• Electric Love NC-17 When Junmyeon called Jongdae asking if he wanted to help his friends' band because their former guitarist left out ot nowhere, Jongdae didn't know that he'd meet perfect Minseok and fall in love with him.
  • Turf NC-17 Jongdae was always the introvert that lead a pretty normal life, nothing out of the ordinary. This all changes when a pink haired man comes into his work and throws his world upside down.
  • The Theory of Everything NC-17 Jongdae is on his way to become a professional nerd and somewhere along the lines he accidentally falls in love with his best friend.
  • Pink, Purple and Blue PG-13 Jongdae hates his job at Interstellar Customs, but Monday is his favorite day of the week because he gets to see the cute window cleaner suctioning his way up the office windows. Or, alternatively, just a glimpse of what a work week looks like for Jongdae.
  • Gym Thirst NC-17 Minseok has a nice body and the cutest face. Jongdae can't stop staring at him on the gym mirrors.
  • Sculpted PG-15 He can’t help the way his eyes fixate on high cheekbones, a sharp jawline. It’s like the other’s been sculpted; is an art project all on his own. Jongdae’s angular and precise, and Minseok is drawn by the inclination that he much rather study this structure than think of his own for a class.
  • baby did you know? (yeah, yeah i did) NC-17 It took one moment for Jongdae to fall, but the one who helped him up, held him for eternity.
  • Why Is Google Telling Me I’m A Vampire? G Or the “Five Times Jongdae Shows Clear Signs of Being a Vampire but Doesn’t Realize” it featuring “Nursing Student Kim Minseok Who is Exceptionally Baffled” and “Both of Them are Incredibly Blind to Each Other’s Feelings For Each Other” fan fiction that no one asked for but I saw this thing on Pinterest and I really liked the idea.
  • Garden’s Dish G Kim Jongdae is a food critic who just wants to find out who makes the amazing food at the Italian restaurant.
  • Magnetic Love PG-13 There were no laws of physics that could explain what kind of force kept pulling Jongdae and Minseok together. There was also no fighting the universe when it seemed so intent in keeping them together. (But maybe Jongdae has to help a bit eventually).
  • The Colour of Rain G Minseok can’t believe his eyes when colors begin to appear in front of his eyes, painting his whole world in a million hues for the first time. The only problem is that Jongdae doesn't know of that world, and he isn't keen on finding out, either.
  • Coasting NC-17 ongdae hosts an indie radio channel. minseok works 5 days a week and tunes in on his morning drive.
  • Long Road Home PG-13 minseok kisses jongdae, breaks his heart, then falls in love with him. in that order.
  • Happy Jongdae Day! NC-17 Neither Jongdae, nor Minseok are completely sure how this happened. One minute they were going to make a cake for Jongdae's birthday and the next the ingredients lay forgotten on the counter as Minseok gave Jongdae an impromptu "birthday present."



  • the space between NC-17 Sehun is a young heir to an Executive-class family who inherits control of a factory. His bedroom has a large window that faces across an alleyway and right at a tenement for workers, and he soon notices the man who lives across from him is stunningly handsome, despite the fact that he’s always wearing his breathing mask and Sehun can only see his eyes.
  • Wash Cycle (Heavy Load) NC-17 There are rules for proper housemate etiquette and Sehun's pretty sure he's breaking all of them. On the plus side, Minseok doesn't seem to mind all the dildos he finds in the dishwasher.
  • Position and Positioning NC-17 Minseok didn't claw his way to the top just to babysit some silver-spooned brat who's never worked a day in his life.
  • A Tangled Arrangement PG-15 Minseok is a mob boss who kidnaps his rival’s toy.
  • Don’t Mean No Harm But NC-17 “I think you belong with me.”
  • if you want me, you got me PG-13 Sehun’s parents want him to meet a nice alpha and settle down. Instead, he meets Minseok, an intriguing beta.
  • Come What May NC-17 Sehun getting pregnant was not part of Minseok's plan.
  • a silver (and green) lining PG Sehun is a Slytherin senior with a lot of problems. The new Muggle Studies substitute teacher who just happens to be his first love is only one of them.


