), needs no progress i will lie, girl, reprise (reprise)
  • the times they are a-changin', bob dylan (1964)
    • the times they are a-changin' ★, with god on our side, north country blues, boots of spanish leather ★, the lonesome death of hattie carroll
  • crescimento/desistência, wagner almeida (2018) ★
    • você é a melhor de todas as artes, ao meu melhor amigo, pescaria, 33, eu sei que foi sem querer, cabo frio
  • tranquility base hotel & casino, arctic monkeys (2018)
    • star treatment, american sports, tranquility base hotel & casino, golden trunks, four out of five, science fiction, batphone
  • unknow pleasure, joy division (1979)
    • disorder, new dawn fades, she's lost control, shadowplay, i remember nothing
  • two hearts and no brain, kane strang (2017) ★
    • silence overgrown, not quite, oh so you're off i see, see thru, summertime in your lounge, my smile is extinct, two hearts and no brain, it's not that bad, don't follow me (i'm lost), good guy
  • blue cheese, kane strang (2016)
    • things are never simple, full moon hungry sun, you think, she's appealing, scarlet king magnolia

june — 2

  • 24: how to find true love and happiness, hyukoh (2018)
    • graduation, skyworld, love ya!, citizen kane, gang gang schiele
  • 20, south club (2018)
    • outcast, blues of a, grown up

july — 10

  • bringing it all back home, bob dylan (1965)
    • maggie's farm, mr. tambourine man
  • hunting high and low, a-ha (1985) ★
    • take on me, hunting high and low, living a boy's adventure tale, the sun always shines on tv, and you tell me, love is reason, i dream myself alive, here i stand and face the rain
  • scoundrel days, a-ha (1986)
    • scoundrel days, i've been losing you, manhattan skyline, we are looking for the whales, the weight of the wind, soft rains on april
  • stay on these roads, a-ha (1988)
    • stay on these roads, the blood that moves the body, the living daylights, there's never a forever thing, out of blue comes green, you are the one, you'll end up crying
  • nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave, the twilight sad (2014)
    • there's a girl in the corner, last january, i never was the same, drown so i can watch, in nowheres, pills i swallow, leave the house, sometimes i wish i could fall asleep
  • a girl cried red, princess nokia (2018)
    • your eyes are bleeding, for the night, look up kid ★, morphine, little angel
  • fountain, jooyoung (2018)
    • daydream, dive, wine, planet girl, fountain
  • god help the girl (original motion picture soundtrack), god help the girl ★
    • pretty when the winds blow, god help the girl, the psychiatrist is in, perfection as a hipster, come monday night, i'll have to dance with cassie, musician please take heed, invisible, down and dusky blonde, dress up in you
  • fewchie vs. wolflove, flash flood darlings (2017) ★
    • birth, wolflove, fewchie, firstlove, wolfheart, tomorrow we'll go, we are wanderers, shower time machine, end of time
  • gravedigging, the buttertones (2017) ★
    • sadie's a sadist, neon cowboy, matador, i ran away, geisha's gaze, a tear for rosie, gravediggin'

august — 2

  • is is, yeah yeah yeahs (2007)
    • down boy, kiss kiss
  • [+ +], loona (2018)
    • hi high, 열기, stylish

september — 2

  • neo eve, jvcki wai (2017)
    • anarchy, no maria but a human, rib, to. lordfxxker
  • humanz (deluxe), gorillaz (2017) ★
    • strobelite, saturnz barz, momentz, submission, andromeda, busted and blue, sex murder party, she's my collar , we got the power, out of body, ticker tape

october — 3

  • turn off the light vol. 1, kim petras (2018) ★
    • o m e n, close your eyes, TRANSylvania, turn off the light, tell me it's a nightmare, i don't wanna die..., in the next life
  • roman candle, elliott smith (1994)
    • roman candle, condor ave, no name #1, no name #2, last call
  • essa noite bateu com um sonho, terno rei (2016) ★
    • sinais, criança, depressão na pista de dança, circulares, a prosa, para o centro, olha você, essa noite bateu com um sonho

november — 9

  • ten, pearl jam (1991)
    • alive, black, jeremy, oceans, garden
  • don't mess up my tempo, exo (2018)
    • tempo, ooh la la la, gravity, 24/7, bad dream, damage, oasis
  • brol, angèle (2018) ★
    • balance ton quoi, jalousie, la loi de murphy, nombreux, les matins, je veux tes yeux, te reine, flemme
  • milo goes to college, descendents (1982)
    • parents, tony age, i'm not a punk, catalina, suburban home, statue of liberty, hope, jean is dead
  • singles, future islands (2014) ★
    • seasons (waiting for you), spirit, sun in the morning, doves, a song for our grandfathers, light house, like the moon, a dream of you and me
  • rebel yell, billy idol (1983)
    • rebel yell, eyes without a face, blue highway, flesh for fantasy, catch my fall
  • as if we care, white interference (2018)
    • crotch, learnsi, like a good dream
  • a new trilogy, lovelyz (2016) ↻
    • moonrise, 나의 지구 destiny, 책갈피 bookmark, 1cm, 인형 baby doll
  • blank banshee 0, blank banshee (2012) ★
    • b:/start up, wavestep, bathsalts, ammonia clouds, hyper object, photosynthesis, dreamcast, cyber zodiac, teen pregnancy, purity boys, world vision, b:/ shut down / depression

december — 6

  • colour green, sibylle baier (2006) ★
    • tonight, i lost something in the hills, the end, remember the day, forget about, colour green, driving, girl, forgett, give me a smile
  • bury me at makeout creek, mitski (2014)
    • texas reznikoff, townie, first love / late spring, francis forever, jobless monday, i will, carry me out, last words of a shooting star
  • 37b, love x stereo (2017)
    • a revolution, le grand bleu, instalove, turn it up, thunder kiss, trendkill, pulse, deeper then the dark
  • unknown pleasures, joy division (1979) ★
    • disorder, day of the lords, candidate, insight, new dawn fades, she's lost control, shadowplay, wilderness, interzone, i remember nothing
  • contact information, south club (2018)
    • i'm crazy, hi/bye
  • don't worry baby (i'm only swimming), the black skirts (2011) ↻ ★
    • goodbye, love shine, international love song, breakfast, ariel, parrot

total: 60

jan 1 2018 ∞
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