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He/Him | INTP | Chaotic Neutral

I'm always tired

Tom follows:

My headmates have some kintypes separate from mine, so they're listed here


- Canada/Matthew Williams (Hetalia)

- Nona (Oxenfree)


- Sid (TINR)

- William Murderface (Metalocalypse)


- Bendy (Bendy and The Ink Machine)

- Leon Kuwata (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)

- The Batter (OFF)

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☆☆Before you follow!☆☆

★Do Not Follow If:

- You are Homo/Transphobic (or nasty towards the LGBTQ+ community in general)

- If you don't support Asexuality/Aromantic People

- Really don't follow me if you're a bully. That's not tolerated here

-You're 25+

- You support abuse of any kind

- You are made uncomfortable by people talking about mental illnesses

-You're 100% against self dx (even when the person who self dx'd is completely unable to seek medical help and get a diagnosis/has done immense amounts of research over an elongated period of time)

-You support Cartoonjunkie and Red.Tordtilla(Instagram) (pm to know why)

-You're here just to hate follow

-You're going to harass me for being a double of your kintype

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★Name: Tom (feel free to refer to me as any of my kinnames!)

★Gender: Male | He/Him/It(??) Pronouns

★Sexuality: Polyamorous/Panromantic Homosexual

★Mental Stuff: Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, DID


-Tom (The Host)

-Mocha (The Caretaker)

-Vivienne/Vivi/Viv (The Gatekeeper)

-Lawrence (The Trauma Holder)

★Likes: Doggos, Kitties, Birds, most animals in general, YouTube, junk food, vidja gaymes, Eddsworld, Khonjin House, NITW, soft/pastel colours, etc.

★Dislikes: Ignorant people, accidentally being hypocritical or offending someone, discourse (I am a soft boy I never try to be bad and a arguing actually scares/triggers me), dysphoria, dissociation, mat...

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