  • Allow Me to Serenade You PG-13 When Luhan's friends dare him with a money bet to win over the unsuspecting RA of Walker 4th floor, they had no idea he'd actually take it. Let alone dedicate himself so vigorously to it.
  • It's Gonna Be Forever [Or It's Gonna Go Down In Flames] NC-17 There are a lot of things Jongdae wants out of life. Lu Han isn't one of them.
  • Perceptions of Right, Wrong, and What Really Is NC-17 Jongdae has spent his whole life waiting for this, so it kind of sucks when things aren’t at all what he expects.
  • How To Pet: A User's Guide NC-17 Lu Han has never really been able to get along with cats. Until Junmyeon gets one and his life is turned into even more insanity that it already is.
  • These Bright Lights (Have Always Blinded Me) NC-17 Lu Han lives out his idol life unapologetically as his manager tries to keep him in check.
  • Hit Me Up NC-17 University school mates who meet each other through a porn site, featuring soccer jock Luhan and camboy Jongdae.
  • What is Love? NC-17 Rockstar!chen and Idol!Luhan who start off badly, but then learn to understand and enjoy each other when their companies decides to give them a joint stage.
  • The Means To An End NC-17 Being in love is hard enough as is --pretending to be in love with the ex-football star who kind of ruined Jongdae's life is an entirely different challenge altogether.
  • The Spaces Between (Seoul and Beijing) PG-13 Where Luhan is the only openly gay member of EXO and Chen goes to him for advice because he realizes he's attracted to Kris.
  • my heart between your teeth PG-13 jongdae didn't entirely dislike lu han, but he didn't like him enough to miss him now that he's gone either. sure, they used to hook up now and then, and yeah, lu han wasn't terrible to him, and okay, maybe sometimes lu han would come bring him coffee when jongdae had a tiny break in his hectic schedule -- but it's not like they were a thing, and jongdae doesn't miss him. not at all. (except maybe he kind of does)


  • Room 1950 NC-17 Texts from Luhan only ever say one thing: Meet me at Room 1950.
  • Got My Heartbeat Runnin' Away NC-17 Somewhere among the fondant flowers, paste food coloring, and melted chocolate and butter, Sehun finds something sweeter. Somewhere between the marshmallow fluff and the honey, Luhan finds something to love. Warning for actual copious amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Catallena NC-17 In which Mr. Oh has an innocent face and shy look but it doesn’t take much for Luhan to break past it.


  • Holly Roots NC-17 After suffering a debilitating injury, Kris is at a pretty low point in his life. He wants to feel alive again. He finds that spark... and its name is Kim Jongdae.
  • Good Boys NC-17 Kris plays Santa at the company party and when Jongdae tells him what he wants for Christmas, who is he to say no?


  • Tinted Windows PG-13 Chanyeol was a nerdy guy who was good at nothing except flying paper planes. One day, a new neighbor moved in next door. The family has a son who refused to talk nor see anyone. Chanyeol made it his personal mission to befriend him. However, making the boy come out was more difficult than he had expected. He was left with one choice: doing what he does best.
  • You of Yesterday and Me of Tomorrow PG-13 All Chanyeol wanted to do was buy eggs. He wasn’t meant to be caught in his ex-boyfriend’s old work t-shirt by the ex-boyfriend himself.
  • Fiction and Fact PG-15 Chanyeol has made a lot of mistakes lately. The first, he thinks, is allowing himself to fall for Kris Wu’s devilish smile and gleaming eyes. The second, he believes, is telling his best friend, Byun Baekhyun of this love, forgetting the shorter boy’s feelings for him. The third, he later tells himself, is allowing himself to close his eyes and fall asleep, forgetting that monsters hide in the dark.
  • Hooked PG-13 For two years Wufan has picked up the habit of sitting on his back deck, drinking a beer and reading a book. For two years Luhan has called Wufan a creepy liar because he's not reading a book he's freaking staring at the neighbor guy mowing his lawn. Wufan isn't creepy. He's observant. Chanyeol is a potato scientist.
  • You Got That Super Bass PG-13 Yifan's new neighbors are extremely loud and this causes more problems than Yifan is entirely prepared for. And seriously, who has closets?
  • Came the Last Night NC-17 Chanyeol inherits a huge, dilapidated, 200-year-old mansion, and decides to live there by himself while he restores it. What could go wrong?
  • As Clichés Go PG-13 Chanyeol spent his entire life imagining one thing, so you can imagine his surpise when Kris Wu came into the picture.
  • Hide Your Wings PG-15 Demons fall in love, Angels are sent to kill, and Armageddon happens somewhere in between.
  • Dear Future Boyfriend PG-13 Chanyeol writes an advice column for his university's newspaper, replying to letters about student concerns, lost connections, etc. but refuses to reply to the letters that appear to be love confessions to him.
  • Mango, Peaches, and Lime PG-15 Teeth-Rich looked like the kind of guy who wanted to set the world on fire just for the fun of it. Kris knew the type. What Kris didn't count on was for Teeth-Rich to become his breakfast date across Asia.


  • Growl For Me NC-17 As an alpha, Sehun isn't supposed to submit to anyone. His own instincts make the very idea seem repulsive, but a conversation with Jongin makes him curious, and the arrival of a new alpha in the house has him craving things he shouldn't.
  • High Hopes NC-17 Sehun's got it bad for the guy on the subway. Too bad Mr Handsome's in college and Sehun's a few months away from legal.
  • 찾고 변하고 다시 살자 (Let's Find, Change, and Live Again) NC-17 Sehun models for photographer Kris. What Kris doesn't realise though, is that his model isn't actually a girl.
  • Let Me Catch You (As We Fall) NC-17 Sehun has a crush and he can't talk himself out of it.


