hello! welcome to my account! my name is mari/chika/chie! i will not reveal my age until i am a closer friend to you! i have the EST timezone and my personality type is ESFP! i am bisexual i am female! oh! + i am taken! uwu! and my birthday is August !st! (what a coincidence right since chikas birthday is august 1st too) i am usually over exited for no reason at all i use exclamation points too much!!! I am very outgoing as i like to think of myself. I REALLLLLY like animals they are babies my favorite animals are dogs birds and jellyfishes! my favorite foods are fruits. also feel free to dm me at anytime! im always open! i may not reply fast but ill try! even if its just to speak or venting. ill always try to start conversation or help you out! alright now please read the list next to this one!

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these are my friends yay dont follow if u dont like them or had problems with them btw! so here they are their usernames and main kin / id!!! maybe dont follow if u double unless they ok with it but ye pls no double if they dont want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also more to be added on this list everytime i make a friend!

@Irumako (Iruma Miu) @SpookeyMax (Kaede Akamatsu) @Alikuuuuuu (Tatsumiya) @Wadanhara (Wadanohara) @SpookyBepsi (Veronica Sawyer) @MysticBladeSpirit (Miyura) @QtMercy (Jaehee Kang)

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hi again! ok please do follow me if you want to be friends with me! my dms are always open!! follow me if you share interests and you wanna talk with me! oh and follow me if you are a canon kin friend! read the next list under this one for my kins and ids!

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•id/me: chika takami & sonia nevermind, christine canigula

•kins: heather mcnamara, himiko yumeno, memoca, humboldt penguin (kemono friends) , hana song(d.va)

no doubles for any of my kins. also please tag me as them all too thank you !! also please ask to follow if your a double! read the list next to this one! (fandoms & stuff)

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now to follow dm me the phrase kan kan mikan!

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