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- a fat b.a.p stan
- fanfics, bops and other cringe shit

m follows:

hi, i'm mae

i started collecting seriously around the end of oct 2017. my collection is behind tho :( help !!!

psa: i typically don't collect

  • season's greetings
  • preorder stuff (e.g b.a.p's tower records postcards/photos)
  • b.a.p's recording take photobooks
  • unoffical goods, although i might take up fansite goods one day
  • other goods (e.g concert merch etc)
  • japanese merch (UPDATE 31JAN: i do collect now but not priority atm)
  • broadcast photos
  • matoki stuff

priorities (in order)

  • b.a.p korean albums and photocards !!!!!!!!!!!
  • the rest of the wishlist
jan 1 2018 ∞
mar 9 2018 +