  • The thirtieth and the last PG-15 Junmyeon is a successful businessman who frequents a certain bar. There’s nothing special about the place except for one person. A bartender who managed to capture his heart completely – Jongdae. Does it seem like a simple love story? Well, life isn't simple at all – especially when the person you're in love with is already taken.
  • We Dream and Dream (Of Forever) NC-17 Kim Jongdae plans weddings. He promises one day of happiness, one day of glamor, one day of dreams-come-true. He does not promise forever.
  • Can Feel Your Heart, Yearning Slow NC-17 Baekhyun’s ready this time, and it looks like they’re finally starting to make this work.
  • Talk Dirty To Me NC-17 In retrospect, Joonmyun should have really seen it coming, but he did not see himself literally coming, and definitely not in his pants in the middle of a recording studio either.
  • Gaslight On NC-17 Junmyeon’s girlfriend has an incredibly attractive younger brother.
  • Hella Good NC-17 In which Jongdae falls for a Newport boy, and Chanyeol isn't actually from NorCal.


  • Tied and Tangled PG-15 Chanyeol and Junmyeon are soul mates, tied by the red thread of fate. The only problem is that Chanyeol is a bumbling high schooler, and Junmyeon is a thirty-one year-old accountant who doesn't want anything to do with him. But people are tied together for a reason, and they're both about to find out why.


  • Ruination NC-17 Sehun is a wanted criminal with an expensive bounty over his head; junmyeon is a bounty hunter who doesn't know what exactly he wants.
  • Tangled in White NC-17 The problem with feelings is that they hit when least expected.
  • And the Rest is Rust and Stardust NC-17 Sehun has always been hesitant to unpack.
  • Love Me (Not) NC-17 It's hard convincing himself that they're just friends with benefits when Joonmyun holds his hand and calls him beautiful.
  • You/re the Perfect Lullaby NC-17 His name is Joonmyun, and sometimes—half the time—Sehun is married to him.
  • Nothing To Lose NC-17 Joonmyun finds himself unusually drawn to the young wolf his pack found barely alive in the middle of their territory.


  • I'm Not in Denial, He Says, Denying PG-15 No matter what anyone says, Jongdae is absolutely, positively, not jealous of that stupid fuckboy Sehun in any way, shape, or form. Not the way he has Yixing practically eating out of the palm of his hand. Not the way his ass looks in those stupid skinny jeans of his. Not the way Yixing looks at his ass in those stupid skinny jeans of his. And definitely not the way his stupid noodle presence has Yixing forgetting about everyone in the room, totally-not-jealous best friend included. Because no matter what anyone says, Jongdae is absolutely, positively, not in love with Zhang Yixing.
  • For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic PG-13 Jongdae is a conflicted man. He tells himself he isn't good enough for Yixing- that's why they broke up. Years later, Jongdae is regretting his rash decision as he starts falling deep for his ex whom might have actually started moving on to another.
  • 木漏れ日 NC-17 jongdae goes to Chengdu to save the bears and might just save himself, too.
  • Stay With Me NC-17 Kim Jongdae is the school's punk who is just misunderstood. Zhang Yixing wants to change that, but also because there's a possibility that he might be in love with him without knowing anything about him first. The two are complete opposites.
  • The Hooker Boy NC-17 Yixing was only doing his job when Jongdae appeared and wrecked his life.
  • A Thousand Years With You NC-17 Jongdae and Yixing are vampire boyfriends.
  • Imbroglio NC-17 Jongdae's first official mission and Yixing fucks him into a wall as consolation.
  • After Hours NC-17 What happens in the office after hours? In which Yixing takes advantage of the emptiness in their office to discipline Jongdae.
  • We All Look How We Feel NC-17 There’s nothing quite as foolish as two boys who won’t admit they’re in love.
  • The Son of Exodus NC-17 Jongdae, who was once a commoner from Luxion, becomes a prince to the Kingdom of Exodus where he meets the unicorn tamer Zhang Yixing and the pair fall madly in love with one another.


