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boys be | tracklist.
1. 표정관리 fronting (3;05)
2. 만세 mansae (3:06)
3. 어른이 되면 when i grow up (3:22)
4. OMG (3:03)
5. ROCK (3:11)

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calda de cara... welcome
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  • they're extremely talented.

"clap" is their most recent release, give a lot of support and love for them! (

  • they are a self produced group.

seventeen is entirely self produced. from the music you hear to the dance moves you see, it's all made by the members. with the help of the other group members, woozi and hoshi create the songs and dance.

  • they love carats!

seventeen love carats! they once had a performance where they sang "pretty u" with pictures of carats on the back screen. when it reached the hook that translates to "you are pretty!", they turned to face the photos behind them. (

  • they're extremely dedicated.

they put so much pressure on themselves t...

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