  • Just Different NC-17 Jongdae comes from Alphas. It’s what he grew up preparing for. Of course that meant that he wasn’t prepared when his life went in the complete opposite direction of all.
  • Glad You Came PG-13 Jongdae thinks Baekhyun’s just a Gryffindor with too many bad pick up lines. Baekhyun thinks Jongdae is the most exquisite being on the planet. Chanyeol thinks Baekhyun’s in love. Jongin thinks the Slytherin Seeker is everything he’s ever wanted. Kyungsoo thinks they’re all idiots.
  • Tinder Love NC-17 After Jongdae had his heart broken for the first time he promised to never date again. It was pretty hard keep his promise when he was getting fourteen winks a day from the same guy.
  • Behind the Lens PG-13 Baekhyun runs soloist Chen's biggest fansite. Just when he starts to realise his feelings for the singer are bordering inappropriate, he meets someone on the Internet.
  • standing upon this endless melody (please tell me I’m not alone) NC-17 When Jongdae agreed to the arranged marriage, he didn’t know what to expect. It’s Byun Baekhyun, his best friend from childhood to early teenage years. What could possibly go wrong?
  • The Wonderful World of Pup PG-13 Baekhyun's in his first year of university, which means he has bigger things to worry about than the weekly comic strip featuring a little puppy-human hybrid that looks suspiciously like him. Or at least, he's able to ignore it until Pup starts to fall for an adorable catboy, and Baekhyun realizes he has to find whoever's drawing this thing.
  • Promise You Won't Forget Me (Because if I Thought You Would, I'd Never Leave) PG-13 I promise I'll always love you, I promise it'll always stay the same. We're not walking towards our doom, and it won't change a thing between us. I'll never let you go.
  • The Emblematic NC-17 Baekhyun's never struggled before with the idea of being an alpha, of what it means to lead. He's been raised for success from day one, but never for failure. Luckily, Jongdae's there to help him learn what to do when he falls short.
  • Breathe (i’m here) PG-15 Enter Baekhyun: who hates Jongdae, because the class president smiles too much and is liked by everyone. Enter Jongdae: who's stupid enough to hurt himself and clever enough to hide it, and it makes Baekhyun feel something akin to heartbreak.
  • Stop Being A Bitch Ass Bitch PG-13 How to make friends in prison.
  • Maybe You’ll Let Me Borrow Your Heart PG-13 Jongdae wants to be inside Baekhyun’s heart, even if Baekhyun might only want to get into Jongdae’s pants.
  • Just Love Me Right NC-17 Not everything that comes out of Baekhyun's mouth is crap, and Jongdae is too easily swayed by words.
  • Songbirds PG-13 Baekhyun deals with being in love with his best friend by faking smiles and pretending he’s fine.
  • All The Things (I’ve Lost) NC-17 Jongdae's just a human trying to find where he belongs in this vast, incomprehensible universe, and in comes Baekhyun, a cheeky alien with way too many tentacles for Jongdae to handle.


  • Plumeria NC-17 Chanyeol is not what you expect in a flower shop owner, covered in tattoos and red hair. Baekhyun is his new favourite customer.
  • The Right Answer To The Wrong Questions PG-15 'Live Broadcast - No fraud! Take your chance! Dial the following number:' - "Today we'll have some exclusive prices that will surely make you all excited!" - "Don't hesitate to call me!" - Chanyeol held many answers. Still, he was missing the most crucial ones. And he wouldn't call. Not ever.
  • An Exchange of Power NC-17 Chanyeol honestly believed he knew everything he needed to know to succeed at this cruel game called life. He had the looks, the money, and most importantly: the power. But when he's suddenly struck by a series of unfortunate events, he finally begins to learn that to be happy doesn't always mean to be the one in control.
  • Warm Enough for You Outside, Baby? NC-17 Baekhyun is a collector, and well, Chanyeol is a piece of art.
  • They Never Know NC-17 The company insists that Chanyeol gets abs. The gym package comes with a human torture device by the name of Byun Baekhyun -- aka his infuriatingly hot personal trainer. Somewhere between comparing Chanyeol to cylindrical food and making him wheeze, the two ended up boning.
  • Hurt me like a knife (And I'll be the Bonnie to your Clyde) NC-17 Baekhyun finds out what Chanyeol's new hobby is.
  • Hey, Playboy (You Belong With Me) NC-17 If you could see that I'm the one who understands you. Been here all along so why can't you see. You belong with me
  • Carousel NC-17 Why didn't anyone warn Baekhyun that people could find their soulmates via video? Conversely, a fic where Baekhyun's soulmate is his new favorite camboy.
  • Pretty, Pretty, Pretty NC-17 in which baekhyun becomes chanyeol's daddy.
  • Interlude NC-17 Chanyeol’s job as an exotic dancer is enlivened by the appearance of a new and intriguing patron.


  • Hot Twink Falls for Tutor PG-15 Sehun forgets that he hired a tutor until he's knocking on Sehun's door at the wrong time.
  • Tessellation NC-17 Sehun meets Baekhyeon without truly meeting him 6 times, and after the 7th, they are friends, and will be, still are, three years later, when Sehun is gone, mindless, not drunk, but not sober either, in the foyer of Baekhyeon’s apartment, where Sehun even has his own slippers, a hand, a palm on Baekhyeon’s face, in love beyond words, as he leans in to kiss him.


  • Exodus NC-17 Chanyeol uncovers the archaeological find of a lifetime, but it isn’t until he brings it back to New York that things start to get strange. Egyptologist!AU.
  • Starting Fires NC-17 Jongdae starts a new job and gets more than he bargained for.
  • Liquid Love PG-13 Jongdae and Chanyeol are arch-enemies, and trying to outdo each other's malicious pranks is something they have been doing for years. That is until one of Jongdae's pranks goes horribly wrong, causing them both to reconsider their feelings for one another.
  • Why do you even need a bodyguard? PG-13 When he’s introduced to his charge, he’s expecting someone like a president of a big company or a mafia boss or even Girls’ Generation. What he really gets is a scrawny boy, who’s more or less the same age, and also eating all the complimentary mints in the office.
  • Third Time's a Charm PG-13 Jongdae really needs to make a list of Things Customer #11 Is Allergic To, for the welfare of the general public as well as his personal sanity. As for Chanyeol...Chanyeol just might be allergic to everything but the cute kittenish waiter that almost murdered him.
  • More Than a Feeling PG-13 When Chanyeol, a session drummer at a recording studio, finds out his boss is taking on a new client, he doesn't expect it to be someone he's this familiar with.
  • bridal carry NC-17 chanyeol has a thing for jongdae's earring; maybe that's part of the reason why he wants to fuck him.
  • Temporary Fix NC-17 Jongdae and Chanyeol play a road trip game across the USA.
  • Bring Out the Worst in Me NC-17 It was just one time, and yet for Jongdae it’s that one time that ruins everything.
  • If We Love Again NC-17 Before there was Yixing, there was Chanyeol, and Jongdae wondered why he had never seen it before.
  • You're doing amazing, Yeol PG-13 It's time for Chanyeol to meet Jongdae's parents. While Chanyeol spends the evening trying not to cause accidental chaos, Jongdae desperately tries to tell his parents that despite the tattoos and piercings his boyfriend is anything but dangerous.
  • Try Everything NC-17 The misadventures of JD and Park the Explorers, or 4 times Chanyeol and Jongdae foray into kink together, and 5 times it ends in disasters.
  • Love Beats Power PG As a halfvampire, Jongdae hypnotizes whoever he wanted for fun however he can't seem to hypnotize this particular human.
  • Back To the Future PG-13 There's a decision that led to Chanyeol drowning in the dullest life, and if he could go back, he'd find it and he'd change everything. Even if it were as insignificant as choosing another seat on the bus ride to school.
  • What Jongdae Wants, He Gets NC-17 Facesitting
  • He's the Cheese To My Macaroni NC-17 Jongdae still can't believe that it took him close to 24 years to realise how fucking hot his best friend is.
  • Merci L’été PG-15 Jongdae’s just looking for a nice day at the beach with his friends before his internship at Yoo & Lee & Associates starts, ending his summer holidays. Fate, has other plans — plans Jongdae isn’t going to go along with easily.
  • In Orbit We Stay NC-17 Where fresh out of the Academy Officer Park Chanyeol is WAY in over his head, and Chen -the master class space thief he arrests - takes some pity on him.


  • Sulfuric Acid Gets Out the Hard Stains NC-17 Kyungsoo is here to clean up all the messes. Kim Jongdae and Do Kyungsoo work together at Seoul's Homicide Department. Jongdae is the chief medical examiner while Kyungsoo is the clean up crew. When there's rumor that Seoul's chief medical examiner, Kim Jongdae, is being transfered, the streets of Seoul get a whole lot more dangerous.
  • Spring, Again G Five times Jongdae caught Kyungsoo staring at him and one time Kyungsoo caught Jongdae staring back.
  • 무죄 Innocence NC-17 Kyungsoo’s the sun Jongdae needs when night comes.
  • Really, Really NC-17 "Aren't you supposed to take me to dinner and then fuck me?"


  • To Hold a Heart PG-13 If it's for zitao, jongdae wouldn't mind to have his hands go cold.


  • Mirage NC-17 Jongin's supposed to be lucky--he's got free passage on the hottest cruise in the galaxy. But the engineer would rather spend his time listening to Chen, the vocaloid who captured hearts throughout the galaxy. His path crosses with Jongdae, a tiny enigma who promises his life will never be the same.
  • Lil Something PG-15 When Tao suggested they try to summon something using Suho’s spell book, Jongin was expecting a sprite or a familiar. Not… an incubus.
  • Bang Bang NC-17 When really, i've been craving for days to misbehave with you.
  • City Don't Care NC-17 Jongdae swoops around, stealing the virginities of hapless pretty boys like Jongin.
  • Dance Dance With Me PG-13 Chen is the hottest idol on the market and absolutely everyone wants a piece of him. Too bad the one person he wants - one of his backup dancers Kai - doesn't seem to know he exists unless Kai is staying back with him to practice his choreography.


  • The Pikachu Theorem PG-13 Nice guy with really cute mouth sucks dicks in exchange of pikachu toys! Call me~~
  • it won't be a flirt, it can't be just a spring NC-17 Sehun's one-night stand has lasted months and it's time for him to update his friends on his new status of taken man. Too bad they won't believe that perfect, unattainable Chemistry teacher assistant Kim Jongdae would go out with sulky, boring medical student Oh Sehun.
  • gutter rats NC-17 jongdae's a star that sehun's always reached for
  • Come on skinny love give me some magic PG-13 Sehun has always been weird, strange different. Then comes Jongdae and suddenly the world involves a little bit more magic.
  • I Want, I Don't Want (But If You Want...) NC-17 Jongdae wants to be fucked but he's in denial and Sehun doesn't even know what he's doing, but at least he's doing it well.
  • Until the Next PG-15 In a perpetual war between the dark and light fairies, it had never been a question of whether or not Jongdae a dark fairy and Sehun a light fairy would meet, would fight, or would love. But rather, just this: who survives?
  • A Lack of Colour PG-15 The thing about finding your soulmate is that nobody actually told Jongdae that sometimes, hair colours can be a little deceiving. How do you know if they’re the right one
  • The Amazing Cat(like) Man PG-13 Superstar extraordinaire Oh Sehun falls in love at first sight with the cute Chinese staff member Chen, who may not be who he appears to be. Luhan is a very supportive friend.
  • Appetite for Destruction NC-17 Jongdae has his face in every girl's room - albums, posters, magazines- and he's used to being out of reach. At least, that's what he likes to tell himself, because it turns out that, somewhere along the way, Sehun already caught him.
  • Thunderous Dissonance NC-17 Sehun quickly realized it’d be hard to learn anything during his piano lessons his mother forcibly signed him up for because he would be too busy affectionately staring at his piano teacher who truly had a smile that could chase all storms away and laughter that put dazzling rainbows to shame.
  • Wishful Chance NC-17 Jongdae thinks the right person for him doesn’t exist, unless one of those perfect characters from manhwas could somehow spring to life. He gets the chance to test that theory.
  • Egg Rolls & Summer Heat G Jongdae secretly stays in Kyungsoo’s apartment.
  • Always Forwards, Always Fire, Always Forever PG-15 Jongdae is happy just like every single person in his society. But Sehun makes Jongdae the happiest, far happier than those pills he distributes make him. All until Sehun starts asking questions about missing people he shouldn't have and couldn't have asked.


  • Are You Mine? NC-17 Transitioning from friends to lovers is easy because Kyungsoo has always been caring for Chanyeol differently since the beginning anyway.
  • Leave Me Not PG-13 Kyungsoo likes Jongdae, Jongdae likes Sehun, Sehun likes Jongdae. Chanyeol is around too.
  • Tonight (You're Falling in Love) NC-17 Kyungsoo’s friends drag him to a frat party hosted by an all-alpha fraternity. Or so it seems.
  • summer fling, don't mean a thing NC-17 snapshots from a summer on the road. kyungsoo keeps kissing chanyeol and chanyeol's not sure what that means, but he knows he likes it a lot. warped tour au.
  • Fireheart NC-17 Chanyeol failed his final Academy Exam and now has to work as a sidekick for the famous superhero D.O. (Wherein Chanyeol constantly has an identity crisis.)
  • Beta Blockers NC-17 Chanyeol, a beta, finds himself in a hard place between two alphas. There's Baekhyun, the best friend who doesn't love him back. And there's D.O, the BDSM dom he's supposed to simply find pleasure in.
  • Stuffed Toy Show and Tell NC-17 Chanyeol didn't make videos showing off his favorite toys for his millions of Instagram followers that made him feel big. He made them for the one man who could make him feel small.
  • Collision PG-15 Chanyeol usually hates Mondays, but when he meets Kyungsoo he starts to change his mind.
  • Good Boy PG-13 Office worker Do Kyungsoo has just been dumped by his latest boyfriend when he finds a mysterious homeless man in a box at his front door. Being the kind soul he is, he offers this man a deal he can't refuse. Inspired by the manga Kimi wa Petto, by Yayoi Ogawa.


  • If We Keep On Coming Back NC-17 Chanyeol's little hobby of blowing things up on camera could win him some nice recognition, but he's got some competition, and he'll be damned if he loses to a guy who spends ten minutes applying lip gloss and winking at the camera.


  • tmi (too much idiocy) PG-13 Sehun has the ability to read the mind of anyone who's attracted to him, which is basically anyone he meets. However, when a new guy shows up at his section, Sehun is surprised to find him completely blank.
  • K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) NC-17 Sehun's the new guy in IT, and constantly having to fix the myriad tech issues of one Park Chanyeol. Kind of annoying, but mostly fine, until Sehun actually meets Chanyeol - because he isn't at all what Sehun was expecting.
  • My Heart Beats to the Rhythm of Your Heart NC-17 Sehun’s used to the routine.
  • Take it from the Top PG-15 Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. Sehun wakes up and realizes he's made a mistake. (Sehun wakes up and-- oh.)
  • Make Me Believe That You’re The Same NC-17 Oh Sehun is not in love with Park Chanyeol.
  • You Hold Me Down and You Hold Me Up PG-13 Chanyeol doesn’t know what it is that draws him to the pink haired boy in his calculus class.


  • Jongin, My Jonginnie NC-17 Kyungsoo is relaxing with a book. Then relaxing with his boyfriend. Then realizes that he might be relaxing with someone a little bit different...


  • Slow Grind NC-17 In which Jongin has a dirty mind, Kyungsoo is just trying to detress, and Sehun has some trouble remembering where he draws the line of professionalism.


  • Binders And Beaches (And Brioche As Well) PG-13 Sehun gets a nice boyfriend who buys him sleeveless shirts.
  • Come Home NC-17 Sehun doesn't want to be claimed just because everyone expects him to be, not even if the most plausible candidate for his mate is Tao, who smells so delicious.
  • Thousand Fahrenheit Hot Metal Lights PG-13 The Chinese branch of ingsman calls for help, V-Day is not over, and Sehun should probably needs to learn Mandarin Chinese as quickly as he can.
  • Keep the Streets Empty for Me PG-15 Sehun and his friends' peaceful life as kings of a few blocks in the outskirts of Seoul is turned upside down by the arrival of another gang with the same name. And one for all and all for one and all that, but what happens when Sehun goes one on one with one of the enemies?
  • In the Power of Fanfics PG-15 Tao personally finds fanfics funny and interesting, so he started to write one about his bandmates (of any pairing) just for shits and giggles. That is until weird things started to happen where little tidbits of his writing comes true in real life. Cue evil laugh and conspiracy hand rubs.
  • Coming of the Dawn NC-17 Tao has nearly thirty years of anger and resentment. He hates humans and Wufan and he just wants to spend his life doing as he was made to do.
  • The Lonely Prince NC-17 At the age of four, Prince Sehun had been told that he was going to have to marry the princess of China, the only daughter of king Huang Zu Shao. He had hated the idea. Seventeen years later, his feelings hadn't changed. He hated the princess, hated his family for forcing him into a marriage he didn't want and hated himself for not having the courage to leave everything behind to live a life he wanted. Oh, and there was one more thing he hated. Prince Huang Zi Tao.
  • You Are My Destiny PG-13 Zitao doesn’t believe in true love until he realizes he’s in love with his best friend.


  • Bittersweet PG-13 Jongin lives as a member of a poor carnival troupe, until one day he's taken in by a rich man to live with him and be the companion of his sick son.
  • Cock Envy NC-17 Jongin is jealous of all those cocks Sehun has, especially since Jongin’s the one that brought them home. Or, conversely: Sehun never thought he’d have this problem.
  • Nothing but Summer NC-17 While lifeguarding on the beach, Sehun has to deal with the obnoxious guys from his class who think they can skimboard. One is Kris, who he's had a crush on for years. Another is cute, flirty Jongin, who might be just what he needs to get over him.
  • #powercouple NC-17 Kim Jongin is a world famous model, and Oh Sehun is the owner of a famous fashion blog. Closet fanboys of each other for the longest time, they finally meet at a prestigious event.
  • You’re Alluring, You’re My Universe PG-15 It starts in a laundromat in London and ends in the Hogwarts hospital wing (but not really). AKA the story of how a Hufflepuff named Jongin falls in love with the strangest Slytherin in the world, Oh Sehun.
  • Alone, I had Only to Wish for NC-17 “I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy again. For everything to be consummated, for me to feel less alone, I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate.” – Albert Camus, The Stranger
  • We savour hate as much as we crave love NC-17 A series of unfortunate events in Oh Sehun’s life, that may be the first steps to a life time journey next to the infamous, Kim Jongin.
  • Fool For You NC-17
  • king & lionheart NC-17 the life and times of prince sehun and his lionheart, jongin.
  • Measure and Countermeasures NC-17 Sehun wants his best friend to pound the heat out of him. Best friend has other plans.
  • If You Wanna Play It Like a Game NC-17 Curiosity driven by sexual frustration and over a month’s worth of temptation is bound to lead to sin.
  • Hypernova NC-17 The story of how Jongin and Sehun’s friendship forms, strengthens, and delves into love over the years.
  • Opposites Distract PG-13 Desire: to wish or long for; crave; want. (or fic in which jongin volunteers at a library and meets oh sehun).
  • The Dancing Waiters PG-13 Jongin is surprisingly comfortable to be around, despite Sehun's hatred of people.
  • You Cross My Mind (So Stay With Me) NC-17 Jongin hates weddings, so he never expected to fall in love in one.
  • Caution Tape Romance PG-15 Sehun's new roommate has a secret.
  • Stakes NC-17 “I’m going home,” Sehun says. His face is drawn, even paler than normal, and Jongin doesn’t have the heart to stop him as he leaves this time.
  • (It's Because of the) Pink Frosting NC-17 Sehun doesn’t like his owner’s new cat. At least, that’s what he tries to tell himself.
  • I’ll Try Anything Once (Somewhere) PG-13 Jongin is a bus driver in a small town where time seems nonexistent. Sehun moves in and changes the pace of everything.
  • Tie Breaker NC-17 Like every alpha, Jongin wants to be the one to worry about at his university, especially since he has a personal grudge against his rival, the senior Lu Han. So, when Jongin finds out Lu Han's omega brother has just enrolled, he sees an opportunity to take out the other once and for all. The problem? Sehun isn't the typical omega.
  • Vibrant Transparency PG-13 Every morning, Jongin takes a blue pill. Everyday he's dutifully following the orders given by those who are lucky enough to take a red one. He's pliant, obedient, submissive. Until one day he meets Sehun and things get more complicated than that.
  • Underbelly NC-17 A part of Sehun has always belonged to the sea.
  • Magic School Bus NC-17 Sehun and Jongin have been rivals for years, but Jongin loves to tease. On the way home from a field trip, Sehun finds himself shoved onto Jongin’s lap for the ride.
  • Well This Isn’t On The Syllabus NC-17 Their group project moves in a different direction after Sehun’s partner finds his box of sex toys.
  • Tounge Tied Twisted NC-17 In which Jongin has a crush on his boss's new boyfriend, which wouldn't be so bad if Sehun didn't seem to be just as attracted to him.

Member Centric

  • There Is A House NC-17 There is a house on the edge of the small town Jongin lives in. A house filled with such a warm ambience, soothing jazz music crackling out of a record, and two sweet people Jongin found himself caring for far too much. But if only it could stay that same perfect house after the sun fell from the sky.
  • Pretty Boy (I'm Nobody) PG-15 EXO-M has collapsed, and Chen is getting pushed further and further into the shadows of EXO-K. He's invisible, a ghost, and no matter how many excuses they feed him, he knows the real reason - he's just not good enough. In a fragile state of mind, a combination of thoughtless words, dangerous advice and sheer desperation set him on a path from which there may be no return.
  • Kill me, from the inside out PG-13 Jongdae loves his crayons.
  • My Name Is NC-17 Kim Jongdae's 2nd year of High School was supposed to be spent the way he always spent his days; studying to relieve his boredom and keeping his status as the #1 student in school. There weren't supposed to be murders.
  • Hygiene NC-17 Oh Sehun loves hygiene.


  • What's it Gonna Be? PG-13 Chinguline The problem with actually convincing Chanyeol to ask Baekhyun out is that: a) Jongdae really doesn’t want to fucking do it, and b) Kyungsoo may or may not get in the way of that plan to begin with.
  • All Roads Lead Home NC-17 Sehun/Kris/Chanyeol Sehun only cares about his own, but Kris changes his mind.
  • Skin Like Fire, Skin Like Water NC-17 Chanyeol/Lay/Kyungsoo Yixing is always so thoughtful and giving in bed, and Chanyeol usually loves it. But sometimes he just wants to be used and controlled.
  • Hot Commodity NC-17 Chen/Baekhyun/Kyungsoo Jongdae is never going to break up Baekhyun and Kyungsoo's arguments ever again.
  • Footnote NC-17 Chen/Baekhyun/Chanyeol If baekhyun can’t be perfection, maybe he can get close enough that it’ll rub off on him a little.
  • Drugstore Diet NC-17 Chen/Kai/Sehun Jongdae and Sehun decide to extend an invitation to Jongin.
  • And We Build Something Beautiful NC-17 Chen/Xiumin/Luhan 29 year old Jongdae wakes up to realise his life has changed a lot since he was 22. Instead of a successful career in music, he's a doctor. Instead of the cramped little studio apartment he shared with his high school sweetheart Minseok in Seoul, he lives in a penthouse in central Beijing with his husband, a high powered lawyer by the name of Lu Han.
  • The Secret Art of Matchmaking NC-17 Chen/Kai/Sehun When the maknaes approach Chen with a plan to hook KrisHo up to get them off their backs, the idea seemed golden. Trouble ensues when Chen can't quite control his own heart from beating to the tune Sehun and Kai's golden smiles.
  • Side By Side By Side NC-17 CBX Minseok and Jongdae make Baekhyun feel so completely out of his element, but that’s exactly what he likes about them.
  • The Way Into Your Heart NC-17 “If you want me, you can have me.” Yixing promises Yifan. “But only after we take care of Sehunnie. Sehunnie comes first.”
  • Tarantino and Tortellini NC-17 Chen/Baekhyun/Kyungsoo Jongdae is terrified of his across-the-hall neighbors.
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